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Edwin Gabor

But it feels so nice to know I'm gonna be alright

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Edwin reached for a tissue, sneezed again before getting it securely over his nose, coughed twice once it was over his nose, blew a rocket of snot into it, sniffled, and flopped backwards onto his bed: defeated. The twelve year old was almost never ill. So when he was he turned into a big old baby and became almost completely incapable of dealing with it. What made it worse was that he'd just come home for summer break. While Scotland certainly wouldn't be catching up to the warm weather happening in other parts of the world for another month, it was still pretty nice out and he was disappointed that he couldn't fully enjoy it.


Also his eyeballs hadn't stopped leaking for about three days now. His dad, a squib, didn't believe in using magical aid so his uncle had vowed to try and sneak him some kind of magical medicine if he could.


For now Egg suffered.


Sitting up after fifteen minutes of staring up at his ceiling, Edwin pulled a piece of parchment toward him, leaning over his bedside table. He rummaged around for a quill in the little drawer, mostly filled with bruise remover paste, peppermint oil and band-aids. After trying to write a letter to Ingrid for at least thirty minutes, he'd finally managed to start. It wasn't anything special, certainly not heartfelt. Mostly, it read like he was being held hostage.





I've got a bloody cold. A real ripper, too. One week after coming home. For SUMMER break.



Send help.

And maybe snacks.

Mostly tissues.




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Ingrid had been tasked with babysitting that day. As apparently, the adult world didn't get a summer break, and her mum and dad still had real jobs and things to do, they used their daughter as an indentured servant on her break from school. It also didn't help that her little brother, Asher, was a complete prat when mum wasn't around. Currently, he was rushing around the house with his underwear on his head, screaming incoherently. Rid sat in the living room, watching him causing chaos with her head in her hands. 


A fluttering and tapping came at the kitchen window, and she rushed to it, glad for any distraction from the screaming and giggling coming from the other room. An owl, only a week after classes ended. Ingrid smiled as she let the poor thing in, it's feathers hot from the summer sun. She read the letter and laughed, imagining her best friend languishing away in Scotland with a cold when he probably wanted nothing more than to be outside in the sun. 


Rid looked at the owl. "How much d'ya think you could carry?" she asked it, not expecting an answer as it pecked at her for treats. She rummaged through the kitchen, grabbing entirely impractical things for someone who was sick. A can of green beans. A Popsicle stick. A few tokens for the local arcade, and page from her mum's recipe book for chicken noodle soup. She threw some uncooked noodles in the parcel as well. 







Here's what I could find in the kitchen, hope it helps. Try not to die, we still have to go camping soon. 


Oh, and I found a cream cheese danish too. Hope it doesn't melt on the way. 


It's gorgeous in Wales today, and my brother is being a royal prat. Got any handcuffs or rope I can tie him up with?


Hope you survive! 






PS: Did I leave my transfiguration textbook with you? 


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"Ed. Win." The stern, precise enunciation of the now second year's name came floating up from the first floor of their two floor apartment. Most of the first floor was an extremely expensive, extremely fancy, extremely impressive kitchen... so Ed considered their living environment to be pretty average even though there was technically a lot of square footage.


Cracking the door open just slightly, Edwin poked his head through and glared down the hall. The staircase was off a corner so he couldn't see his father but he could imagine him... standing there at the bottom of the stairs. One hand on the banister, one foot up a step, forehead in his free hand, trying to remain calm. "SWEAR I'm coming, just. Seriously. Ten minutes." He paused. No answer. No bueno. "Sure Egg, no problem, love you--take ten, aw heck, even fifteen minutes if you need!" He mocked his father's voice. Again no response.


"Ten. Minutes. My empanadas are meant to be consumed warm at best. Pain in my..." Once his father's voice faded off, Ed threw his door shut and went over to the window side of his bed, petting his da's owl that was glaring at him from his bed side table. He tossed it a treat and it coo'd stiffly at him, flying to perch on the window sill and catch the cool summery breeze floating in.


Ed sniffled whatever snot was in his nose back up into his face and examined the contents of Ingrid's parcel. "...Uh..." He laughed and shook his head, pushing the items aside, a sugary and cheesy smell filling his nostrils. Grinning at the letter she'd written, he got up to search for her textbook and some other useful items.





First of all, rude.

I was gonna say I'd never laugh at you in this situation but I would so ... 


Camping! I've got to send out those letters to everyone. Think I can get away with not inviting Vana? She'll probably set my bum on fire, yea?


I'm not sure if the danish is in tact and I'm kind of scared to try it but if I do and I get sick you owe me. I don't know what you owe me yet but I will think of something. Oh and, cold's almost gone but my left eye's still leaking every five minutes. I'm a sight.


Got your textbook... your owl wasn't having any of it so you'll have to wait 'till term starts or the camping trip. But I've sent shoelaces and krazy glue. You'd be surprised what you can do with 'em.


Sent you some of da's famous caramel mousse espresso beans covered in dark chocolate. Owl's headed to you at night so they shouldn't melt... hopefully.




PS COLD IS ALMOST GONE. Da's making me eat non stop spicy food. It's working.

PSS ... I ate the danish. If you don't hear from me, I've died. And it's your fault.







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Side-along apparition was never a fun experience, and Ingrid's stomach lurched as they came to a stop in front of the Cardiff townhouse. Her uncle Jamie had taken Ingrid on a trip into Northern Wales to go and see an ancient castle. In the summertime, tourists often flocked to the things, but Jamie knew of one that was so far off the beaten path, only Wizards knew how to get there. They'd had a picnic lunch and hiked through the Forrest to get to it, and though she was now exhausted, she was happy and smiling. She gave her uncle a hug- he had to run and couldn't stay. Why he'd suddenly scooped Ingrid up for an impromptu exploring trip, she didn't pretend to know, but she was grateful. "Hwyl fawr, Uncle Jamie!" Ingrid said, her Uncle speaking Welsh more than English with his rural Northern roots in the Vals. 


Another pop later, and Jameson Pidgett was gone. 


Ingrid didn't know the strange implications that her uncle was Muggleborn, but his sister had unwittingly married a wizard. Something about Jameson and Herbert attending school together and Jamie introducing his sister to his friend from boarding school. She heard her mother's voice inside as she made up the stairs to open the front door, but she stopped short of pushing the handle in. It wasn't just her mother's voice, her mother was yelling. Rid pressed her ear up against the wooden door. 


"N'YA TELL ME THERE ARE MAGICAL TERRORISTS??" Jane Leighton yelled, her thick accent making the words difficult to understand through the door. "AN' YOU WANT OUR DAU'TER TO GO BACK?" 


Ingrid drew in a quick breath and silently pushed the door open, closing it carefully and rushing up the stairs before she could be seen. Asher played with his toys in his bedroom at the bottom of the stairs, and she put a finger to her lips to keep him from expressing his excitement at seeing her home. Rushing to her room, Rid pulled out some parchment and quickly scribbled a letter. 





My parents are arguing about not sending me back to Hogwarts again next year. I think it has to do with the death eaters?


What do I do? I can't let them keep me here. 





Ingrid put the letter away quickly as her door opened. She turned around to see her Papa in the doorway, sad smile underneath his bushy beard. " 'ello, muffin." He said, coming in to sit on her bed. "Have a good time with Uncle Jamie?" Ingrid nodded, but felt tears coming to her eyes as she did. "You're not gonna pull me from Hogwarts, are you, papa?" 



SCRATCH ALL THAT. My mum is scared, but my Da' says I can keep going. Are your parents upset too? I mean, we were supposed to be safe at hogwarts, I suppose. 


Anyway, Uncle Jamie took me up to Dolwyddelan Castle and I got you a leaf from the hike.  


Miss ya! See you soon! 




Ingrid sent the letter to Edwin in Scotland once the family owl had returned, mis-matched tone, pressed bright green leaf, and all. 

Edited by Ingrid Leighton

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