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Claribel MacLeod

MacLeod, Claribel

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I, Claribel MacLeod, have read the Rules & Guidelines.

Name: Claribel MacLeod
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Are you new to VH? (Yes/No): Yup
What do you want to learn the most from this school? (in character): I want to learn more about the magical world.
What do you want to learn the most from this school? (out of character):  I would like to meet my fellow classmates and get a feel for this site.
A few things your character likes doing in his/her free time: Photography, reading the Daily Prophet, reading history books and books about other cultures, watching muggle news.

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Lesson 1:


"Say Cheese!" Claribel said as she raised the camera. Snap. A sudden bright light lit up her subject. Malcolm winced and for a moment she though he would burst into tears as toddlers are known to do but he only blinked at her and returned to his blocks. Claribel took hold of the little plastic sheet as it shot out of the camera. She shook it as the image slowly crept forward out of the black mist.


"See Malcolm!" She shoved the photo towards him. "That's you! Isn't that neat!"


She put the photo in the little pile beside her with the others she had taken. Ever since finding the camera in her attic she had barely put it down. It wouldn't be long before she had to beg her Dad for more film. She liked the way it felt in her hands, the sound it made when she snapped a photo and she liked the way she looked holding it, like a real old-timey reporter. 


"You know Malcolm last time we were at Mum's she told me that there are special wizard cameras. Maybe when I go off to school I can buy one of those."


Malcolm cooed happily, stretching his little body. 


"She also let me read the daily prophet." There had been moving photos in there. Photo of people who smiled and waved back at you. And all the stories had been so interesting, about adventures and magic. 


She turned as she heard the door open behind her. It was her Dad standing their looking down at her. It took a moment before she saw what he was holding. 


"My letter!" She said jumping up and snatching it away. 


"Careful now you don't want to rip it." Her father looked over her shoulder as she read.


It was so beautifully written with flowing handwriting and a proper seal. She ran her hand over the letters as she examined each individual word.


"I can't believe it. Off to school already." She heard her father say behind her. "I guess my little girl isn't so little anymore."


She grinned as she felt the excitement building inside of her. This was the beginning of a new adventure.

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Lesson 2


Claribel MacLeod

Pre-Hogwarts Primary, VH36

I was named after my Great Grandmother.


Dear Dad,


it seems like so long since I've seen you and Malcolm but it's only been 1 month! I really love it hear at Hogwarts. My classes are great and I really like the teachers. I do miss being able to wear what I want though. We always have to wear our uniforms and we're not allowed to change them, but it isn't all bad. At least we can easily tell who's in our house. I wish you could see the school. It's so big and beautiful. There are so many nooks and crannies to explore. I get so excited I sometimes forget to pay attention to where I'm going and suddenly I'm walking into a forbidden area. I've gotten in trouble a few times for walking into empty classrooms and going to close to the forbidden woods but I just can't help it! I just get so carried away that I forget it's not allowed. I know you'd want me to keep safe though so I'll try to stay out of trouble. I have to go but I'll write you again real soon. Be sure to hug Malcolm for me.


Love You,



Edited by Claribel MacLeod

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Lesson 3:


Curious: Claribel wants to know everything. She can find interest in almost any topic, from politics to magical creatures. Once she gets a question in her head she won't rest 'till she has the answer, even if that means getting in trouble on the way.


Enthusiastic: Claribel is passionate about many subjects. It is easy for her to become very excited about new things and events. She puts her all in nearly everything she does and enjoys every moment of it. The down side to this enthusiasm is once she's found something she's excited about it is hard to pull her away. She often finds herself distracted by her newest excitement.


Talkative: Claribel loves talking... a lot. She will talk for hours about subjects she's interested in if people let her. She becomes so enthralled in the information she is sharing that she often doesn't notice that she is boring or annoying people. She can't help it though. She just wants everyone else to be as excited as she is.


Nosy: Claribel's curiosity often applies to the people around her. When she meets someone new she wants to know everything there is to know about them. this curiosity is often seen by others as nosiness and her excitement to tell what she's learned is often seen as gossip. She generally doesn't want to hurt anyone but often finds herself in more trouble than she antiicipated


Friendly: Claribel loves meeting new people. She loves being surrounded by her friends and when she is not in class, reading or writing she enjoys spending time with those close to her. She is excited about all the new people she is going to meet at hogwarts and is hoping she will make many friends.


Extra Credit:


"Wow!" She said as she read. "Look here Dad! It says some witches and wizards can turn into animals."


Her Dad turned to look at her. "That doesn't sound good."


"They can turn back." She giggled. "Look, this lady can turn into a cat whenever she wants"


She pointed to the drawing in the book and her father peered over her shoulder.


"That's neat" He said. "Maybe you'll learn to do that one day."


"Maybe," Claribel said. "What kind of animal do you think I'd be? Maybe a bird. Then I could fly. Or maybe I could be a mouse and I could sneak around and no one would see me because I was so small."


Her father chuckled at her excitement. "Well unless you want to be a pig I think its about time you cleaned your room."

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Lesson 4:


The Basics:


Name: Claribel MacLeod

House: Un-Sorted

Birthday: 25 June 2027

Hometown: Edinburgh, Scottland

Pureblood/half blood/muggle born: Half Blood

Five words that best describe your character: 

  • Curious
  • Enthusiastic
  • Talkative
  • Nosy
  • Friendly




Hair Colour: Red

Hair Style: Long and Curly

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 4'5"

Other Distinguising Details:






Father's Name: Dustin MacLeod

Brief Description of Father: Dustin MacLeod is a muggle primary school teacher. He is a very gentle and introverted man who takes his role as a father very seriously. He was Claribel's main caregiver until he met Donna 5 years ago.

Mother's Name: Alana Price

Brief Description of Mother: Alana came from a proud Pure Blood family and took every oppurtunity to rebel. However after years of running away from her responsibilities and rebelling against others expectations she has settled into an acceptance of her life as it is. Now she is calm and warm, though she does occasionally slip into her old rebellious self when she gets angry or otherwise upset. She is currently in London studying to be a Nurse.

Step-Mother's Name: Donna Campbell

Description of Stepmother: Donna Campbell is the epitome of a mother. She is kind, gentle, and fiercely protective of those she loves. She is a muggle and was suprised to learn of Claribel's magical roots. Though Claribel is not her biological child she could not be more proud of her and loves her the same as her own son.

Siblings: Malcolm MacLeod-Campbell (Half-Brother)

Sibling Description: Malcolm is a two year old muggle from Dustin MacLeod's marriage to Donna Campbell. He is a cheerful little thing, and is perfectly content in watching or tagging along on Claribel's adventures, not that he has a choice.


Extra Credit:


Alana Price met Dustin MacLeod a shortly after dropping out of Hogwarts and moving to London. At the time Dustin, who was a few years older than her, was working on his degree in London. They met and began a casual love affair. By the time Alana turned eighteen she was pregnant with Claribel. The two became engaged but after it became clear that Alana was completely overwhelmed and unfit to be a parent Dustin took Claribel back to his home in Scotland and the two went their seperate ways. Dustin took care of Claribel on his own for the first 6 years of her life before meeting Donna. The two quickly fell in love and got married only a year after meeting. A few years later they had their son Malcolm. Around that time Alana contacted Dustin again saying that she regretted her decision to leave the family and wanted an opportunity to get to know Claribel. Knowing that Claribel would likely share her mothers magical blood and knowing he had no way of answering to her growing curiosity about the magical world he agreed to let them meet. Claribel and Alana's relationship is currently rocky but it is getting better with every visit they have. Dustin and Donna are still her main guardians but she occasionally gets a chance to visit her mother in London, where she enjoys asking as many questions about magic as possible. 


Edited by Claribel MacLeod

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Lesson 5 and Extra Credit:



Claribel eagerly ran out of the classroom. It was such a beautiful day. She could feel the sunshine on her cheeks as she smiled up to the cloudless sky. The perfect lighting for taking photos she thought. She reached into her knapsack and pulled out the old camera she had found in her attic. As she refilled the film she looked around at all the other children. Some were playing, others were chatting with other students, some were just sitting on the ground or by the fountain reading. Who should I choose. She thought. Going over the options in her head she quickly chose someone and raised her camera up to take a photo. 



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Lesson 6:


Guinevere is a True Owl whose easygoing nature is in perfect contrast to Claribel's constant energy. She is laidback often to the point of being lazy and is annoyed when asked to do even the simplist tasks. Nonetheless she is steadfast and reliable in her deliveries. She is the perfect pet for a girl like Claribel who holds several subscriptions to various papers and magazines.


Extra Credit:


"Here Boy!" She said as she brandished the stick abover her. Buzz jumped and barked, looking up at the stick with eager eyes. With all her might she brought back her arm and threw the stick as far as it would go. Buzz ran off following the stick closely before jumping and grabbing it mid air.


She laughed and clapped as the dog-like creature brought it back. "Good boy! Nice catch!" She called.


She grabbed the stick and tugged at it a bit before Buzz let it go again. She threw it again and once again he caught it, loyaly bringing it back.


He's just like Mum's dog. She thought thinking of her mothers Rambunctious golden retriever. Although she was pretty sure her Mum's dog wasn't magical or special. It was hard to believe there was any difference between them. As Buzz ran towards her and jumped up to her as she took the stick away she couldn't help but laugh. I suppose all dogs are the same, even magical ones.

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Lesson 7:


I think Claribel would be most interested in Care for Magical Creatures because she loves adventures and animals are simply full of unpredictableness and fun. However, Claribel wants to learn as much as possible about the magical world and is interested in pretty much every subject so it is likely she will take all the electives.


Extra Credit:


Claribel MacLeod

PHP Lesson 7



The other kids groaned as Mrs. Blithe began talking about homework. Claribel couldn't understand that. Don't they know that this is magical homework she thought. To her that meant reading about all kinds of magical stuff like spells and old wizards and strange creatures. She knew that she enjoyed reading about new things more than the average kid her age but surely throwing magic into the mix would sweeten the deal for almost anyone. She was so excited to get her Hogwarts books and start reading as much as she can about the wizarding world.


As Mr. McRobbie began talking Claribels smile grew even wider. She hadn't thought about those sorts of assignments. The idea of taking care of some cute little creature filled her with so much excitement she could burst. She wondered what other kinds of assignments they might give. Would the go on interesting field trips? Would she learn cool spells? What kind of potions woud they learn? She had so many questions. She couldn't wait to finally get to Hogwarts.


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