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Washing the dishes was one of the few things that relaxed her lately, especially since she was preparing to re-enter a professional level tournament. And Julian was eight years old now, which meant that it would only be a few more years until he was old enough to go to school. It was something that she tried not to think about as much as possible. Not just that her children were getting older or that she was getting older or that she was trying to go back to doing the thing that she'd been born to do--it was that she knew that once they left her she wouldn't be able to do anything to protect them.


Julian's birthday party was winding down, and retreating to the kitchen that everyone else had long since abandoned for the living room in their Belgravia condo gave her a much needed sense of solitude. It could be exhausting, especially now that Julian's cousins were getting older too, and they didn't always get along well. 


As she scrubbed a particularly stubborn piece of chocolate cake stuck on a plate, she heard someone approach. "Is this about that letter you got from the school?" she asked. "Your boy looks fine." She supposed it wasn't the most tactful thing to say, but considering the fact that she'd dueled a Death Eater at seventeen and lived to tell the tale, she was sure that Kristen's thirteen-year-old son would be okay. 

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It was nice to finally get out of the house. For the past many weeks Kristen had felt as if a cauldron of stress was brewing inside her, bubbling with such intensity it almost demanded more attention than her children. She knew she should’ve known to expect it. Being the mother of a thirteen year old was supposed to be different, but Hogwarts certainly wasn’t ready to grant any inexperienced parent any favors. The letter the school sent her was more than enough proof of that. The woman tried to keep her worries from being too obvious. Bayleigh, forever the softhearted, was always quick to pick up on her mother’s emotions if they were to start going downwind. “Mama?” the three year old softly questioned, effectively pulling the Hufflepuff alumni from her thoughts.


“Yes, love?” she looked down to see a pair of wide, blue eyes looking back at her.


“Cooper pooped.”  


With a sigh, Kris shifted to see the form of her one year old son not-so-subtly tottling his way over to Julian's unguarded birthday cake remnants. “That bad, huh?”


Yeah” Bay replied. She wrinkled her nose in disgust. “Smells like… doody.”


Kristen stifled back a laugh as she stood and went to wrestle up the toddler. A loud protest of a scream left him the instant she plucked him up and Ryan turned to look at her from his spot at the table, but she simply offered him a wave before securing her grip on her much squirmier son and carrying him into the kitchen, where she’d left his diaper bag.


“...what?” the brunette questioned as she shifted Cooper over to her left arm. He yelled “No no!” in response.


“Oh... yes. For now. He’s worse at night.” Plucking a diaper out of the bag, she turned to wrangle Cooper down and onto the opposite counter. “Tell me again how Hogwarts hasn't been shut down?”  

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"Mama," Julian tugged at her pant leg. "Audrey wants to play with my toy broom, but she's going to break it." 


"Today you don't have to share because it's your birthday, but tomorrow you have to," Silvia said to her son, who frowned but nodded, running out of the kitchen.


She frowned when Kristen mentioned that her son was worse at night. "He didn't tell you he was entering the tournament, did he?" She asked more to make conversation than anything else. She could already tell what the answer was.


"I don't understand why Hogwarts was allowed to hold such a tournament," she shook her head as she worked on a particularly stubborn patch of frosting. "They should have at least considered who they were throwing together in those groups." No doubt, Kristen had already thought about this herself.


"Raf wants to send them to Hogwarts when they're old enough. Tried to talk him out of it, but he doesn't think it would be good to uproot them," she added, "he thinks they will be okay because I took on that Death Eater and they seem to have to disbanded. I don't know how he can be so calm about it, though." Like Kristen's son, they could just be attacked by a classmate instead in a high stakes tournament. 


"They did hire a new headmaster--but have you seen the news? It's Gawkrodger."


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