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Ethan Smith

Maybe we should try and be friends first

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Ethan Smith

There were things that Ethan didn’t understand. Maybe he should have waited a little longer before going off with Sophia during their first Hogsmeade trip. He should have waited to see if Alecia was going to show up. Ethan was the worst person in the world, and he didn’t like feeling like that at all.


Ethan had decided to make it up to Alecia. He sent her a letter asking if she would meet him at the lake.


Asking the house elves to help him, he had some food with him. He didn’t know what Alecia liked. It clicked to him, that while he had a crush on her he didn’t know anything about her at all.

This might be a smart thing, have some food together and get to know one another. It was simple, they knew one another though the dueling chamber. That was about all. Alayna had told him things all the time, it was better to learn about someone else talking to them. Without just sending spells towards one another.


While Ethan was waiting, he was talking to himself. “I shouldn’t have just left, what if she was waiting for me?” This whole thing about feelings and like girls was not that great at all. Ethan hoped that she would show up, and not think that Ethan stood him up with their trip to Hogsmeade.

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