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'You can put me on any patrol time. I'll do anything. My one request is to not pair me with Irene Redgrave, or Silas Harding-Clarke.'


That was the request Addison put in with the powers that be, when it came to arranging a patrol rotation for the prefects. And, when the schedule was released, she was pleased to see that her request had been taken into account - no shifts with either the Slytherin or the Ravenclaw! Addison then fulfilled her duties as promised, doing her best at keeping everyone officially within the rules. She hadn't handed out detentions or taken house points yet, and was hoping she wouldn't have to, either.


But, someone inevitably fell sick, and wasn't able to fill their patrol shift. Addison was called upon to cover for them, which she agreed to, before realising it was a paired patrol, and she hadn't asked who her partner would be.


Fate, why must you be so cruel?


Addison milled around the armor gallery, where they'd arranged to meet and begin their sweep of the castle. The bells for curfew were tolling, and students were streaming through the corridors, back to their respective common rooms, and any moment now, she expected a specific Slytherin to pop her head in, so they could begin their long, torturous evening together.

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