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Altair Shafiq

Secrets and scars

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Al was in big trouble and winter holiday had just started. However, this time it was not with his father. Khalis Shafiq was out of the country on contract work for the ministry. No this time it was from Nancy. Not since he had moved into his father's house had she scolded him, but no sooner than him steeping off the train he heard her normally soft voice turn sharp.


"Altair Shafiq you come here right now."


Al's eyes swiveled in the direction of his maid/nanny. He hadn't seen her this mad at him since he had "accidentally" put red dye in the washing machine with their sheets. Al was not sure what he had done this time to incur her wrath this time, but he was not in a hurry to get to her. He began to walk in her general direction. He could just pretend he hadn't heard her.


"Not fast enough mister. Don't make me charm your shoes."


That was the moment he knew that he was in major trouble. Nancy Smith never used magic in front of Al if she could avoid it. She had always told him there was value in doing things the muggle way. However, she didn't know that Al sometimes watched her practice her dueling in the basement of Shafiq manor. He knew she was an extremely talented witch.


"Hi Nancy. Ready to go," Al began sheepishly. "I assume Allen is waiting in the car. Can't keep him there for long."


Nancy gave her charge a scathing look. "No. We're taking a taxi to the Leaky Cauldron to use the floo network fireplace there. There was a massive snowstorm back home and the roads are out."


Al looked confused. His father purposefully had their mansion not connected to the floo network. He did not like the idea of people accidentally coming to the house. Nancy saw his look and continued. "There's a magical bar in town that I know. they're connected to the network so we'll be going there and then traveling to the house. Once we're there we will be having a little chat."


That was the end of it. Al tried to get her to chat afterwards, but it was no good. The taxi ride that followed was incredibly awkward. The cabbie must have sensed it because he didn't speak up after asking their location. Once they arrived at the cauldron, Nancy set up the fireplace and told Al what to say. Al did so and let the flames surround him.

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