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Jack Rodgers

VH35 First Year Snowball Fight {Open}

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Casper Abernathy

Fighting with Molly was always fun, but watching Molly fight with someone else was even better. Lips upturned as he tried to hold back a snicker. He failed. "Just calm down, Stone," he chuckled, shaving on excess ice to make the snowball better. His hands froze, but it was worth it. Not paying attention, he barely managed to dodge her snowball. It nicked him in the arm. He threw his snowball back at her for the trouble.


"So can we get back to the game? Or did you want to shout some more? Maybe try and make Kennedy cry?"

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Kaleb Kennedy

Kaleb watched as Molly and Damaris fought. Kaleb would have normally jumped in and helped Damaris defend herself and help throw some insults, but there was something pleasing about being out of the argument for once. Especially when it included Molly Stone. Kaleb watched as Damaris stomped off heading back to the castle, upset by Molly.


Should he go afte rher?


"Maybe try and make Kennedy cry?"


"Oh shut it, Abernathy!" Kaleb grumped, grabbing some snow and flinging it towards @Casper Abernathy. "Game on!"

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