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Table of Contents

1. It's All About Me, because it really is all about me.

2. It's All About Me Con't, because it's still all about me.

3. Killian's Stuff, touch and die.

4. Pre-sorting, Pain and heartbreak live here.

5. The Sorting, and what the hat has to say.

6. First Year, taking Hogwarts by storm.

7. Second Year, causing mayhem.

8. Relationships, will you be my friend?

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t h e . B A S I C S

NAME                ➤ Killian Daryn Yarrow Dracel

➤ Killian -- Strife or battle. Small; fierce

➤ Daryn -- Great

➤ Yarrow -- An Eurasian plant of the daisy family, with feathery leaves and heads of small white, yellow, or pink aromatic flowers.

➤ Dracel -- Believed to be an old German form of ‘Dragon’.

HOUSE              ➤ Slytherin

BIRTHDAY       ➤ January 25, 2026

HOMETOWN   ➤ London, England

BLOOD              ➤ Half-Blood



➤ With a family as messed up as his own, it's hard not to be as ill-tempered as Killian is. His parents fought often, which might be considered a normal muggle household, but once his mother literally dumped him into his Aunt's care and didn't come back for him, his anger towards her begins to manifest into a general attitude problem.


➤ Killian has always had a bit of an ego. He's a natural and picks things up easily enough, including magic. His Aunt says it's in his blood, and he believes her.


➤ He is a boy who very much lives in the moment, day to day. He doesn't plan ahead, doesn't care for what tomorrow will bring. All he cares about is how he feels in the moment, and that can lead him to do unexpected things, and things without any planning. He does what he wants, when he wants.


➤ While this might also mean his behavior towards people in general, it's also more about the fact that when Killian sets his mind to something, like being the best wizard he can be, he attacks it with vigor.


➤ Well, he's pretty. Nuff said.



HAIR COLOR   ➤ Dirty Blonde

HAIR STYLE    ➤ Short on sides, longest on top.


HEIGHT             ➤ Tall, eventually.


    [[Credit to Darcie Dracel-Cortes for my pretties]]



the . F A M I L Y


➤ Dracie Mabli Bryan Dracel-Cortes

➤ Darcie adopted Killian shortly after her squib sister disowned him and dumped him on the Dracel-Cortes' doorstep, unable to cope with the fact that her son inheritated magic and she did not. Darcie makes it her mission to turn Killian into the best wizard he can be, just to spite her sister. She changes Killian's name at the time of adoption, erasing his muggle last name, and ensuring his spot within her legacy. He feels the awesome pressure of earning Darcie's approval.


➤ Lian Eternia Dracel-Cortes

➤ Wife of Darcie, Lian also adopted Killian. She made him feel welcome and at home in the Dracel-Cortes residence. Killian is rather fond of her, and there is nothing Lian would not give him if he were to only ask for it, including top of the line electronics, which he asks for less and less over time because... magic.


➤ Benjamin Williams

➤ Deceased. Benjamin is a muggle, married to pureblood squib, Saffron Williams with a past he knows nothing about. He is an Insurance Solicitor, having lived the average boring muggle life before his passing.


➤ Saffron Williams (née Dracel)

➤ Saffron was born to a pureblood family. Expecting to go to Hogwarts for her entire young life, she was extremely disappointed when her letter never came, solidifying her resentment towards her sister, Darcie. After the funeral of their father, and with their mother becoming a permanent resident of St. Mungo's Janus Thickey ward, Saffron completely cuts ties with all things magic.


➤ Morrigan Dracel-Darkmoon

➤ Morrigan is Darcie's daughter with Azkaban prisoner, Lockore Darkmoon. She harbours resentment towards her mother and embraces Killian, seeing him as an innocent child. It is her hope that she can counter whatever evil Darcie teaches and influences in his life with appropriate knowledge.



[[click to see the family tree]]



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t h e . S T A R S

➤ AQUARIUS [HP Astrology]

➤ the Water Bearer. Fixed, air, yang - planetary rulers: Saturn and Uranus. Keywords: "I KNOW"

➤ Aquarius is the eleventh house of the Zodiac and rules the circulatory system, shins, and ankles. Positive traits include brilliance, innovation, individuality, openness, social consciousness, inventiveness, practical skill, and self assertion; negative traits are eccentricity, lack of attachment to people and the "real world," over-intellectualizing of the emotions, a crotchety temper, rigidity, intellectual arrogance, and stubbornness.

➤ Slytherin Aquarians are lucky. They have inner drive, determination, and great ambition; they also have brilliance, cleverness, and an almost total disregard for "what everybody thinks," which means they can go for their dreams without caring if other people mock them or consider them strange. More introverted and full of social conscience than the average Slytherin, these wizards are easily overlooked socially (by fools), although they excel in the classroom and eventually become great wizards indeed. They are stubborn and will not back down without a fight if challenged.


a t . H O G W A R T S

BEST SUBJECT ➤ Defense Against the Dark Arts





FEARED STAFF ➤ Jenna James





INTERESTS ➤ Music, Dueling, Reading


INSPIRATION ➤ Darcie Dracel-Cortes

OTHER ➤ Troublemaker <3


t h e . W A N D

10¼ Yew, Dragon Heartstring

➤ Masculine.
➤ Element of air.
➤ Associated with magic death and re-birth.
➤ Known as the death tree.
➤ It’s said that the fir wood of birth and the yew wood of death are sisters.
➤ Good with spells concerning death or destruction.
➤ Enhances owners magical and psychic abilities.
➤ Yew is strongly connected with death.

➤ Good For: Hexes/Jinxes, Potions, Transfiguration, Legilimency


➤ Yew wands are among the rarer kinds, and their ideal matches are likewise unusual, and occasionally notorious. The wand of yew is reputed to endow its possessor with the power of life and death, which might, of course, be said of all wands; and yet yew retains a particularly dark and fearsome reputation in the spheres of duelling and all curses. However, it is untrue to say (as those unlearned in wandlore often do) that those who use yew wands are more likely to be attracted to the Dark Arts than another. The witch or wizard best suited to a yew wand might equally prove a fierce protector of others. Wands hewn from these most long-lived trees have been found in the possession of heroes quite as often as of villains. Where wizards have been buried with wands of yew, the wand generally sprouts into a tree guarding the dead owner’s grave. What is certain, in my experience, is that the yew wand never chooses either a mediocre or a timid owner.

➤ Dragon heartstring is a powerful wand with a lot of magical “heft”. It is not the core you want for subtlety, but for sheer power it is definitely the best. Although it is the most common core among Dark Wizards, Dark Wizards are most certainly not their most common users. Dragon heartstrings are by far the most common wand core amongst Slytherins, but their power often bonds to Gryffindors and Ravenclaws as well. However, they tend to overwhelm the archetypal Hufflepuff personality. In order to create a Dragon Heartstring wand, a death of a dragon is required. Thus, the Dragon Heartstring wand is best at the more unchangeable magics such as Transfiguration, and Potions. Only a spell can reverse these processes, they will not fade if the spell is cast properly. This magic takes longer to create than a Charm or a Shield, but it is permanent. Also, the power of the dragon lends itself to the sheer power, but often the user is impeded by the difficulties of intricate, subtle charms. A User of Dragon Heartstring may be adept at using Legilimency to force themselves into the minds of others.


Edited by Killian Dracel

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Prized Possessions:

➤ Wand

➤ iWiz

➤ Pet Owl, name TBD


The Bookshelf:

➤ Dueling 101

➤ Standard Book of Spells Grade 1, 2, 3

➤ Moste Potente Potions


iWiz Playlist


➤ Back in Black, Big Balls, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Hells Bells, Highway to Hell, Shoot to Thrill, Thunderstruck

➤ Anamanaguchi

➤ Helix Nebula

➤ Angels and Airwaves

➤ Everything's Magic, Hallucinations, Lifeline, Secret Crowds

➤ Aerosmith

➤ Dream On, Dude (looks like a lady), Walk This Way

➤ Blue Swede

➤ Hooked on a Feeling

➤ Bob Seger

➤ Rock and Roll Never Forgets, Against The Wind, Old Time Rock and Roll

➤ Bon Jovi

➤ Wanted Dead or Alive

➤ Boy Epic

➤ The War Outside

➤ Chainsmokers, The

➤ Closer, Something Just Like This

➤ Coldplay

➤ Clocks, Fix You, In My Place

➤ Depeche Mode

➤ Precious

➤ Eiffle 65

➤ Blue

➤ Evanescence

➤ Bring Me To Life, Going Under, My Immortal, Taking Over Me, Tourniquet

➤ Hadouken

➤ Levitate

➤ Hedley

➤ Cha-Ching, Crazy For You, Invincible, One Life, Perfect, Pocket Full of Dreams

➤ Imagine Dragons

➤ Demons, It's Time, Radioactive


➤ Devil's Party, Pretty Vegas

➤ Keane

➤ Is It Any Wonder?, Might As Well Be Strangers

➤ The Killers

➤ Mr. Brightside

➤ Moby

➤ The Sky Is Broken

➤ Muse

➤ Uprising

➤ My Chemical Love Potions (My Chemical Romance)

➤ All Songs

➤ OneRepublic

➤ All The Right Moves, Burning Bridges, Counting Stars, Feel Again, Good Life, If I Lose Myself, I Lived, Life In Color, Love Runs Out, Marchin' On, Preacher, Something I Need, What You Wanted

➤ Ozzy Osbourne

➤ Life Won't Wait

➤ P!nk

➤ Bad Influence, Cuz I Can, Perfect, So What?, U & Ur Hand

➤ Prozzak

➤ Introduction To A Broken Heart, Never Get Over You, Strange Disease, Sucks To Be You

➤ Queen

➤ All Songs

➤ Redbone

➤ Come and Get Your Love

➤ R.E.M.

➤ Losing My Religion

➤ Right Said Fred

➤ I'm Too Sexy

➤ Sigur Ros

➤ Glosoli, Hoppipolla

➤ The Sounds

➤ Something To Die For

➤ Thriving Ovory

➤ Angels on the Moon

➤ Toby Keith

➤ I Wanna Talk About Me

➤ Train

➤ 50 Ways To Say Goodbye, Play That Song

➤ VNV Nation

➤ Beloved, Holding On

➤ Walk the Moon

➤ Shut up and Dance With Me

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For days, Killian's mother was hiding his Hogwarts Acceptance letters.

When Killin finally got his hands on one of the letters, his mother went bullistic and forced him into the car. She took him to her sister's, Darcie Dracel-Cortes, and threw him at Darcie's feet, claiming he belonged to her now.

Killian is shocked when his mother leaves him there, and doesn't understand how she could leave him on the doorstep of his Aunt, whom he had no idea even existed until that moment.

Darcie and Lian show Killian that magic is real when he breaks his leg jumping out the window to escape from them.

Killian's father, Benjamin Williams, passes away. He attends the funeral alongside Darcie and Lian. Saffron signs over her parental rights to Darcie.

At a family reunion, Killian realizes there is a whole side to his family he never knew existed. Here he meets Everly Cantrell.

Killian attends Pre-Hogwarts Primary late into the course.

He makes it his mission to learn all things magic, spending as much time reading and absorbing as much knowledge as possible to be prepared for Hogwarts.

Relationships of note: Everly Cantrell, Lindy Rose, Veronica Dursley, River Wolfe, Ignatia Fay



[] Completed   [] In Progress   [] Very Important Thread
[] Good Read   [✗] Abandoned   [] Slytherin Only


Clenching the Fists of Dissent

[][][] July 15, 2037

Featuring Benjamin & Saffron Williams, Darcie & Lian Dracel-Cortes

“Mum.” Say something. Suddenly, he felt weird as he passed through some sort of barrier, and he looked up to see a house that hadn’t been there before. He had no chance to be stunned, before he was being pushed unceremoniously up the steps. Knock. Knock. The door swung open and Killian was shoved inside where he fell before a blonde woman, the letter thrown down at his feet. “This belongs to you.”

Premiere Recountre

  August 1, 2037 [][][]

Featuring Everly Cantrell

"NO WAY!" Killian declared as he stepped back and made to head for his bedroom - which was bigger than his old bedroom, mind you. "NO BLOODY WAY! If you want to crawl up in there and die, do it, but I'm -" A hand grabbed the collar of his shirt and forced him into the fire place. "HEY!"

"Get. In. There. And. Do. What. She. Said!" Darcie growled at him. "I promised her I wouldn't kill you, so..."

Dracel, Killian

[][][] Summer 2037

Featuring Darcie Dracel-Cortes

It was two days into this project when he first encountered a passage about werewolves. "Werewolves?" he mouthed to himself from his spot in the living room. He looked up at his Aunt Darcie who was sipping her wine and otherwise enjoying the fact that he was finally quiet in his little corner. Until now, when he asked her yet another question. "Werewolves? Are they real?"

Darcie huffed. "Yup. Everything in that book is real. It's a history book." Now, leave me alone.

"Do we like werewolves?"


Too Cool For School

August 13, 2037 []

Featuring Everly Cantrell, Ignatia Fay

"I do belong," he shot back hotly. "My mother was a squib and she kept this from me. This is my birthright, and she had no right to keep it from me in the first place." Allowing his flash of anger to pass him by, he took a breath and angled his head towards Everly, but kept his eyes on the game being played over yonder. "So, yeah, catching on," Killian added with a rueful grin.

I just want to be part of your symphony

[✗] August 15, 2037

Featuring Lindy Rose

"Oi, there. See, the woman with the cat in her hair?" He waited, and waited until she got just a little closer. He shook the red marble, waited for it to feel like it was going to explode before he threw it at the cat. "Cats count as a point," he said hastily.

I'll taste the sky and feel alive again

August 17, 2037 [][]

Featuring River Wolfe, Darcie Dracel-Cortes

With her wand hand, she made a fist at her side and lifted her arm, magically grabbing the back of Killian’s jacket and hoisting him off the other kid, leaving him hovering in the air as she stalked closer. “Well, well, isn’t this fortuitous...” she drawled. “I see the staff here are clearly lacking in student regulation.” Eyeing the blood on Killian’s lip, she glared down at the boy on the ground and released her magical grip upon Killian’s jacket. “How dare you spill my boy’s blood. Who are your parents, boy, so I shall owl them my displeasure and request for retribution.”

Countdown to the change in life

[][] September 1, 2037

Featuring Morrigan Dracel-Darkmoon

Still, his owl cage came to a jarring rest at their feet, and he launched himself at Morgi, arms wrapping around under her jacket in a death grip. He never had a sister--didn't know it was going to feel like this to say goodbye, even if it was just for a few months. Already he was missing her and he wasn't even gone yet. "I'll let you know what I think about the books," he mumbled against her shirt. He didn't want to let go of her just yet. He just hoped she knew all he wanted to say but didn't.

I've been reading books of old; the legends and the myths

September 1, 2037 [][]

Featuring Veronica Dursley, Nyxie River-Bailey, Everly Cantrell

"Don't let the clothes fool you," he said, stepping into the compartment and closing the door behind him. He was in a charcoal suit, though his jacket hung off his bag, a tie done up proper under his chin and a vest buttoned up over a white shirt with a gold collar bar that was predicted to be stolen before Christmas came around the corner by his Aunt Darcie. "I'm not that kind of idiot."

Last boat not least

[][] September 1, 2037

Featuring Pre-Sorts

Suddenly, the narrow corridor connecting the compartments was flooded with students, each one itching to push past the one in front of them. Oh, bloody hell. No way was he going to tempt fate in that madness. “I’m just going to hang back,” he muttered to Veronica and Everly, and flopped back down onto the compartment bench. “If you lot want to brave that madness, all the Gryffindor to you, I suppose.”

All aboard the SS KILVERLINDEV

September 1, 2037 [][]

Featuring Veronica Dursley, Lindy Rose, Everly Cantrell

She inched closer to the blonde boy and turned towards Lindy and smirked, "Watch this." She then shoved Killian off the boat and into the water. She had plausible deniability that it was her as Killian had been rocking the boat by standing up and casting spells. She looked towards Killian and had a dumbfounded look on her face as she watched him paddle in the water. "I'm pretty sure the great and powerful magic caused you to fall off the boat. Being all washed up though, it suits you."


Edited by Killian Dracel

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by Rowan Allard


_____________________Sorting Ceremony Post_____________________


I’m glad you’re ready, Mister Dracel, because so am I, and it would seem silly to waste time now, wouldn’t it? You’re a cunning and resourceful young man, I see, with a desire to prove your worth, and you always look out for number one. There’s no doubt in my mind where you belong, and Salazar himself agrees; take a seat in... SLYTHERIN!

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➤ Killian ends up in detention often enough that he gets letters written to his guardians. Dear Parent and/or Guardian.

➤ Friendship with Veronica Dursley proves to be a challenge, especially when she would rather renounce magic.

➤ He enters his name into the Hogwarts Champions' tournament. His team is eliminated after the first task.

➤ Damaris Denton quickly becomes his best friend next to Everly Cantrell, and he shares with her a secret.

➤ Killian refuses to get mixed up in feuds his friends have with one another.

➤ Bit of a jokester, Killian enjoys making Everly's life a living hell, and one time transfigured his clothes to fight back.

➤ Killian and Damaris share their first kiss at the Spring dance.



[] Completed   [] In Progress   [] Very Important Thread
[] Good Read   [✗] Abandoned   [] Slytherin Only


Slytherin House Table

[] September 1, 2037

Featuring Slytherins

He dug a spoon into the mound and was about to take a bite when... Maggie decided to display her lack of manners. "Merlin's purple knickers," he muttered out of the corner of his mouth to her. He could have flung his mash at her, but that would have been a waste of good food. "I give you a month before you get more along right in the middle."


Maggie Sinclair vs Killian Dracel

September 2, 2037 []

Featuring Maggie Sinclair, Mercutio Bates

The Slytherin got up, immediately in an accepted combative position, a momentary flash of anger he managed to reign in at the last second. "Oi, are you a few sickles short of a galleon, or what? You didn't bow! Flipendo!" he cast back at her, swinging his wand towards Sinclair. She ought to be disqualified from the duel. "You should at least respect tradition." Idiot.


Everything's gonna be fine one day

[] September 4, 2037

Featuring Veronica Dursley

"We could try translating it in the library. There's such things as translation spells we could look into. Oh wait," he said snapping his fingers mockingly, "you don't like magic. Guess you'll never know what's in the letter then. Or," Killian drawled, rolling his eyes, "you can get over it already."


Who let the dogs out?

September 5, 2037 [✗]


Killian had the leash in one hand and a little puppy waddling after him on the lawn, and a gaggle of students that followed, trying to distract the poor thing. "What do you think?" he asked anyone and no one at the same time. "Should we start with teaching her how to swim first? I say we just throw Mary in and see how she fairs."


Dog eat dragon world

[✗] September, 2037

Featuring Lindy Rose

"Mary, NO!" Killian shouted, his voice carrying across the lawn as the brown and white pooch started running towards something that had caught her eye. Oh, he really hoped it wasn't a bowtruckle. That little thing was cute as hell. Sighing, he took off running after her, but he had no hope of catching up now.


How to brew a better potion

September, 2037 []

Featuring First Years

"River, you're an idiot, and I hope that cauldron blows up in your face. You don't have a clue what you're doing."


Cleaning the U-Bend, Thinking About Death

[] September, 2037

Featuring First Years [Detention], Professor Bourdelle

"I will do your detention, but I'm not giving up my wand. I know better than that. I would rather serve detention for a week than allow you to make me weak." Aunt Darcie would be proud of him. "Death Eaters attacked the castle last year. It's wrong of you to demand our wands."


Don't go crying to the professor, coz...

September, 2037 []

Featuring Damaris Denton, River Wolfe, Griffin Finnigan,

Ryan Alterton, and Bryony King

"Well, he is a pig, so it's fitting, ain't it?" he sneered at River. "You must be the donkey."


Could you pass the salt please?

[] September, 2037

Featuring Mass RP

"If you two are gonna snog-face, can you please get a broom closet or something?" he inquired. But then... "Look, chicken burgers!" he exclaimed as they just appeared on the table, instantly reaching for one.


Tag... you're it!

September, 2037 []

Featuring First Years

Thank Merlin he was out of that damn Herbology greenhouse. There was only so much of that class that he could take and not feel like he was being smothered with heat. As soon as they were free, they resorted to their childish ways and Killian sighed and threw a death glare at River, who had undoubtedly spotted him not running with the others. "Touch me, and I am going to stomp on your face again," he said. Of course, his wand was already in his hand, too.


A tournament of champions

[✗][] October, 2037

Featuring Damaris Denton

"I know of the Weasley girl on my team. I dueled her a couple of times. Then there's Casper in our class." Whom Killian still knew nothing about. "I dunno who the others are." As for what they were going to be made to do? "For all I know, they want us to go mudsliding. Speaking of which... I heard about your little... er... game... with your mentor buddy." He grinned. He waited for it, the choir singing, the pearly gates opening: you were right, Killian.


Task One: Viking Fist

November, 2037 []

Featuring Altair Shafiq, Alayna Weasley, Casper Abernathy,

and Desmond Tonks

The pages worn, and the edge of the book looked as though it might have be left too close to a burning candle one time. He landed on a page and skimmed the text..

dnuorg eht no t’nera teef ruoy ,nwod si pu ,thgir si tfeL

Deciphering it out loud was a mistake. As soon as he was finished sounding it all out, he was suddenly falling towards the ceiling, landing with a resounding thump. He looked up--down?--at his peers and groaned. “Ow."


Tournament Hospital Wing Tent

[] October, 2037

Featuring Champions

"Dying?! I'm dying?!" the little Slytherin cried out in the middle of the medical tent, disrupting everyone else and their peace and quiet. Even as he cried out, all indignant, his voice was fairly weak, and told him that what Alayna just put out into the universe might actually be the truth. He was probably dying.


In your eyes, all the sadness of the world

November, 2037 [][][]

Featuring Damaris Denton

Damaris managed to break the news without saying the exact words. His team didn't make it. They were eliminated from the competition, so perhaps on some level, it was a good thing his Aunt Darcie didn't show up. Now Lian could go home and break the news to her and Killian wouldn't have to see the look on her face.



[][][] December 24, 2037

Featuring Darcie Dracel-Cortes, Lian Dracel-Cortes, Morrigan Dracel,

and Edward Braelin-VonHaus

"Grandfather is a ghost?" he said, but what the hell was that? Was that hope in his voice? Though the man was dead, there was something about being able to communicate and learn from his ghost that was so damn appealing. And then he turned to Morrigan. "You're a lesbian, too?!" he asked. Then he leaned a little closer to whisper to her. "Does it run in the family? Am I going to be one?"


Revenge is a dish best served with ice cold lake water

January, 2038 [][]

Starring Damaris Denton, and Ryan Alterton

"Don't get up," he snarled at the both of them. "You're going to listen to me now. I don't care. I. Don't. Care." Killian crouched, the water nearly touching the soles of his shoes. "If you two want to have a go at each other, I say have at it and make sure I have plenty of popcorn, but if you think putting me in the middle of whatever this is, is going to help you," he looked at Ryan now, "then you are mistaken. I think there's a little bit of Slytherin in you," he added appreciatively.


A brief with Everly's briefs

[][][] February, 2038

Featuring Everly Cantrell, and Damaris Denton

Speaking secretly to Damaris, he flipped it open to the page with the spell in question and handed it to her so that she might appreciate it a little more. "I spent an hour going through his stuff with this spell." Suddenly, one of Everly's shirts joined the party, and the shirt was filled out much more so than Everly could ever hope to do. The shirt seemingly put up its dukes in front of Everly. "Oh my gawd," he said, his hand touching Damaris's arm to get her attention. "The shirt wants to fight him. Hahahaha."


The clock strikes twelve

June, 2038 []

Starring Kaleb Kennedy, Jack Rodgers, Damaris Denton, Casper Abernathy,

Molly Stone, and Brigit Raske

So. A dance. Flowergrams. Food tables. Killian was in heaven as he picked various pastries off the table and put them on his plate. There was enough sugar here to put him into a sugar!coma. He had been searching for Damaris before he was distracted by all this goodness. Honestly, he might as well just unload the entire table on his plate, it was stacked that high.


First Dance

[][][] June, 2038

Featuring Damaris Denton

"It's like mistletoe. Magical mistletoe, where you're not allowed to leave until you kiss the person who is stuck under it with you." For a moment, he was considering his options, which were incredibly limited, it seemed. He looked down at his shoes, he looked at the punch bowl, he looked at all the decorations. Killian crossed his arms and steadfastly did not look at his partner (in crime). "We could wait until someone comes to let us out of this, or... I mean... I could... kiss you...?"


Everything is not what it seems

June, 2038 []

Featuring Molly Stone

"Well, first off, thank you very much." He wasn't that bad at all. Killian was sunshine and rainbows. "And secondly, misconception!" he exclaimed to her. "Salazar Slytherin himself was a blood-supremacist, but Slytherin as a house is about cunning, ambition, determination, and whatnot. Merlin was a Slytherin," he said pointedly. "There's no stories about him being a bigot, is there? That's why I judge people on whether or not they behave like idiots."










D U E L I N G . C L U B

Dueling Club Meeting #1

Extra Credit w/ Ryan Alterton

Dueling Club Meeting #2

➤ Extra Credit

Dueling Club Meeting #3

➤ Extra Credit



Dueling Spells

LV1 Knockback Jinx
Lv2 Blocking Charm
Lv1 Pepper Breath Hex
Lv1 Twitchy Ears Curse
Lv1 Disarming Spell
Lv1 Bombardment Curse
Lv3 Fire-Starter Curse

Lv1 Happy Feet Hex

Lv1 Hex Shield

Class Spells

Immotus Verto . Matches into Needles

Scribblifors . Forks into Quills

Verdimillious Charm . Green sparks (neutral)

Periculum Charm . Red Sparks (distress)

Tacitus Verto . Mice into matchboxes



C L A S S . G R A D E S

➤ Astronomy .  Outstanding

Charms . Outstanding*

Defense Against the Dark Arts . Outstanding

➤ Flying . Outstanding*

Herbology . Outstanding

➤ History of Magic . Exceeds Expectations

➤ Potions . Outstanding

➤ Transfiguration . Outstanding*


W I Z A R D . and . H O U S E . P O I N T S

WP Start: 50

WP Finish: 100

HP Earned: 288




large.killian.png.cf2a4c2c56bbe36f721f09                large.dracel2.png.2103083f95b14105c64601                 large.593f0bb52839c_darciekillianav.png.



By Casper Abernathy

Edited by Killian Dracel

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[] Completed   [] In Progress   [] Very Important Thread
[] Good Read   [✗] Abandoned   [] Slytherin Only







D U E L I N G . C L U B

Dueling Club Meeting #1

Extra Credit w/ Ryan Alterton

Dueling Club Meeting #2

➤ Extra Credit

Dueling Club Meeting #3

➤ Extra Credit



Dueling Spells

LV1 Knockback Jinx
Lv2 Blocking Charm
Lv1 Pepper Breath Hex
Lv1 Twitchy Ears Curse
Lv1 Disarming Spell
Lv1 Bombardment Curse
Lv3 Fire-Starter Curse

Lv1 Happy Feet Hex

Lv1 Hex Shield

Lv2 Strength Stealer Spell

Lv1 Rubber Arm Jinx

Class Spells




C L A S S . G R A D E S

➤ Astronomy .

Charms .

Defense Against the Dark Arts .

➤ Flying .

Herbology .

➤ History of Magic .

➤ Potions .

➤ Transfiguration .


W I Z A R D . and . H O U S E . P O I N T S

WP Start: 100

WP Finish: 123

HP Earned:







By Casper Abernathy

Edited by Killian Dracel

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(in alphabetical order by last name)

◆ ◇  ◇ ◆


Everly Cantrell

 ➤➤➤   ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◇

Character Library, VH35 Slytherin, Family, #everkill

His pointed finger hadn’t the time to retreat when Caleb turned and

squinted their way, scowling so hard his forehead was wrinkling.

“That’s his I want to pee at home face.”

Caprica Delacroix

◆ ◆ ◆ ◇ ◇   ➤➤➤.

Character Library, VH35 Hufflepuff

Killian more so loves the fact that Caprica thinks Killian is cute? Come on

and keep taking those selfies, bby. <3


Damaris Denton

 ➤➤➤   ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◇

Character Library, VH35 Slytherin

"I haven't told anyone that. Well, other than you, just now. I've been telling

people my parents are divorced. It's just too...I don't even know. But I'm not

going to lie to you about it. So...I don't know, maybe it sucks to talk about.

But don't lie to me about it."


Veronica Dursley

◆ ◆ ◇ ◇ ◇   ➤➤➤ 

Character Library, VH35 Gryffindor, #killvern

"You seem like you'd be right at home with the idiots, though.

I don't see why we both have to be miserable on this train ride."

Griffin Finnigan

 ➤➤➤   ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠

Character Library, VH35 Hufflepuff

"Oh, bloody allergies," Fin complained. "I'm allergic to your lies."

Kaleb Kennedy

☠ ☠ ☠   ➤➤➤ 

Character Library, VH35 Gryffindor

He dropped his hands, finally settling on what to say. "You can't be friends

with me and date Killian. That's not an option," he resolved.

If Damaris chose Killian, then she was no longer a friend of Kaleb's.


Lindy Rose

 ➤➤➤   ◆ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Character Library, VH35 Hufflepuff

"Watch what?" she asked, almost belatedly before she was splashed

with lake water when Killian fell into the water. Her eyes were wide

as she peered over the edge of the boat, hiding a giggle behind her hand

as Vernie spoke. "How's the water?" she asked curiously, head tilted to the side. 

Molly Stone

◆ ◆ ◆ ◇ ◇   ➤➤➤ 

Character Library, VH35 Gryffindor

"He [Kaleb] was a bit of a.. what was your word, tosser?" She risked a laugh.

"--during that whole tent thing, though. You know, when Gryffindor and Ravenclaw

shared one. One of the Ravenclaws set something on fire and he ran off

second he saw it, leaving me to put the damn thing out on my own," she rolled her eyes.


  River Wolfe

  ➤➤➤  ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠  

Character Library, VH35 Ravenclaw

 "You do not need to know my name!"  He spat, "What you should

worry about is the fight he started and my swollen eye! Not that bullies lip!"



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