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Ryan and Fin happily trotted up the towers together, as the two Hufflepuffs where on their way to both send a letter to their parents.  The two first years had talked on multiple occasions about Ryan spending a few weeks over Summer with the Finnigan family in Limerick, Ireland; and where finally deciding to take the initial steps to make it happen.  


Sitting in the pocket of his grey hooded sweatshirt was a handwritten parchment folded inside an envelope that was sealed with a small pressed piece of wax on the point of the flap.  On the cover was the names written in a neat cursive 'Quinn & Kaitlyn Finnigan' that Fin had asked Ryan to write as her penmanship was extremely more elegant than his own.    On the inside of the parchment, Fin's attempt at as neat of handwriting as he could produce still was nowhere near as tidy as Ryan's, but it displayed the following....     


Hey Mom and Dad! How have things been at the coffee shop? Business as usual I presume?  I just wanted to say thank you again for constantly keeping me supplied on pastries and coffee; oh also please tell Auntie Lynn and Peanut-Butter that I love them and can't wait to see them over Christmas this winter. I had a couple favors to ask. 


I was wondering if it would be okay if I had one of my fellow house-mates Ryan; stay with us for a few weeks over summer.  She is very respectful and such a charmer like you mom; I know you'll love her.  The only request is that her parents would like to meet you before hand so they know who she will be with and can exchange contact information in case of emergency.  We where thinking of maybe meeting at the leaky cauldron in Diagon Alley for lunch over winter break as a good time to meet.  


I also have another unrelated favor to ask, but would you be willing to package up my scooter and send it with the owl to Hogwarts?  There is a girl in my house who has a pair of shoes with wheels in the heels and I have yet to manage to catch up to her as she is a bit too fast on them.  I hope that the scooter will equalize things.  


With love from your favorite,

Fin Finnigan    



Quickly patting his stomach to triple check he hadn't forgotten his letter, Fin sighed with relief while turned towards Ryan and asked.  "Wait, You've got your letter right?"  Fin didn't even need to hear his friends response as he already knew she hadn't as Ryan was much more organized than he.  "I'm so excited that this is gonna happen, I can't wait to show you my favorite spots to wander and explore" he said as he began bouncing with each step as they entered into the owl's den which smelled remarkably unpleasant.     

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Panda was sitting contentedly on his perch, preening the feathers on his pudgy tummy, when he caught the sound of voices approaching. The owl stood up tall, as though craning his neck to see who was coming. Food-givers? Food-givers with food? Sure enough, a pair of students walked through the doorway, and one of them quickly produced a letter.


Panda the Owl had two missions in life: acquire food, and deliver letters. He was the first school owl to approach the two boys, fluttering down to a perch near them. Panda hooted importantly and held out his wings, as though to say "Look how big and strong I am, I can surely fly that letter for you!"  Then, in case they hadn't gotten the message, he stuck out a leg. 



[Hi Ryan and Fin! Thanks for contacting me! Better late than never? D:  ]

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Ryan clutched the letter to her parents in her hand, happily chatting with Fin, as they walked up the miles and miles of stairs that led to the Owlery. The Hufflepuff girl had been there on numerous occasions (this hadn't been the first letter home that she had sent), so she'd also been sure to bring a little gift for the owl who would send their letters. Before she'd left to go find Fin, Ry had been quick to grab up some bacon rinds that had been left on her plate in the Great Hall. She'd wrapped them in a napkin and taken off to find her best friend.


"I'm really excited it's happening too!" she exclaimed, smiling at her fellow Hufflepuff, as they walked into the dropping-strewn room. The Owlery had always been a place of interest for Ryan. The place was always dark, always cool, and sort of eerie. There were always hundreds of pairs of amber eyes looking at her whenever she visited. "Oh, I sure did bring my letter," she told Fin, waving it around in front of her. "It's right here! I just need to put Mum and Dad's name on it and then we send them away."


Her parents being magical paleontologists meant that they traveled often. Currently they were a month into a dig somewhere in Scandinavia. Ryan hadn't known exactly where, so she'd had to wait to hear back from James before she could send the letter. She made time to neatly write, "Mummy & Daddy (Ramona & Mikael Alterton)" on the front of it, smiling as she remembered what she'd written inside:


    Hi Mummy and Daddy!


    I hope you're having a great time on your dig and are finding all kinds of neat things to bring back and write about! Hogwarts has been amazing! I'm really enjoying my Herbology class. Professor Hambeldon makes every lesson interesting. The librarian, Madam Carter, is saving new books on magical creatures for me to check out and read; isn't that nice? And River only lit one thing on fire this week! I couldn't believe it.


    I was wondering if I could ask you a favor! One of my best friends, Griffin, you know all about him, remember? Anyway, he lives in Ireland and we really really wanted to spend some time together at his house over summer break! His parents own this really wicked coffee shop and I think I'd have a really good time if I could go. He's owling his parents right now to see if they're okay with it, and also asking if you and Daddy can meet his parents before you say yes or no. I hope you say yes, though! Maybe we could meet his parents over Winter Break at The Leaky Cauldron.


    I miss you bunches and can't wait to see you for Boxing Day!

    Ry Ry


Just then, a rather tubby owl—one she remembered from the Great Hallflew down to them. Ryan smiled and unwrapped the napkin she had, offering him the bacon rinds. "Hi there, Handsome Man!" Ryan greeted Panda with a smile. "Are you up for a journey? We need some letters taken to our parents."

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