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Julian nodded vigorously at Claribel. It really was kind of surprising that the jellyfish weren’t magic. Although, there was no reason they couldn’t be. There were some things scientists didn’t understand about the immortal jellyfishes. That could definitely be magic that they couldn’t recognise. Although, Newt Scamander would’ve probably entered then in his book if that was the case.


“I wonder if there are some animals that are magic, but no one realises they are,” was what he said aloud.


He grimaced a little when Hazel mentioned being stung by a jellyfish. That had never happened to him but Uncle Jamie had told him it was really, really painful.


“Did you use vinegar and hot water? My uncle’s a marine biologist and he says that’s what you should do, instead of peeing on yourself.” He wrinkled his nose at the thought.

He nodded again when she asked about crups. He’d seen some crup puppies when he’d gone to Diagon Alley. They’d been just like regular puppies but with a split tail. He could definitely imagine some biologist thinking they were the product of a dog who’d been too close to an unsafe nuclear power plant.


“The ones I don’t understand are kneazles. I just don’t understand what makes them magic.” He wasn’t sure being smarter than your average cat should count. After all, humans were smarter than your average monkey and only a few of them were magic.


When Hazel suggested they go find her lunchbox first, Julian stopped walking and looked at her expectantly. It was a good idea, only he had no idea where her lunchbox was.

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