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Free time in the castle was a notion that Greta did not think she had ever truly had. During her seven years as a student, her time was absorbed by studying and education, time that was stretched thin even more so in the later years when she also had her perfectly duties and extracurricular Animagus lessons to contend with. Now, most, if not all, her waking and non-waking hours were spent within the Hospital Wing or another location within the castle in relation to the Hospital Wing.


It wasn’t that she was a prisoner, though, chained to her duties. It was what Greta loved, after all, but still; moments like these where Decan was more than happy to watch over the empty Hospital Wing were precious things.


Shifting into her feline form, Greta gleefully began padding around the castle corridors, taking up her old routes, the patterns and maze of corridors coming back to her without question. There were a lot of secret passages that she had discovered during those few months at the school when she had successfully passed her Animagus licensing examination, places that she didn’t think many students typically stumbled upon.


As she trotted along, Greta carefully skirted around a discarded bottle of ink that must’ve fallen out of some student’s knapsack. Unbenownst to her, she failed to avoid a small puddle of bright purple ink that soon smothered her paws and left a dainty little trail behind her for students to see. 


 Miss Lunes is leaving an accidental trail around the castle (whoops). Feel free to post following her tracks, wondering why they're there, or interacting with cat!Greta as she visits some of her old haunts around Hogwarts.


First Location: Statue of Jeorge the Jumpy on the Second floor west corridor

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Well THAT was weird.

Jake looked down at the little purple pawprints that stained the floor. Cat prints, it looked like...But where had they come from...? And even weirder...why were they purple? Maybe it was some kind of magical purple cat, wandering around the school, leaving magical footprints wherever it went or something. Jake decided to follow. Who knew what he would find at the other end? 


Although Jake had been on the way to class, the boy forgot about Herbology for the moment as he followed the footprints through weaving halls and passages of the castle that even in his fifth year, Jake wasn't sure he'd been down before. If Jake hadn't been here before, then it was sort of weird that there was a cat here...had somebody's pet gotten lost? If that was true, then he had to help. 

The colorful trail went on and on, and Jake continued to follow. "Here kitty..." he called out, looking around. "Where are you?" 

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A gentle but cool breeze wafted through one of the open windows and Greta was thankful for the thick coat of fur that covered her feline self. Granted, she was never one of those girls who got cold easily, but still; Hogwarts had always been chillier than growing up south in London. Her nose twitched as she caught scents that her human form would fail to take note of. There was something had a slightly off smell- not foul or anything, just different- that seemed to be everywhere she went.


If she just looked behind her, she would note that it was the ink still clinging to her paws, leaving little smears as she continued along, but…Greta preferred to look ahead.


Coming upon a staircase, the former Hufflepuff trotted up the steps until something stopped her. Right…these steps, she thought wryly. A wriggle of her bum helped assist Greta in launching her squat form upwards and over the one trick step that she had gotten stuck in at one time. She remembered how much James had laughed at her as she tried her damnedest to get the vanishing stair to free her poor striped sock-clad foot for upwards of ten minutes one time.


She vaguely wondered how many other toes that step had claimed since it had trapped hers.


Second Location: Trick step located three-fourths of the way up on the staircase connecting the third and fourth floors on the north corridor

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