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Aias Midnight won't believe what happens next.

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Aias and his best friend had been feuding all year. About half way through the year, Aias had stopped stealing Al's stuff. And instead started shoving notes everywhere. Given the fact that the young Gryffindor didn't care about learning, he was fine writing notes to Al in class when he was supposed to actually be doing other things. Who cared about notes? He was trying to figure out other things. 


This year had been a big year for him. Between the drama between he and his best friend, his girlfriend actually refused to talk to him. She'd said that she'd only date a Quidditch player, which was why he stayed on the team. But then she hadn't been to any game or talk to him. Instead he'd been completely alone. So next year he had no reason to play the sport again.


But the truth was bigger then that. Gathering up his supplies, he found his former best friend on the train getting ready to go home and Aias did the only thing he could think to do. He plopped down on top of Al. It was just like the old times. Given that Aias refused to play anything on the Quidditch team other then beater, he had more arm muscles then he knew what to do with and he was going to refuse to let Al up until they talked. "You've been avoiding me." Stated the world's biggest hypocrite. He'd spent ages ignoring Al and now he was offended that Al was ignoring him back.


"And if you keep this up, I'm going to quit Quidditch and then I'll go live in someone else's dorm and you'll never see me again."

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This yeah had in several way been both a disaster and a wonderful success. Al's grades had been moderate and he had led his quidditch team had won the cup. But for all the good things that had happened, he felt like it didn't matter. His two best friends had basically ignored him at the beginning of the year. Then the missing items began. At first, Al thought he had just been misplacing things. Then he had caught Aias actually stealing them. That had been the last straw for him.


Aias had been essentially cut off from Al's radar. Outside of Quidditch practice, Al hardly spoke to the boy. But then the notes started. Al refused to read any of them, but Aias was nothing if not persistant. In fact, Aias had put them in the strangest of places including his toothbrush case, a pair of his boxers and also one time in his morning omelet. Al was not sure how that one had gotten there. To be frank he was tired of them and so he was glad the school year was done. That meant the notes would be too.


The train was always a relaxing time for Al and this year was going to be no exception. Olwen was going to meet him later, but she had some other things to do before then. The upside of having a "larger" girlfriend was that he could easily keep the compartment to himself. Well that was until Aias showed up and he was an unmoveable object at times. Like right now.


"Oh speaking to me again are you? Also I haven't been avoiding you just ignoring. There is a difference. And I wasn't the first person to do that." Al gave Aias a pointed look. If he wanted to real talk Al could real talk.

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Aias rolled his eyes. It was just silly to him that Al was being this dramatic about everything. "You sided with the enemy. Obviously I was mad at you. And then I tried to apologize but then you wouldn't listen." Or really, he wouldn't read it. Which meant that Aias's apology, which this would have been his first ever apology, had just been lost to the void. Or whatever it was Al did with the notes he obviously didn't read. At some point Aias decided that it wasn't fair his roommate didn't at least read them, but whatever.


But eventually he let out a breath and slid off of Al. Back on his feet, he moved over to the door of the compartment. "But fine. I'm off the team. I'll send Inara my jersey and whatever else you guys need." Because now he knew that it didn't matter. There was no reason for him to play. Lou didn't care any more. And Al obviously didn't care. So why was he even bothering with it? Instead he'd just spend his weekends pestering his dad and uncle in Hogsmeade, at the family pub or whatever it was. Still, he wasn't feeling excellent.


Something about this hurt his heart. He didn't know why, but it did. Maybe he'd go find his older brother and talk to him about everything. He did hover near the door as he thought of what else they needed to settle. "I'll talk to Fjord next year about moving into a different dorm." He added, with a head nod, still not opening the door.

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