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Ryan Alterton
. ryan marie alterton .


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storyline . about ryan
where love grows . family
wild card . miscellany
somebody's heartbreak . relationships
where it all begins . pre-hogwarts
saint or a sinner . sorting
undefined . hogwarts, year one

someday girl . hogwarts, year two

nothing like starting over . hogwarts, year three



gryffindor     hufflepuff     ravenclaw     slytherin     pre-hogwarts
creatures     death eaters     staff     inactive     visitors/npcs
*Hunter Hayes lyrics
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Ryan Alterton
. about ryan .

 name; Ryan Marie Alterton
 nicknames; "Ry Ry", “Ry”
 age; thirteen
 birthday; 21 May 2026; 11:03 AM
 hometown; Bakewell, Derbyshire; England
 bloodtype; wizarding – halfblood; muggle – O+
 sexual orientation; straight

accepting; adj. amendable; open (e.g. Ryan is extremely accepting of everyone she meets. This includes incredibly detestable behaviors. She will take you as you are without trying to change you.)
bossy; adj. given to ordering people about; overly authoritative; domineering (e.g., Ryan has developed into sort of a bossy-pants. She isn't necessarily mean about it, but she enjoys telling people what to do and leading a group.)
happy; adj. characterized by or indicative of pleasure, contentment, or joy (e.g. Ryan is a genuinely happy kid. She has a joyous innocence about her that she tries to spread to others.)
honest; adj. honorable in principles, intentions, and actions; sincere; frank (e.g. Ryan will tell it like it is, sometimes to the detriment of courtesy. She believes in telling the truth, regardless of the consequences.)
patient; adj. bearing provocation, annoyance, misfortune, delay, hardship, pain, etc., with fortitude and calm and without complaint, anger, or the like  (e.g. Ryan is exceedingly patient. She doesn't mind waiting for something. Nor does she mind a process taking longer than a moment. She is an excellent person to have in a panicked situation.)
spiders; Ryan is terrified of spiders. In her opinion, they have too many legs and eyes and will devour your soul while they lay 1,000 spider babies to take over the world. If she sees a spider, she'll give it the entire room she's in, while she goes to get the necessary supplies to burn everything to the ground.
thunder; From a younger age than now, Ryan has experienced anxiety when it thunders. The sounds cause her to freeze up and she's been known to cry when thunder occurs. Lightning she can handle, but thunder she isn't a fan of.
animals; Ryan is an animal lover. Her parents have always surrounded her with different creatures; because of their career interests. Her parents are magical paleontologists, so it was common for Ryan to see different animals from different dig sites in her home for periods of time. This love for animals also extends to magical creatures. Her aunt specializes in this field of work, so Ryan is overly familiar with several different breeds of magical creatures.
drawing; Ryan has been drawing since she was old enough to hold a pencil in her hand. She is naturally adept at it and enjoys it immensely. She has versed herself in different avenues of drawing, but enjoys sketching with a simple pencil the most. She carries a sketchbook with her wherever she goes.
learning; Though easily distracted she is, Ryan truly loves learning new things. Whether that is in the classroom, or life lessons, she has a tendency to soak up these new learnings like a sponge. Learning makes her excited and she is very enthusiastic about it.
heights; Ryan doesn't like the instability she feels when up high. High stairs, tall buildings, high towers and turrets; they all make her uncomfortable, and she will go out of her way to avoid them if she can.
small spaces; Ryan isn't what you would call "claustrophobic", in Muggle terms, but she doesn't like being in small or tight spaces at all. She prefers open spaces and large areas. If there are a lot of people in the open areas, Ryan will be fine. The confines of tight spaces with solid walls are what she dislikes.
strong winds; Ryan isn't the biggest fan of strong winds. When the wind picks up viciously, Ryan is known to hide out in her bed until it dies down. The sounds and violence make her very uncomfortable.
retaining information; Ryan is very good at remembering information presented to her. In school, she excels at theoretical learning. If it comes from a book or a lecture, she will retain the information quite well.
hands-on learning; Putting theoretical learning into practice has never been easy for Ryan. She doesn't learn best that way and definitely struggles with it. She has never done well in sports because of this short-coming as well. Ryan prefers to learn with quill and parchment rather than with her hands.
exploring; Ryan is energetic by nature and that, mixed with her excitement for learning, provides Ryan with a yearning to explore new surroundings.
sleeping; While Ryan doesn't sleep in or value sleep above all else, when she does go down for the night, Ryan thoroughly enjoys it. Sleep is precious when she's in it and she becomes a crankpot when it is interrupted.
spending time with friends; Ryan loves taking her time and putting it into friendships. She genuinely loves her friends and the time she gets to spend with them is valuable to her.
wizarding history; Even though Ryan comes from two magical parents, she still takes every opportunity put to her to learn about the wizarding world, most of the time from her big brother, James.

 hair color; dark brown
 hair style; long, naturally wavy; is worn in a messy top knot when focusing
 eye color; brown
 body type; thin; tall for her age
 height; 5'5"
 lookalike; Crystal Reed

house; Hufflepuff
best subject; Charms, Herbology
worst subject; Flying, Transfiguration
favorite subject; History of Magic, Potions
least favorite subject; Flying, Transfiguration
extracurricular activities; Badger Scouts, Dueling Club, HBI
favorite place at hogwarts; Hufflepuff common room, the library
least favorite place at hogwarts; the towers

career; Ryan wants to work with magical creatures in some capacity
role model; James Alterton, her oldest brother

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Ryan Alterton
. family .
                                                                                                                   family tree

relation; father
age/status; 46; living; Muggleborn
about; Mikael Alterton is a magical paleontologist. He works with his wife at various dig sites. His parents put a lot of focus on animal care growing up, so he went into that particular field of study, only of the ancient variety. Mikael treasures his work, his wife, and his children. He is a passionate man with a blinding smile, whose kindness is only outdone by his voracity for Muggle rock and roll music.
relation; grandmother
age/status; 60; deceased; Muggle
about; Hayley Alterton was a fine woman with wholesome morals. She worked for forty years as a Muggle veterinarian and taught her two children to treat animals as you would a human. She enjoyed hiking rough terrains, singing to rock and roll music, and making her husband laugh.
relation; grandfather
age/status; 65; living; Muggle
about; Kol Alterton is a Muggle veterinarian whose retirement is just on the horizon. He has been working with animals for nearly forty-five years and prefers their company to many humans. Though this is not said of his family. Kol's greatest source of joy are his grandchildren and spending time with them.
relation; aunt
age/status; 45; living; Muggleborn
about; Freya Alterton naturally followed in her parent's footsteps; with her passion and love for animals. After graduating from Hogwarts, Freya earned her credentials as a magizoologist. First, she worked on a site specializing in the rehabilitation of dragons, though most recently moved to the specific care and preservation of unicorns in England.

relation; mother
age/status; 46; living; Muggleborn
about; Ramona Wells-Alterton is a magical paleontologist. She works with her husband at various dig sites. Ramona was born to two opinionated artist-types who believed in organic living and spending lots of money. Both of her parents died when she was in her twenties. She has never taken her parent's views of life and instead prefers to face its challenges head-on with Muggle music at her side. Her greatest pride in life are her children.
relation; grandmother
age/status; 41; deceased; Muggle
about; Tracy Wells was a successful urban mystery writer who sold millions of copies of "cozy, fireside novels". She preferred to eat food from her home garden and spend the money she made off of her books almost as soon as she earned it. Her favorite past-time was going on book tours and meeting her fans.
relation; grandfather
age/status; 46; deceased; Muggle
about; Jude Wells was a Muggle artist who worked specifically in landmark paintings. His work did relatively well in England, but sold much more successfully in the United States. Jude, like his wife, preferred a homeopathic life, surrounded by his wealth and the materials that bought it.

relation; brother
age/status; 20; living; halfblood
about; James Alterton is a librarian who specializes in magical tomes. He works at one of England's magical libraries, traveling the world for the rarest tomes of wizarding history. James is often taken as serious, but is truthfully the most sensitive out of the Alterton children. He enjoys science fiction novels, but more than anything else, he enjoys spending time with his sister, Ryan.
relation; brother
age/status; 18; living; Squib
about; Taylor Alterton is, without a doubt, the joker of the family. He rarely takes himself serious and finds enjoyment out of making people laugh; often at his expense. He is currently enrolled in a university close to home. He is studying child psychology.
relation; brother
age/status; 15; living; Squib
about; Riley Alterton is the second youngest son of the Alterton family. He is a ball of energy who has a penchant for getting into other people's business for no other reason than curiosity. He is impulsive, though kind, and has a loud mouth. Riley's number one annoyance is his sister, Ryan.
relation; brother
age/status; 10; living; halfblood
about; Alexzander Alterton, or just Alexz, is the youngest member of the Alterton family. He is playful, enthusiastic, and likes to joke around like his brother, Taylor. Alexz is a big fan of Ryan and is waiting for his letter to Hogwarts, now that Ryan got hers.

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Ryan Alterton
. miscellany .

   gemini (may 21 – june 20)
 --  the twins; mutable, air, yang; planetary ruler: mercury; keywords: "i THINK"  --

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and has influence over the hands, arms, shoulders, and lungs. Positive traits include quick wits, versatility, flexibility, fluency with words and ideas, an open mind, a love of learning, adaptability, agility, sharp perception, and cheerfulness; negative traits are duplicity, mood swings, flightiness, nervousness, fidgeting, lack of attention span, a tendency to be easily influenced, and undependability.

Hufflepuff Geminis stand out for being geniuses as what Muggles like to call "multitasking". They can't just work on one project - they need to have eight or nine things going all at once, usually as close to a deadline as possible. They also tend to be a little more outspoken and extraverted in the classroom than the average Hufflepuff, who would rather sit near the back of the classroom and quietly take notes to study later. Because they bite off more than they can chew, they are always complaining of various ailments related to stress.

   8 ¼ inch alder, unicorn tail hair

Unicorn hair is a more subtle wand. It is also hands-down the best core for Healing, as it picks up some of the healing capabilities of unicorn blood. Unicorn hair has a reputation of picking gentler or more cerebral users, so it is common amongst Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws. More laid-back Gryffindors and subtler Slytherins may find themselves with a unicorn hair wand.

As the unicorn hair can be removed without the death of the creature, the unicorn hair wands specialize in Charms. As Charms may be extremely powerful, and the generality of them, expertly cast, are quite permanent, some may be fairly easily countered or canceled, however. The healing power of the unicorn lends itself well to Healing and other more subtle arts such as Seeing.

   good for: Charms, Healing, Seeing, Care of Magical Creatures, Divination

"Alder is an unyielding wood, yet I have discovered that its ideal owner is not stubborn or obstinate, but often helpful, considerate and most likeable. Whereas most wand woods seek similarity in the characters of those they will best serve, alder is unusual in that it seems to desire a nature that is, if not precisely opposite to its own, then certainly of a markedly different type. When an alder wand is happily placed, it becomes a magnificent, loyal helpmate. Of all wand types, alder is best suited to non-verbal spell work, whence comes its reputation for being suitable only for the most advanced witches and wizards."

 fresh pine
 old books
several large spiders
spending time with her family
a dolphin
   Those with this Patronus are typically very social and intellectual. If you have this Patronus you’re smart and quick-witted. With an excellent ability to understand other people and empathize. Your fun-loving nature can take many forms, be it the life and soul of a party or individual activities, fun is your department.

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Ryan Alterton
. relationships .


FRIENDSHIPS                       PEERS                          ROMANCES                          RIVALRIES 

acquaintances --                                   classmate  --                         crushes --                                           academia --

{pass you by}                                        {school's out}                        {catching feelings}                             {never catch up}

best friends --                                        housemate --                        current interest --                               annoyance --

{us against the world}                           {my and my gang}                {you've got me mesmerized}            {under my skin}

childhood friends --                               instructor --                           endgame --                                         hatred --

{scrapes and bruises}                          {listen to teacher}                  {baby you're my amen}                     {you make me sick}

just friends --                                         like family --                           exes --                                                jealousy --

{i'll stand by you}                                  {thicker than water}               {crash and burn}                                {green with envy}

partners in crime --                               mentee --                               flirting --                                              mutual dislike

{bonnie & clyde}                                   {young padawan}                  {bat your lashes}                                {it's not just me}
                                                                mentor --                                love-hate --                                         rivals etc. --
                                                               {i learned that from you}       {such a fool for you}                           {inferiority complex}
                                                               roommate --
                                                               {what a domestic}




FINNIGAN griffin (third) {i'll stand by you}  {my and my gang}

HOOFER alyssa (second) {i'll stand by you}

PICHARDO seeley (fourth) {i'll stand by you}  {my and my gang}  {i learned that from you}

POTTER desmond (fourth) {i'll stand by you} {my and my gang}  {i learned that from you}

ROSE lindy (third) {i'll stand by you}  {what a domestic}

SMITH ethan (fifth; prefect) {i'll stand by you} {my and my gang}  {i learned that from you}   


BERGER chuck (third) {i'll stand by you}

DANIELS flynn (alumni) {i learned that from you}

DURSLEY veronica (third) {pass you by} {under my skin}

KENNEDY kaleb (third) {pass you by}

SAUVIGNI tamsin (second) {pass you by}


DOTCHEV cooper (third) {i'll stand by you}

NEWTON columbia (second) {pass you by}

WOLFE river (third) {us against the world} {under my skin}


DENTON damaris (third) {pass you by} {inferiority complex}

DRACEL killian (third) {i'll stand by you}

HAWKE marisha (third) {i'll stand by you}

*current as of 30 March 2018

Edited by Ryan Alterton

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Ryan Alterton
. pre-hogwarts .
                                                                                  pre-hogwarts primary workbook

Ryan had a fairly average childhood, as a child from two magic parents. Her parents constantly traveled for work, though always made sure to provide lots of love and support for her and her four brothers. Ryan was enrolled in Muggle primary school up until the summer she got her acceptance letter to Hogwarts because her parents believe in education and learning. She wasn't able to tell any of her school friends that she might be magic. Because of this, most of her friendships were slightly on the superficial side because normal things like slumber parties at people's houses and meeting the parents didn't come easy to her or her family. Ryan grew up (and is continuing to grow up) very family-oriented. She spent a great deal of time with her brothers, playing, laughing, and learning.

 Crash into you, crash into me @Desmond Potter
 the place; Diagon Alley [outside Ollivanders]

 I see you shiver with antici...pation @River Wolfe
 the place; Diagon Alley [Magical Menagerie]

 This crazy life I lead @Tiffany Thompson
 the place; Diagon Alley [Ollivander's]

 We are the Kings and the Queens of the new broken scenes @River Wolfe
 the place; Hogwarts Express [Platform 9¾]

 The start of something new @Eliza Finlay
 the place; Diagon Alley [Ollivander's]

 Speak friend, and enter @Griffin Finnigan
 the place; Diagon Alley [The Leaky Cauldron]

The Garbage Quidditch League 
@Chuck Berger
 the place; Pre-Hogwarts Primary [Crystal Fountain Park]

 Everybody circling, it's vulturous @Cooper Dotchev
 the place; Diagon Alley [outside Flourish & Blotts]

 Of Books and Things and Pigs with Wings @Marisha Hawke
 the place; Diagon Alley [Flourish & Blotts]

The Great Pamphlet Handout of VH35  /  An origami zoo adventure  /  Last boat not least  /  VH35 Camping Trip: The Forest  /  Juni's Sweetery: Marketing Campaign  /  Pre-Sorting House Reveals  /  I feel the need for speed  /  I Survived Pre-Hogwarts Primary!

A, B, C; EASY AS 1, 2, 3
pre-hogwarts primary (professors blithe, brom & mcrobbie); P!, EO

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Ryan Alterton
. sorting .


Yes, a great many years since have passed
Since I was fresh and new,
But still some words of wisdom I
would like to share with you.

Each year I sit upon your heads
and Sort you to the last,
But I always hope that you can still
bridge the gaps as in the past.

The Gryffindors, those hearty folks,
are known as brave and bold.
When their unflinching wills are set,
together we will hold.

The Hufflepuffs, fair-minded lot,
always do tirelessly try.
If this became one of their goals,
it would come, by-and-by.

The Ravenclaws, a witty bunch,
have such creativity!
Between the whole of that sharp house,
a solution they would see.

The Slytherins, noble and proud,
never give up, once set.
As those sly students think it out,
a cunning plan we'll get.

And so, remember, one and all
that though you're split in Four,
in these hallowed halls of Hogwarts School
we're still One for evermore!

If someone had told Ryan Alterton that her journey to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy would include her first kiss (thrust upon her against her will), finding a lost cat, getting her House predicted for her by a Seer-in-Training, and then falling into the lake because Daya Valdez had purposefully tipped it over, well…it was kind of crazy to think about. Definitely one of those stories that was too crazy to be made up. 

Her sodden robes clung to her tall frame, shivers wracking her body. As soon as they’d made it to land, Ryan had scrambled out of the righted boat, away from Casper and Daya who were, no doubt, still arguing and fighting. Their fighting had led to their boat tipping over, midway across the lake. The normally docile brunette cast an offended look back at Daya, then ignored her as she stood in the Entrance Hall.

The castle was massive. Ghosts here and there passed through walls, talking to one another and to some of the students waiting for their instructions. Ryan herself craned her neck to try and find Eliza, but couldn’t see her blonde head in the mass of students. Sighing, she wrung out the bottom of her robes again, trying not to think about how different she’d thought this moment would be.

The Great Hall doors opened up and the students were instructed to follow into the room. Four long tables were set up in the room, students already seated, all looking at her and the rest of the unsorts. Ry couldn’t help herself from feeling excitement, even as she fought not to succumb to the case of pneumonia most likely heading her way. The ceiling in the Great Hall reflected twinkling stars and an inky blackness. She smiled and kept following the line to the front of the room. She waited with the rest of her class as they were told they were to put the Sorting Hat on their heads. This was how they would be Sorted into their Houses.

Ry didn’t have to wait long before she heard—

“Alterton, Ryan!”

Trembling from both hypothermia and nerves, the tall girl walked forward, took a seat upon the stool, and slipped the hat onto her head. It fell down past her ears and she thought, “I hope no one is upset with me for getting the stool all wet.”

     Good evening Miss Alterton! I have several more little brains to pick through tonight so let’s get you sorted fast, yes? Ah! This seems simple enough. In both mind and soul, you are filled with a sort of kindness that is rarely seen among your fellow wizards and witches. No matter who you are up against, you aspire to do the right thing and the value you place on hard work is second to none. Honesty, patience and perseverance are the values Helga Hufflepuff held dear to her heart and I can see that you are just the same. Surely you know where you’re heading to now? Go on – join your fellow housemates in the house that accepts all... HUFFLEPUFF!


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Ryan Alterton


. hogwarts, year one .


                                                                                                                                         hufflepuff homework tracker

     house points earned; 372                         house points lost; 00

Journal, well let me tell you--Hogwarts is like nothing else I've ever experienced! It was wicked to be able to finally be in the same place James was! Of course, I owled him all of the time, because I missed him, but I also had too much fun to be sad all of the time. I made some amazing friends. Friends like River Wolfe, Griffin Finnigan, Lindy Rose, Desmond Potter, Ethan Smith, Eliza Finlay, and Killian Dracel. My only non-friend is Damaris Denton. She's always picking on me and teasing me. She even pushed me into the lake once! It was really scary when I got into trouble, not just once, but twice! Luckily, I didn't get a detention or anything. My classes were brilliant! I have some trouble in Transfiguration and Potions, but Charms and Herbology are my favorite! One of my other favorites is dueling! I think I've gotten pretty good this year, but I'm going to keep practicing to get even better! There wasn't any Quidditch this year, or a Dueling Tournament because Hogwarts had a School Tournament and some of my friends were in it! It was pretty cool. I really can't wait for next year to see what else I can learn.


 I have always imagined paradise would be a kind of library @Eliza Finlay
the place; the fourth floor [the library]


 Cold and alone @Cooper Dotchev
the place; the castle corridors [dungeons]


Round and round we go @Chuck Berger
the place; the grounds [Quidditch Pitch]


I put a spell on you @Ethan Smith

the place; the cellars [Hufflepuff common room]


Is there something watching me? @Desmond Potter
the place; the cellars [Hufflepuff common room]


Almost every colour in the rainbow. @River Wolfe
the place; the ground floor [Great Hall]


Stuck in the Fall @Griffin Finnigan
the place; the west tower [owlery]


Thestrals, it always ends up being a Thestral... @River Wolfe
the place; the grounds [Forbidden Forest]


The old River can't come to the phone right now, why? Oh! Because he's dead! @River Wolfe
the place; the second floor [Moaning Myrtle's lavatory]


Revenge is a dish best served with ice cold lake water @Damaris Denton
the place; the grounds [lakefront]



There's gonna be a meeting over yonder. Children, are you ready? @Samantha Grier
the place; Homes & Holidays [Lac Le Biche Restaurant, Bar, & Lounge]


Come Here Often? @Griffin Finnigan
the place; Diagon Alley [The Leaky Cauldron]


The Sorting Feast  /  Hufflepuff House Table  /  VH35 Hufflepuff Tour I  /  VH35 Hufflepuff Tour II  /  VH35 Hufflepuff Tour III  /  VH35 Hufflepuff Tour IV  /  VH35 Hufflepuff Tour V  /  VH35 Hufflepuff Tour VI  /  VH35 Slytherin Giant Squid Activity  /  First Year Girl's Dormitory  /  Silly String War  /  Dog Training I  /  Kisses for Classes /  Piggy-Back Rides & Fights /  Playing Tag  /  Christmas Train Ride  /  Arts & Crafts  


      start of first year; 50          end of first year; 112


DUELING CLUB/MENTOR brigit raske & flynn daniels killian dracel 


LOSSES river wolfe ethan smith molly stone addison toft charlie perkins desmond potter fern blackburn phillip aldermaston marisha hawke everly cantrell killian dracel griffin finnigan milo shin seeley pichardo river wolfe desmond potter eloise beauchamp marisha hawke river wolfe 


NEVER STARTED maggie sinclair savannah towne daya valdez kimber yates 


WINS margaret schoenbergegriffin finnigan ignatia fay kermit princeley kandyl gomez cooper dotchev edie lambert veronica dursley fletcher barrow terrence grandchester hamish lundy wyatt lazarus asha richardson damaris denton marisha hawke 


 A, B, C; EASY AS 1, 2, 3
                     key: ooc [ic]

term one
astronomy (professor fjord); o* [outstanding]
flying (mr maesson); o* [poor]
herbology (professor hambeldon); o* [outstanding]
potions (professor langdon); o* [exceeds expectations]

term two
charms (professor quayle); o* [exceeds expectations]
defence against the dark arts (professors foster & james); o* [exceeds expectations]
history of magic (professor grimsby); o* [outstanding]
transfiguration (professor knaggs); o* [acceptable]

Edited by Ryan Alterton

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Ryan Alterton
. hogwarts, year two .

                                                hufflepuff homework tracker                                                     comc internship tracker

     house points earned; 157                         house points lost; 00

Journal, this year was very different than I was expecting. I'm not really accustomed to bad things happening; you know that. But when Aunt Freya was hurt at work, my tummy felt like it had dropped out of my body. I've never ever felt anything like that before. My grades in my classes suffered because of it. I owled home to tell mum and dad about it and they told me that they want me to take the classes again next year, which is only fair. I made new friends like Kaleb Kennedy, Hazel Wheeler, Alyssa Hoofer, and I think, Damaris. We had a weird thing during a duel and I think she doesn't hate me anymore? Maybe? More updates to come on that. Maybe the most exciting thing that happened this year was joining Professor Qin's magical creatures internship! I got to work with her on the research of bowtruckles! I also chose which electives I'm going to take for next year: Muggle Studies and Care of Magical Creatures! I can't wait to see how everything goes next year.

Just walk away @Damaris Denton @Bryony King
the place; Hogwarts Express


A bowtruckle's life for me @Branchy
the place; the grounds [Forbidden Forest]


Eating is better with friends @Columbia Newton
the place; the ground floor [Great Hall]


Study Buddy Session #1 @Ethan Smith
the place; the fourth floor [library]


Did you hear that... @Desmond Potter
the place; the cellars & dungeons [Hufflepuff common room]


On the search for someone important @Charlie Perkins
the place; the cellar & dungeons [kitchens]


Lend a helping hand @Alyssa Hoofer
the place; the ground floor [castle corridors]


Somewhere in the middle you'll find me @River Wolfe
the place; the ground floor [Great Hall]


Hide & Seek  /  VH36: Carriage Ride  /  Second Year Girl's Dormitory  /  Hufflepuff Tour  /  This is it

      start of second year; 112          end of second year; 109

DUELING CLUB/MENTOR seeley pichardo 

LOSSES phillip aldermaston molly stone casper abernathy kaleb kennedy columbia newton kaleb kennedy damaris denton emma etter atlas wyrmwort kaleb kennedy damaris denton ethan smith julian pritchard desmond potter


NEVER STARTED astrid cahill 

WINS charlie perkins river wolfe 

 A, B, C; EASY AS 1, 2, 3

                             key: ooc [ic]
term two
astronomy (professor forchheimer); o* [outstanding]
herbology (professor mendelssohn); o* [outstanding; top of year]
transfiguration (professor knaggs); o* [acceptable; just barely]

Edited by Ryan Alterton

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Ryan Alterton
. hogwarts, year three .


                                               hufflepuff homework tracker                                                         comc internship tracker

     house points earned; 05                         house points lost; 00
Third year description.

On the road again. @Cooper Dotchev
the place; Hogwarts Express [a compartment]


Growing Pains @Desmond Potter
the place; Diagon Alley [Gladrags London]


Will you wait for me? @Chuck Berger
the place; Diagon Alley [Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor]


Firecrabs reunited @River Wolfe
the place; Diagon Alley [Magical Menagerie]


Here comes t-r-o-u-b-l-e @Adrina Althaus-Valerio @Clarissa Perenge
the place; the ground floor [a corridor]


The Good Samaritan @River Wolfe @Ethan Smith
the place; the ground floor [a corridor]


Practice makes...well, better than it was before @Tamsin Sauvigni
the place; the fourth floor [an unused classroom]


We will be just friends @River Wolfe
the place; the second floor [Moaning Myrtle's lavatory]


Books are their own kind of magic @Ethan Smith
the place; the fourth floor [library]


Shininess leads to thievery @Alyssa Hoofer
the place; the cellars [Hufflepuff common room]


You're not quite yourself @Radueriel Benson
the place; the third floor [Hospital Wing]


And the beat goes on. @Alexzander Alterton
the place; Homes & Holidays [Alterton residence]

VH37 Annual Carriage Rides  /  The Sorting Feast / First Year Tour / Welcoming Speech / Third Year Girl's Dormitory / Hufflepuff House Table / Hufflepuff 'Dare or Dare' I / Kissing Booth / Hufflepuff 'Dare or Dare' II / Hogsmeade Trip I / Hogwarts History Club Meeting I / Centaur Tool-Making 101 / Hufflepuff Mentoring I / Hufflepuff Uniform Check / Sableplume Shenanigans I /

      start of third year; 118         end of third year;

DUELING CLUB meeting i/ec w/ river wolfe

IN-PROGRESS river wolfe zsuzsanna maverick alyssa hoofer everly cantrell clayton stagg addison toft stella peabody desmond potter ethan smith nari bae milo shin ollie celeste eloise beauchamp scout matthews fern blackburn 

WINS alvis anderson 

A, B, C; EASY AS 1, 2, 3
                             key: ooc [ic]

term one
charms (professor meadows);
defence against the dark arts (professor foster);
history of magic (professor bourdelle);

muggle studies (professor gawkrodger);
potions (professor featherstone);


charms RETAKE (professor meadows);

defence against the dark arts RETAKE (professor foster);

history of magic RETAKE (professor bourdelle);

potions RETAKE (professor santiago);

term two
astronomy (professor);

care of magical creatures (professor);
herbology (professor);
transfiguration (professor);

Edited by Ryan Alterton

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