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Wyatt Lazarus

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Wyatt Lazarus

Set after this


Life was complicated. Life was unusual. Life was like a box of chocolates (which he couldn't eat because allergies). It had been a couple of days since the "kissing" experiment and he had went out of his way to avoid Seeley. He still did not understand why he felt like he had. The truth was Wyatt had lied when he had said it hadn't felt natural. The truth was he had so many emotions rushing around his mind that he did not know what to do. Why had he entered that room oblivious and exited with tones of thoughts swimming around his mind regarding a certain second year?


Margie would help him forget about it. 


This was why he had went to the kitchens and managed to secure them an awesome picnic lunch. He found his favourite dark red blanket to place upon the grass, and a basket of snacks from them to devour. There were several vegetarian treats for Wyatt, and tonnes of different potato items (and other things) for Margie. There was also a very large lemon cake for the two of them to share. 


"Here's the perfect spot!" Wyatt said to the hufflepuff as they walked to the lake. He unravelled the blanket and popped it onto the ground. "This is what we needed! A break from second year to just have fun."



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Margaret Schoenberger

It was nearly impossible to ignore gossip between her classmates. Everyone was involved in everyone else's lives, everyone cared about whether people were breathing in oxygen at the right second, everyone wanted to know exactly how many seconds everyone slept - everyone was just too much! Though Margaret tried to escape her classmates' incessant and senseless chatter (was it going to help her achieve the best marks?), the wind always somehow picked up the juiciest gossip straight into her ear.


Margaret typically ignored most of it, like the time Havana and Grayden apparently kissed, or the time Grayden wrote Selena a love letter, or the time Grayden got punched in the face (o wait that was Margaret's doing) - why did everything involve Grayden? - her curiosity piqued at the newest bit of information: Seeley and Wyatt had kissed.


Seeley, her roommate, had always been a tad too energetic and bubbly for Margaret's liking, but the girl was clever, well-liked, and started a pretty large club known as the Hogwarts Bureau of Investigations. She was alright, and though Margaret wouldn't have risked her life to save Seeley (Margaret wouldn't have risked her life to save anyone at this moment, and she hoped she wouldn't have to during the first task of the tournament), Margaret would've cared if her classmate disappeared. But all of a sudden, Margaret realized she didn't care if Seeley fell into the Great Lake and no one bothered to help her. 


Considering she didn't really hang out with anyone, Margaret didn't even hang out with Wyatt that much. She didn't have any best friends or even close friends, and the normal friends she had were just a few. But Wyatt was a part of that few, and Margaret always put a little extra time brushing out her hair, or checked her teeth before approaching him, or laughed just a little bit too much at things that really didn't warrant laughter. Because she cared about him a little more than she cared about anyone else in their year, and though she couldn't confidently say she'd risk her life for him, she would've cried if he got hurt. And he was about the only person at this school she would've cried for.


Excited was the wrong word to describe how she felt. Sad? Sad was too dramatic. Margaret felt a bit empty. This picnic full of all types of potatoes, possibly the greatest thing on earth after young Viktor Krum (and Wyatt), felt like a stab in the gut. Hey Margaret, remember you're just a friend. This is a friendship picnic. (In case you didn't pick up on that, FRIENDship picnic!!!).


Still, she decided to accept with a smile and join him by the lakefront (having vivid images of Seeley belly-flopping into the water), and investigate. Why not dig the knife further into her heart - no, her gut? Her gut. She didn't care about Wyatt like that. Margaret picked out a raw potato from the basket, deciding she needed to punish herself for being so nosy. She couldn't help herself, though; she wanted to know what happened behind the scenes. Maybe, just maybe, this was all just a rumor. Margaret felt hopeful.


"Yeah, this is... nice," Margaret stared at the glistening water, hoping to get a glimpse of the Squid. Maybe she could befriend the monster and -- "Our year is a - there's just... so much stuff going - going on. Always. You know? Do... you have anything... going on in your life?" She asked ever-so-smoothly before taking a bite out of the crunchy, starchy raw potato as if it were an apple. Mmmm yum, she deserved this.

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