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Olwen Hier

In Summer

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With summer vacation came the answer to the mystery that Olwen was trying to solve since she heard she was to work with her father for part of her internship. All she knew was that it was to involve giants, and that she was to bring her book of notes that she worked on in the first term. As summer approached, Olwen's nightmares continued to plague her, so she hadn't had much time to think about what the task was, she was focused on not worrying about what, or who, was inside her head. Still, Olwen realized that her life had to go on. She had to concentrate on what she was going to learn, and that was a fact. It was a gloomy day at Kings Cross. The feeling was not like summer at all, which was a good thing. She kissed Al goodbye for a few weeks. They would be reunited soon. She wished he could come with her, but alas that was not to happen. It was just between her and her father. 


Elis Hier stood on the platform, waiting for her presence. Olwen abandoned her trunk shortly and went to go hug him. 


"You ready for our adventure, Olwen?" Elis said, mid hug. "Let's get your trunk. The motorhome is outside. We're leaving right now." The Hier family's old, musty appearing motorhome waited outside of Kings Cross. She looked behind as a few of her classmates exited the station with their families, off to a summer of lounging and enjoying time being a teenager. Not her. She had a job to do. Olwen climbed into the home, which had a special expansion charm as most wizarding structures did making the inside seem like a small house complete with kitchen. It felt strange being there on regular terms and not running from something or another. It wasn't a trap, rather, it was home. She didn't have to spend all day in it, for fear of some reporter exposing her. Security was a strange word. 


They traveled for a few days. While the home did have the capability to fly, it's cloaking charm was on the fritz so it couldn't fly all the time. It just flew over the channel, which apparently happened overnight as Olwen awoke to find herself on land. The road trip was long and exhausting, and Olwen was thankful once they reached their destination. Wherever it was. Last time she remembered they were in the outskirts of Vienna. So she assumed they were somewhere in that area. 


There was a familiar house in front of the motorhome. Olwen smiled when she remembered who resided there. 


"Bogdan! Claudia! We're here!" 

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The couple, her honorary Aunt and Uncle, raced out to see her. Bogdan embraced her in a huge hug that only Bogdan could provide. 


"My my, you've gotten even bigger since our last visit dear. Not that it matters or anything, it looks really good on you. By bigger I mean older, more wiser. Not bigger in size, I know how sensitive teenagers get over that stuff." Bogdan seemed to have a glitter of amazement in his eye. "You always forget how big half-giants get. Our dear friend Banba was a good foot taller than you were dear, but he lacked the incredible intelligence that you have, so there's that." Olwen was trying not to let the man's words anger her. She was getting good at this. He was her Uncle, and he was speaking out of love, not trying to attack her. It was difficult trying to quell the giant, but this time Olwen won and she was quite happy with the fact. 


"Thank you, Bogdan." Olwen chimed. "Father, can you tell me what we're doing now for my internship?" Her father blinked, then a wave of shock seemed to hit him like a tidal wave. 


"Oh, yes indeed! I'm so sorry Olwen, it hadn't really crossed my mind." A brief pause followed. "As you know, Bogdan, Olwen has been working on an internship in Care of Magical Creatures. She spent all year working on giant research and learning about giant culture, including about her own self and how she fits into the frame of everything. I'm sure that Rodger would love to see her research." Bogdan nodded. Olwen had no idea who Rodger was, but assumed he was important. "Also as you know, the Ministry contract with Eriu's tribe has reached the expiration date. We are here to... renegotiate the contract. It was for sixteen years." Olwen realized the last time they did the contract was when she was conceived. Not fun to think about. 


"So, Olwen, you will be helping me negotiate. It will be easier with you because you are half giant, and have kin-ties to this tribe. One of your real Uncles, Bres, is now the gurg of the tribe. Our goal is to get them to sign a treaty that would send any injured or smaller giants to the preserve, as well as to ensure friendship between the Ministry and the giant tribe. We are also negotiating other items but those are the two main goals." Olwen understood. Her term research really came to sudden realization at that revelation. 


"I'm ready." Olwen stated, excited for the task ahead. 


"Well good. We start in the morning." Bogdan then ushered them both in to have dinner prepared by Claudia. Olwen was looking forward to the incredible Romanian food and a good night's sleep.

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Dear Professor Qin, 
I start my internship today. We are going to help negotiate a treaty for the Ministry. We start today. I don't know if you knew ahead of time or not, but all my research now makes sense. Speaking of, I noticed I was able to keep my cool when my honorary Uncle Bogdan started to comment on my size. I knew he meant that it was just me being older and more grown, but there was a side of me that was threatened because he could be commenting on my actual size. I held it together, and my thoughts won out. Just thought you should know. 



Olwen sealed the letter and directed Bogdan's owl to fly to wherever Professor Qin was at. There wasn't much to report at this point, but Olwen knew she would have much more to report on. She ate her breakfast, and then put on her adventure outdoor gear. It was chillier in the Romanian mountainside than it was in England, so Olwen was dressed warmer than usual. Her pants were thick work kahkis, and she wore a thick leather work coat. Her boots were perfectly equipped for walking in the harsh mountain terrain. While they weren't the most fashionable, they were functional. Her hair was tied up in a plain ribbon, and her ponytail bounced as she hiked up the mountain path. Her father said it would be a 3 mile hike to the tribe, which was nothing to Olwen. 


They arrived at the tribe's temporary hideout. There was nobody home. Her father beckoned her to hide behind a nearby bunch of trees. 


"They're out hunting. They'll be back soon. Until then, we wait. You have the gifts, right?" Olwen nodded. Inside their bag was a complete set of beautiful goblin-made armor for the gurg. Olwen knew that she was to present the armor and herself, which her introduction was to be considered a second gift because the new gurg hadn't met her yet. Giants, her father said, were much more receptive to half-giants, especially kin, after the second wizarding war and improving relations. 


Listening in the background, she heard footsteps. Giant footsteps. The branches with the clearing entrance rustled, and five giants entered. Four more followed shortly after. 


"The tribes were once in one giant colony when Lord Voldemort was in power. Now their population has increased enough to create a few different tribes. Each tribe has approximately 20 giants in it now. They are able to work better that way. This particular tribe is our kin, Olwen. You are related somehow to many of the members here through Eriu. Treat them as if they were your family, because they are. They will treat you strange, because you are half and small and they don't like small. You've got to remember that you are special. You have something to give to them, and that is human knowledge." Olwen nodded. "Let's go." The pair went through the vines into the camp. 


"We wish to speak with Gurg Bres. We come bearing gifts!" Olwen's father motioned for Olwen to hand out the armor. Gurg Bres was incredibly tall. He looked like Eriu, blonde and had the same facial structure, only male instead of female. He was about as large as a house, and intimidating as well. Olwen wasn't even close to his height, and she was his niece. She understood why height was valued in giant culture.


"Honorable Gurg, it is a pleasure to meet you. I am Olwen, daughter of Eriu, your sister. We are kin. It is a pleasure to meet you, and I look forward to our conversations. We are presenting you with this gift of finely crafted goblin armor, the best there is. We hope you will use it well." The Gurg looked at her with a curious look on his face, and reached out to accept the gift from her hands.


"You is small for giant, but big for human." The Gurg pointed out. Olwen became nervous. "You hold wand. Yet have giant for mother." Her mother's words came back to her from winter break. "You know magic." He got excited about that fact. "Eriu daughter. Welcome." He pulled on the armor, and showed it to his tribe. "This is good gift from wizards." He proclaimed. "Girl is kin. Treat well." Her father smiled and nodded at her. Step one, complete.  



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Dear Professor Qin

The first day went really well. We presented the gifts, and the Gurg (my real Uncle) was really receptive to it. He was also fascinated by the fact that I hold a wand and are magical, something that giants don't naturally have on their own. I was surprised at this. I had a conversation with my mother earlier who told me I was special because I hold both a wand and am giant. Let's hope this goes through smoothly today. 



The second day was upon them. They were to sign the treaty that day. Olwen was more nervous than the previous day. She got along well enough with the other giants, was very cordial. While she couldn't use any magic, her father conjured up magical bubbles for the two children to play with. Even though they were children younger than her, they towered over Olwen by a good three feet. The rest of the evening passed, and her father had already drawn up a treaty and proclaimed that they would have a signing ceremony "tomorrow." A night passed, and Olwen and her father made the hike up again towards the encampment, which to her surprise was completely destroyed. Trees were skewed across the ground. What once was a nice little clearing looked like a complete mess. Olwen realized that it must have been from the storm last night. Towards the center of the clearing, in the only tree-free space, the giants were huddled in one place. 


There, she saw Bres' brother Balor wearing the gifted armor. Olwen grimaced. Bres was nowhere to be seen. Her father paled. 


"Bres is dead." He whispered. "Balor is now the gurg. We have to think of another gift, and quickly." Olwen thought of what a giant would possibly like. She wished she was old enough to use magic, to be useful. Olwen then got an idea. She pulled out the canteen from her bag. 


"Da, can you enlarge it? Then put a water refill charm on it? I think they would like that. An endless source of water so that they don't have to go out hiking for it constantly." Her father nodded. 


"Great thinking, Olwen. We will also assist in the clearing of their camp." Her father said. He sighed. "Now we're back to square one. I'm sorry Olwen." She patted her father on the back. 

"Don't worry. It's not your fault. We can help though." She once again entered the enclosure, careful not to trip over the tree branches. 


"You." Gurg Balor said. "I not Bres. I new Gurg. Make deal different." Her father bowed and nodded. 


"Most honorable Gurg Balor. We present to you a new source of water. This canteen will refill once you're finished drinking it, as many times as you need it to. We also present willingness to assist with the cleanup of your camp." The Gurg seemed to contemplate their new gift with curiosity. 


"Show how work." He grunted. Her father dumped the water out. Then the canteen refilled itself. Balor seemed pleased. "Me like. Very good. Well done." Olwen smiled, then her father and herself got to work. Of course, her father used his wand, and she was able to lift the trees out of the way with her strength. The father and daughter continued working into the afternoon.


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It took a few hours, but the clearing was back to normal by the end of the day. Balor was extremely grateful for their assistance, and Olwen couldn't believe it when he said to sit down and he would sign the treaty that they had worked so hard to negotiate with the previous Gurg. Finally, they were at the table, a giant flat stone. Olwen's father had to stand to reach the top of it. The Gurg sat. They looked each other in the eye. Her father, his head barely reaching over the rock, seemed so small compared to the two of them. Olwen seemed much smaller than the Gurg, who was so tall that the rock came up to his waist. 


Her father handed out the paper and quill. The Gurg didn't quite know what to do with the quill, as he hadn't needed to sign anything before. Olwen went over to the other side. 


"You sign it like this." She took his hand, and pointed the quill on the line. The Gurg scribbled something unintielligible that was probably Balor in giant writing, or an attempt at writing Balor anyways. Her father looked at her and smiled. 


"This is a great moment. Thank you, Gurg Balor. Now, are there any injured giants that you would like us to take home for you?" Her father asked. The Gurg looked around, pointing at a giant who was clutching his shoulder and holding up his arm with one hand. 


"Tethra injured storm. Needs help."  Olwen nodded. Well, it looked like they would be bringing a giant home after all. 


"Can we fashion a sling for him father?" Olwen asked. "He looks like he's in pain." Her father nodded, and transfigured a rock into a sling. 


"Tethra. Come. We help you." The giant, her cousin, agreed. He seemed melancholy about leaving his tribe and hesitant to come. Olwen blinked. 


"Tethra, you're going to like it here." Olwen said. "My mother, Eriu, your aunt, is amazing. You will be healed and better soon, we promise." She couldn't promise that he would be back in the tribe, as injured giants were not looked positively upon and he might be hurt and it best not to give him false hope. Olwen and her father waved goodbye to the giants, and then they hiked back to the camp. They were ready for departure from the area. Since Tethra wouldn't be able to fit in their motorhome, her father fashioned a protective side-car for Tethra, enchanted to make Muggles and others look the other way. A few hours later, their stuff was packed, and they were off to home.

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Dear Professor Qin, 
I am home now, and do I have a story to tell you. The Gurg, my Uncle, died in a storm. This means that my other uncle took power, which could've prevented our work from continuing any further. We would've had to go back to square one if it wasn't for my clever idea of an automatically refilling canteen. The giants didn't have a reliable source of fresh water, and this spell my da did made it so that it won't run out of water. The giants really liked that. Initially we gave them goblin armor, which was also well appreciated, but the Gurg that we gave the goblin armor to died and the other Gurg wanted something different to signify his new leadership. We also helped them clear up after the storm.

That helped him feel comfortable signing the treaty! We were able to rescue an injured giant and have brought him home to the preserve. He is getting along great with mum and the others in the tribe. They're starting to form their own hierarchy. It's brilliant observing them. Some days I will hike out there and just help out my mother with things. My parents are much more understanding and allowing me to study the giants. They're a fascinating species, and I look forward to continuing my education and experience with them.




The final of her letters was sealed and sent to wherever Professor Qin was at. After the experience, Olwen received a thank you from her father's department, and was brought to meet important officials in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. She was allowed to join in the celebration, and present her findings to a panel including her father, his deputy, and a senior staffer on the team. Olwen presented her notebook to the department, and finally met Rodger who was her father's deputy and an author of a very important magical creatures book. Olwen's father allowed her to continue to study her mother's tribe, and to visit it during the daytime in order to continue her studies. It was great to spend time with her mother, who she felt was growing closer to every day. 


At the end of the summer, she noticed her mother becoming more comfortable than she was. The entire tribe gained weight what they needed to survive the winter on, but her mother seemed to be a bit more... soft than before. Her and one of the other giants were really close, he seemed to be her right hand man at things. Olwen, being her usual oblivious self, shook it off as good times. Even Olwen had grown quite a bit; now she had to have all her furniture and her room arranged again. The summer was good to her, and she was ready to head back to Hogwarts to share all of what she learned with Professor Qin. 

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