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Professor James stood at the front of the entrance hall as students climbed the steps up from the boathouse.  She noted with dismay that a number of them dripped suspiciously.  Apparently Professors Althaus and Narsinghani had been remiss in their duties as escorts.  Surreptitiously, she cast several drying spells under her breath as the group approached. 


"This way, please gather yourselves here. Don't dally and don't stick that there." She sneered at a student about to use their wand in a decidedly unhygienic fashion. Jenna shook her head disapprovingly.  It was going to be a long year with a lot of paperwork.  Thanks, Gawkrodger for the shiny interim Deputy BFF title, bro. Apparently when your best friend suffered a fate worse than death - so did you.


"Welcome to Hogwarts," she stepped back as the doors opened dramatically behind her and the students were given their first glimpse inside the grand castle. Staircases rose and moved behind to their right and a pair of grand doors to their left were currently closed. "Just inside you will be sorted into your new home for the next seven years of your education.  There are four houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Every house has it's values," her sardonic smile said that clearly she valued some above others but she did not said anything on any house in particular. "You will be placed into your house by one of the most magical, insightful, hallowed artifacts in wizarding history.  Please step forward in an orderly manner as your name is called. Shenanigans will not be tolerated." Hopefully her cold tone of voice and unforgiving body language would be enough to deter anyone from acting foolish on their first night. 


"Once you have been assigned a house, you may join their table and await the start of the feast."  The directive was given with a tone of authority that said it would be more like a funeral than the party it would actually be.  Perhaps Professor James had not been the best choice of ambassador for a rollicking good time at the start of a year - whoops?   "Let's get to it- shall we?"  She turned on the tiny ice-pick heel of a stiletto boot and stalked into the Great Hall, sweeping through the suddenly open doors like an ominous storm all the way to the front of the hall where an old beaten hat sat on a stool in front of the entire student population and a table of teachers headed by Headmaster Gawkrodger.


When the last student entered, the doors of the Great Hall shut behind them and the Hat started it's song -




Yes, a great many years since have passed

Since I was fresh and new,

But still some words of wisdom I

would like to share with you.


Each year I sit upon your heads

and Sort you to the last,

But I always hope that you can still

bridge the gaps as in the past.


The Gryffindors, those hearty folks,

are known as brave and bold.

When their unflinching wills are set,

together we will hold.


The Hufflepuffs, fair-minded lot,

always do tirelessly try.

If this became one of their goals,

it would come, by-and-by.


The Ravenclaws, a witty bunch,

have such creativity!

Between the whole of that sharp house,

a solution they would see.


The Slytherins, noble and proud,

never give up, once set.

As those sly students think it out,

a cunning plan we'll get.


And so, remember, one and all

that though you're split in Four,

in these hallowed halls of Hogwarts School

we're still One for evermore!

Sorting Hat song written by Aoibhe Rowan


Edited by Sorting Hat

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She had managed to keep from getting nervous on the train ride from Platform 9 3/4.  She had managed to remain as calm as was possible considering she was crossing a lake at night in a boat to a castle that was a magic school.  Aggie was definitely excited but she had managed to not be nervous through all of that.


At least until she stepped through the doors of the castle with those who were now to be her classmates and gather together to be led into the Great Hall for the Sorting Ceremony.  Now, there seemed to be some butterflies flluttering around in her stomach.  There was no way to back out now.  Not a chance of saying she changed her mind.  But what house would she end up in?  That was the million galleon question of the night as she followed the person in front of her into the Great Hall in a single file line towards the front of the room and begin to be sorted into their house for the next seven years.  


Aggie fidgeted with the hem of the sleeves on her robe, watching each one before her be assigned to one of the four houses.  It felt like it would take forever to get to her and then suddenly, Aggie was wondering where the time went as she heard:


'Price, Agatha'


This was it as she carefully went forward and sat on the stool waiting for the hat to be put on her head.  Thoughts were running through her mind.  What if I don't fit any of the houses?  What if it turns out this was all a mistake and I'm not supposed to be here?  What am I doing here?  

This is no mistake, Miss Price, you are exactly where you're meant to be to begin something new and wonderful. Far from not fitting any house, I have two eager to welcome you into their fold. In Hufflepuff they would adore your kindness, honesty and respect for others. Yet it's in another house where I see you truly flourishing. A bright, inquisitive mind like yours deserves to shine in a house where others can appreciate its intelligence and quirky charm. You'll find yourself quite at home in... RAVENCLAW!

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This whole ordeal was honestly something. He couldn't imagine having to go through this every year. Even if he never got sorted again, wouldn't he have to watch this every year? It just seemed like there was a whole lot of different things going on. Maybe no matter what, this should be just fine. He'd worked hard to make this a good day. He wanted to be able to look upon this day in a positive way. When he had to think about this later on, he wanted to only have a good thing to think about.


Cooper had been working on befriending a few people before he made his way to the room where sorting would happen. This shouldn't be an issue at all, right? He took a few deep breaths as he looked around. Maybe he'd be lucky and make it into a house with one of his friends? But instead he was having to think about what house he wanted. Did any of them seem better then another one? Not really. All of the houses were equal and fantastic. He'd have to think of something else later on.


"Dotchev, Cooper!"


Oh right. His father wouldn't be at the school this year. Still Cooper fidgeted with his sleeve as he moved through the room. Soon enough he'd have the hat on his head and he'd be able to get sorted. But the truth was, he had no idea what would happen. This would be just fine. Once the hat was put on his head, he closed his eyes. He couldn't imagine people looking at him while the hat debated his fate. As long as he was allowed to keep being a wizard, he would be fine. Being a wizard was everything.

Nervous, Mister Dotchev? Just remember, everyone out there has been through this too, and some of them were nervous about it too. But how about I make this as quick as possible, so you can lose yourself in the crowd? You have a great desire not to make waves, and wish to get along with people and be kind. You could follow in your mother’s footsteps with those qualities, it’s true, but I sense there is more to you than that. An admiration of people who are logical, the belief that intelligence and learning are the most important things in the world, and an open mind are all values Rowena holds dear, and I see you have them in abundance. You’ll find friends and expand your mind in... RAVENCLAW!

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He had had a good train ride, in the end. It had started out awful. He ha been upset, crying and emotionally unstable that he had to leave his Mumma. But the train ride had been good, he had even made a friend. Cooper. They had shared some sweets and that had cheered him up. 

He was still not sure what was really going on right now though. There had been a weird unnecessary boat ride across this really big lake, in the dark. The boats were small and seemed dangerous, it was something his Mumma would definitely not have let him do. And yet he had been excited by it. So much so he had been lucky not to fall out of his tiny little boat. 


And now they were here, waiting in line to be called forward. Jacky couldn't stop fidgeting. As he stood in his unmarked Hogwarts robes, his hand was in his pocket, fidgeting with his wand. He was probably lucky he hadn't shot something at that frayed old hat and burned it to a crisp. 

But for now he just waited. The names were being called and all he could do was await his fate. 


"RODGERS, Jack" 


Nervously he made his way to the little stool and flinched as the hat was dropped on his head. It covered his eyes, which was probably best. Everyone was already looking at him. He closed his eyes anyway, hoping the hat didn't smudge his glasses. 


Hi Mister Hat. I don't really get this whole thing about houses. I don't know which are better than others, but if you could just put me somewhere where I can make friends please. 




Img credit to Rowan.

Hello yourself, Mister Rodgers! I can assure you no house is better than another, they are only better for you; the houses do not define you, they simply help you to grow, and friends can be found everywhere if you’re willing to look. Someone as kind as you, who wishes for the best for everyone and likes to make people happy would be an asset to any house, but there’s one founder whose voice is clearer than all others. She values people just like you, and I am certain you will make the friends you seek among your peers in her house. Mister Rodgers, you are destined to wear black and yellow in... HUFFLEPUFF!

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The train ride was fun, the boats even more fun then she got to the Castle proper and walked up the imposing staircase met by a mean looking adult, a Professor she thinks. Then as instructions were given she still thought the House names were funny sounding, but magical folk tend to have funny names if not Muggle-born and to many outside Wales her name is funny so who was to say.


Heulwen waited her turn being a G it might take a bit her adorable Turkish Angora cat on her shoulder purring not wanting to move and the adult who tried met cat claws, teeth and hissing with her all puffed up stopping when they stopped and she returned to protecting her human from any threat.


"Glinda be a good cat now, no one is trying to hurt me so be nice.," she petted her pet and it purred softly trying to relax more.


She watched each sorting and clapped along with the others then she was almost up her cat staring at the Sorting Hat and seeing a girl Sorted and walked off then it was her turn.


"Gittins, Heulwen"


Walking up she sat down the cat looking at the big hat and her human got more nervous. The cat then with a feat of skill launched herself at the hat before it landed on Heulwen and bite it, clawed it and dug in only Heulwen helping get her off and onto the floor with a pat on the butt got her to walk back figuring she did something bad her human didn't like.


"Okay Me. Sorting Hat hope I'm fun I'm kind of an oddball here so I'm interested where you place me just juggle in my head and try to make the best fit, and thank you for not being mean to Glinda my cat she was just protecting me hope your not damaged or hurt.," Heulwen said as the cat looked to be sure the mean looking hat didn't hurt her.

Well that was quite the ordeal, Miss Gittins, but I suppose I can forgive you. It takes more than a little kitty to harm me or I wouldn’t have made it this far. Now let me turn my attention to you, or else we’ll end up sorting your cat! You have a strong moral conscience, I see, and a resourceful streak too, but more than that you are fair and compassionate, and like to work hard. I know just the place for you, a house that will value your hard work and kindness. Off you go to... HUFFLEPUFF!

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It was that weird period of post-arrival that was awkward in it's uncertainty, but everyone was giddy for sorting anyway. Ella's parents had told her stories of this moment. A grand tale of intrigue and the biggest decision of a young witch's life. She didn't mind the tense, eclectic energy that radiated off her fellow year mates. She did mind the water that dripped of the back of one of their robes. Honestly, who couldn't stay in a boat? 


A hush fell over the hall at the arrival of The HatTM. She'd heard nearly every member of her family attempt an impression of glorified head wear, but none of them had been able to get the cantor or gravitas right. This had commanded attention in a way that some adults were unable to. 


Thus began the wait. Her parents told her it would take a while. Ten minutes maybe, but it only took four. She'd counted the seconds spent with each person before her, some took no time at all while other seemed to drag on for ages. Then it happened: 


"Hartmeyer, Elliot." 


Ella paused and took a moment to shake out the nerves in her hands and tried her best to take deep breaths the way her mum would have told her to. Students stare at her, their eyes follow her slow ascension to the chair. Typically being the center of attention was a light Ella would never shy away from. But right now, right here, their was something in their looks that instilled an anxiety in her she had not expected. 


The hat was placed gently on her head, the fabric softer than she thought it would be against the tips of her ears. Her parents had told their sorting story over dinner at her send off; her grandparents had as well. Each one made them tear up in laughter and fondness; lost in memories of their youth. Would she one day look back on this and laugh? Yeah, like, probably tomorrow or whatever.


Alright, hat. You and me, let's do this. 



You and me? That sounds like fun, Miss Hartmeyer. Maybe we could run away together and... wait, I’m getting distracted. You’re here to be sorted, and sort you I shall! Just let me take a little look in here... Your high regard for strong women is just admirable, and your unwavering determination to follow your own beliefs, and stand up for them when challenged, pushes one house to the forefront of my mind. Yes, Godric will be happy to welcome you into the noble house of... GRYFFINDOR!

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Joint with Veronica Dursley


The day had gone well enough. After a death defying ride to King’s Cross, an encounter with a girl who thought she was top dog, and the relaxation that came thereafter, yeah, the day had seemingly gone on well enough. That was until they got into the boats and Killian landed himself a detention. Oops. Maybe he shouldn’t have knocked that Professor into the water. To be fair, he was trying to knock Nyxie off her high horse with a small knockback jinx and the Professor just happened to get in his way. Oh well. It wasn’t like he hadn’t been in detention before, or grounded for a week and confined to his bedroom with his PlayStation to keep him company.


Now he had to endure Veronica’s disapproving glares. “Oh, come off it, Veronica. I know you wanted her to get soaked, too.”


Why had Killian decided that he wanted to make the young girl pay for her sins? Were they even sins when it was something that was taught to you as a method of defense? Maybe, but the best thing about it was the fact that Killian had gotten himself a detention before they had even made it into the castle. He was going to be trouble, but that might have been the best thing about the wizard. It definitely wasn’t because he was a magic person who did magic. Indeed, that was no one’s best part.


She sighed and looked at him, “Well, you enjoy that detention. I’ll just sit over here and do nothing. I don’t even understand why I’m being forced to get, how did they say it, sorted into a house. They said that there was something about a hat that goes on your head and reads your mind, right? Well, that’s just great. Magic can read minds. How can you deal with this?”


They docked just before Killian could open his mouth to reply. As they ascended the steps towards the castle that was perfectly aglow with torchlight and looking ever so majestic against the dark and twinkling backdrop of the night sky, the Dracel boy couldn’t help but smile at Veronica. “I’m sure detention will be a cake-walk,” he shrugged. “Maybe you should try to trip her or something so you can serve one with me.” Or, he could do it himself and let her take the fall. Either option was appealing. He tossed a wink over his shoulder at Everly. Maybe Cantrell would enjoy a little detention serving, too.


“I’m actually excited to be sorted into a house,” he mused. “I’m told there’s no place for me but Slytherin.” It was funny to think that Everly had been the one to explain the sorting hat to him, and even funnier to think about how he had initially reacted to the idea of a hat that could read his mind. Now, it was his turn to be amused.


“How are you not excited about all this? Magic. It’s amazing, isn’t it?”


Veronica sighed as she rolled her eyes at the idea  that he wanted her to serve a detention with him. She didn’t exactly want to serve a detention because really who would want to serve a detention in this dank, dreary, and downright depressing place. She had been told that it was in her best interest to have her come to Hogwarts and Pre-Hogwarts Primary, but that wasn’t the only thing she had been told in the case of the summer.


Many things came to mind, but the shocking thing that she learned when she arrived in Diagon Alley was that she was going to going to the school with a Potter for at least the next six years. She had a strong distaste for the side of her family that her great-grandmother had been an extension of and the charming views that her grandfather had spouted when she first walked in the door.


“Well, first, I didn’t ask to be magic, and secondly I have to spend the rest of my year with the possibility of being housemates with a Potter child? Can you imagine how horrible that is, Killian? Even if he is my cousin, I would rather be sent to live in the Sahara desert for the next twenty years with just a camel, you know? Oh, you know even worse: root for Man U.”


She laughed dryly at her sports reference.


“There’s something wrong with you if you never once asked for magic to be apart of your life,” Killian responded with a shake of his head. “Think about it, Veronica. Birthday wishes, and Christmas presents. How many times have you wished for miracles, hmm?” Wow. So deep.


Stop it. “Well, it’s your malfunction if you don’t accept yourself as you are. Just remember how many people in the world that would kill to be just like us,” he added as the double doors to the Great Hall opened up. Of course, her talking about her cousin and all that completely flew over his head. He’d only read about the Potters not but a month ago, but that story was so sickeningly heroic, he repressed all memory of it. “Just steer clear of your cousin, then, eh? And what the hell is… Man U?”


Entering the Great Hall, Killian looked up at the ceiling, the floating candles and starry sky completely captivating. This was much more magical than his Aunt Darcie had told him about. “How amazing is that?” he asked aloud to Veronica and Everly.


“Something wrong with me, Killian?”


She leaned back as the two of them were right next to one another in the line of first years lining up to be sat upon a stool like they were some kind of social experiment as the other students just stared at them. Letter after letter getting called, student after student going up to the stool and being given their allegiance for the next seven years.


Wait, did Killian just try to be philosophical? What happened to the boy who goaded the weird girl on the train to jinx them with whatever spells she knew.  Ah, there was the Killian that she knew and loved wasn’t annoyed by.  People would kill to be in this position? People would kill to be at Hogwarts? She supposed because wars had been started over less things and she shrugged.


She looked down around her neck at the necklace her grandfather had given her; her great-grandmother’s. It was something that she would cherise for the rest of her life as she never met her because she passed away about five years before she was born. Sighing, she was brought to the present when she heard him ask what the hell Man U was.


“Are you daft, Kil? You live in England and you haven’t heard of Manchester United? They’re literally like the biggest rival of Leeds United. Wait, where you are from? I don’t think I ever asked you that on the train, because well, I just never really cared to ask until now. And, I’m only asking now because you just seem lost.”


However, the ceiling of the Great Hall showing the starry sky outside did indeed bring her face into an expression of wonderment.


Forget soccer. It had no bearing on the whole issue at hand, and Killian merely shook his head and let it all roll off his shoulders. Of course he heard of Manchester United, but he’d never called it Man U. What was it with people who needlessly shortened things. It made them lazy. “I’m from London, and you’re the one who’s daft,” he muttered, realizing for the first time that there were so many eyes on the gaggle of first years now as they came to a stop at the front of the Head Table where there was a stool and a ratty old hat. Ew.


Killian glanced back at Everly, as if to say, ‘That’s the bloody hat I’m supposed to put on my head?


“Might be something wrong with anyone who doesn’t accept the magic within their being,” he muttered out of the corner of his mouth to Veronica who was enraptured by the ceiling as the sorting hat sang its song. Okay, that was actually rather cool, the way the folds of the hat created a face for them to identify with. Then, names and houses were being shouted out, loud and booming in the Great Hall.


Everly went before them, and Killian watched as he went off to his house table. “They say Slytherin is the best house,” he said to Veronica as his name was called out.


“Dracel, Killian.”


With a grin, Killian walked towards the stool and the Professor that held up the hat for him to place upon his head. Supposedly, the hat was going to read his mind, figure out things about him that not even he knew yet. Would the hat know he had been abandoned only two months ago? Would it know that his Aunt Darcie was his new guardian; the same Aunt Darcie who was supposedly kicked out of said house back in the day. Would it know that he grew up without magic and had found room for shame in his heart for his past life? Would it know his mother had tried to deny him all this? Magic; his legacy.


With confidence, he sat down on the stool, square-jawed and eager for judgement that would come swiftly. ‘I’m ready,’ he thought to himself, or was it to the hat? He was ready to embrace his destiny, claim his birthright, and make waves in this bloody castle.



image credit goes to Rowan Allard

I’m glad you’re ready, Mister Dracel, because so am I, and it would seem silly to waste time now, wouldn’t it? You’re a cunning and resourceful young man, I see, with a desire to prove your worth, and you always look out for number one. There’s no doubt in my mind where you belong, and Salazar himself agrees; take a seat in... SLYTHERIN!

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Joint w/ Killian Dracel


If she had cared maybe she would have said something infuriating when Killian told her there was something wrong with anyone who didn’t accept the magic within themselves. The whole wording and phrasing that was coming out of his mouth seemed like some new age mularkey. She just shook her head as he mentioned that perhaps that Slytherin was the best house in the world. Perhaps, he didn’t say world, but there was implication in the tone of his voice as he waited for his name to be called.


Shockingly, she didn’t really feel like paying attention to what exactly was going on as she waited for her turn; a turn that she didn’t really want to have. There was a couple of times during her wait that houses were shouted out and students were clapping and welcoming the newest addition to their house. Students separated from friends they had made because of one tiny difference in their personality. Students stuck in a house perhaps they never thought.


What would her grandpa have done if he had been a wizard? What would Dudley Dursley have done if he had been standing in this Great Hall in Scotland with Harry Potter? First thing she was sure of is that he wouldn’t have been sorted into Slytherin because of something she was told about Slytherin house; no muggleborns allowed. Ugh, there that word was in in her thoughts.




What even was a muggle? The idea behind it was supposedly slang for non-magical person, but it just didn’t gel with the idea of anything. British wizards were weird, but then again she thought all magical beings were weird. Up until her trip to Diagon Alley she had assumed that there were no such things as goblins, and she still probably did as the Ministry official hadn’t allowed her to come into Gringotts. For the first time she had thought perhaps that magic could still be a scam, but she had seen the oversized glove she wore to grab her wand shrink to fit her perfectly upon touch of the piece of wood. Mind hand wandered as she turned to see Killian coming back towards her adorn in the trim of his new house; instead of going over to his table.


“Why are you not going to your table? Afraid you’ll not see me again? Are you gonna drag me up there and force me to put that raggedy piece of cloth on my head?”


Raising an eyebrow as he approached Veronica and the thinning herd of first years, he came to a stop before her. “Er. No. You’re just blocking the fastest way to my table.” Which clearly meant that it was no longer the fastest way, but it was oh so entertaining to proverbially prod her, and vex her. This aversion to magic she had was concerning. It was one thing to never know it existed like a muggle, but even muggles tended to believe in the power of the extraordinary.


Why was it so terrible that magic remained hidden from the other half of the world?


“All this talk of not asking to be magic, well, I sense flight in you.” HAH! See? He was much better than the sorting hat. He could sort this girl for that raggedy piece of cloth. And then, Dursley’s name was called. “She’s right here,” he called out, shoving her forward, and moved on to his house table with a smirk.


“Dursley, Veronica!”


She looked around like she was looking for the person they had just called for because of course she didn’t want to go up there. “I don’t know who they’re calling, do you?” She shrugged as she then realized that Killian was pushing her forward towards the front of the line and towards the stool and the stage where the Professor was still looking for the Dursley child. She shook her head trying to the Professor indicating that she wasn’t Veronica Dursley.


That plan was ruined by Killian loudly screaming that she was right there. Sadly and slowly she meandered towards the stool and turned to face the entire student body and the gaggle of first years who were still looking to get sorted. She wanted to get up and run, but she noticed Killian standing there looking like he about to pull his wand out to stop her from running. Great, Killian had figured out the plan she had formulated in her head.


Then what she thought was a dirty, filthy, and probably needed to be resewn and restitched, piece of cloth placed on top of her head. Her arms crossed as she stared down at Killian Dracel and swore under her breath at him and essentially told him that he would rue the day that he forced her to put on this stupid hat, sit on this stupid stool, and be told all about herself by a mind-reading psychic article of clothing.


Look, she began through thought, I don’t know if you know this, but if you can indeed read my mind. You know all about me, and you know that there has got to be some mistake about me even getting my letter. Just because I’m related to the Potters and was told that I’m magic doesn’t mean that I accept that fact. In fact, you know what I believe it is? I believe that’s an alternative fact. So, I can go home now, yeah?


That was when she suddenly heard the voice of the hat loud and clear talking to her.




*image credit goes to Rowan Allard

You may believe what you like, Miss Dursley, but that does not mean your belief is correct. There is a vast difference between fact and opinion, something which I hope Hogwarts may teach you. Now that we have that cleared up, shall we find you a house? You’re a very strong-willed young lady, who sticks to her own morality like glue, and wishes everyone felt the same. You’re unwilling to take anything lying down and one founder is clamouring for you, Miss Dursley; an interesting one indeed. Make your own name, regardless of your family ties, in... GRYFFINDOR!

Edited by Veronica Dursley
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Caprica’s boat ride was rather nice and she made sure to snap mirror her entire story along the way. She was ushered into the great hall with all the other first years and her name was called since she was at the front of the alphabet. You gotta love that D. As soon as her name was called, Caprica went up to take a seat on the stool. Oh my god can I like, please take a selfie with you? 

A selfie, Miss Delacroix? I’m afraid I’m a very busy hat, with no time for such frivolities. For instance, right now I am looking inside your own head to find the best house for you, and surely that is more important than a selfie? I see you value hard work, and strive for acceptance and fairness for all, and there’s even flashes of humility in here. You may not be the most conventional badger, which I have a feeling may please you, but I am certain your destiny lies in the house of yellow and black. You may even find someone to take a selfie with you as you take a seat in... HUFFLEPUFF!

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Terrence stared at the ceiling of the shared bedroom. It was filled with star stickers that would suck up the light during the day and then glow during the night. In just about ten hours he will be granted access to Hogwarts Express and start a new life as a wizard. Everything sounded so ridiculous in his head that for a split second he doubted that it was even real. Then, he turned his head and checked the blue light in the shape of flames that was floating on the right side of his bed. That light provided with the right amount of temperature needed in order to sleep well. It was magical. Right there, there was no point in NOT believing in magic. 

Terrence had arranged with the orphanage's headmistress to leave earlier, without waking anyone, without saying goodbye to anyone. It was easier that way. He might see the kids again when school was over, during summer. Or he might not. He wasn't old enough to make his own decisions, but at the same time he wanted to leave the orphanage life behind him. After all...Hogwarts had plenty of room.  They could allow him to spend the next full seven years there, all year round right? 

The ministry official that had introduced him to this parallel life, to this magical world where he belonged, was waiting outside the orphanage at 6 o'clock in the morning. Terrence greeted him, his trunk already filled with the little he owned. The man flicked his wand. "You will find it easier to carry it now." And he was right. The trunk felt lighter. An hour later they were both standing on a platform between the numbers 9 and 10. "Here is your ticket. Hold it. Now comes the tricky part...I need you to run as fast as you can towards that wall over there." Terrence checked all around. Nobody seemed to pay any attention to the duo that was undoubtedly going to be acquainted with a brick wall. The blond sighed and did as he was told. The wall however, seemed to like him, them. A few seconds afterwards, Terrence realized that it was yet again...magic. He had to stop doubting anything he couldn't explain. 

"This is Hogwarts Express. This train is your ride to Hogwarts. Stick by your ticket. Here is my card. Send me an owl if you ever need my help lad. I am afraid I need to leave. Have a great start at Hogwarts Terrence." With these simple phrases, the ministry official disappeared with a swish of his wand. He was all alone on the platform. A trunk and a little boy and a huge red train. He spent half an hour exploring the train, finding where to place his trunk (not before he pulled out one of the books in there), in which compartment to sit (which was the last one for no special reason). 

Three hours later people started appearing. The voices grew louder and louder, parents hugging their children, the train engine starting to roar. A few hours later....Terrence found himself following the group of first years towards some boats. Each boat had four people in it. One of them charged with holding a lantern. It was already pitch dark when they started their journey towards Hogwarts. The lake water had to be cold. The moon was reflecting upon the water's surface, the stars offering their light to this rather enchanting night. From far away, everyone could see the lights of the castle calling to them like newborn sirens. The boats were moving on their own, something that picked Terry's curiosity who kept on staring at the water. Even though it was night, with only the light of the sky and that of the lantern's, he would swear that he saw something moving.... Something following them. And he bet it was HUGE. 

The ground's keeper led them through stony walls and long corridors to some marble stairs. You could cricks and cracks on the surface, result of being used much, but he guess that they could easily be fixed with a spell or two. All around him people chatted about their favorite subject, even though none of them had a hands-on experience yet. The 'which house I think it's the best' was another intriguing topic of discussion. Some bragged about their whole family belonging to only one house, others made fun of another. It wasn't until half an hour later that someone came to...well fetch them. 


They all followed this unknown authority figure down yet another corridor until prompted to stop right outside two massive wooden doors with awe inspiring carvings. Terry wondered if these were done by hand or by magic. He concluded that it didn't matter. Whoever carved them, had extraordinary skills. The little wooden tower chess piece in his trunk would have agreed with him. 


When the wooden doors opened, a large space was revealed. The loud voices stopped. The candles that floated above their heads seemed to have stopped in time. All around them, only whispers. Only one voice had the nerve to interrupt this rather unique moment. The voice of the person who brought them there. "When I call your name, you will come forth and sit on this stool. The sorting hat will then be placed upon your head and your house will be announced." Simple as that. Yet why all of the sudden he dreaded hearing his name?

Terrence counted with his finger the alphabet. A,B,C,D,E,F,G! Seven! 

Seven was his lucky number, or the very least a number he liked. Not even once had he made the connection between the number and the first letter of his surname. The first name was called, interrupting his thought process. The hat sort of roared the chosen house and then applauds. Then another name, another house more applauds. It went on like that, adding to the pressure he felt. Terry kept fixing his tie. The knot right under his Adam's apple was annoying him. He loosened it up a bit. And right when he said he was able to get a breather....

Grandchester Terrence


He moved towards the stool where the hat waited him.This was so so so surreal. He secretly wished to be able to hold in his head the wooden Tower chess figure. The tower was his favorite chess piece. No idea why. Terrence allowed his brain to bring forth the image of the wooden piece. Then it changed to that of fairy tale towers. Then to the towers Hogwarts has. Then back to the wooden chess piece that seemed to be talking to him....

I see you have towers on your mind, Mister Grandchester. I am quite partial to a nice game of chess myself, but that is quite beside the point - let me just squeeze past all these towers and we’ll get right to the good stuff. Ah, now, I see a desire to learn and improve, and some creativity as well, noble qualities that Rowena values highly. But there’s more here, and another of our founders is seeking your presence. You live your life by your own moral compass, and dislike those who cannot follow their own. While you are always striving to better yourself, you are a feeler, not a thinker. A tower is indeed your destiny, and it belongs to those in red and gold. Make yourself at home in... GRYFFINDOR!

Edited by Terrence Grandchester

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Standing in front of the giant wooden door that led to the Great Hall felt like sitting on the back of a hippogriff, awaiting take-off. Hand perspiring, heart fluttering like the wings of a hummingbird, throat constricting, Aria, for the first time that day, felt nervous. She was nervous about the house she’ll be sorted in. She was nervous about sitting in front of a huge crowd in silence, awaiting the hat’s verdict. She was so nervous, in fact, that she doubted her stomach would be calm enough to hold food.


When the doors to the great hall opened, hinges creaking with age, Aria’s already palpitating heart palpitated even more. As a professor lead the first years into the hall, Aria, to mask her nervousness, said to another first year “I’m so excited to get sorted!” then gulped down the giant lump in her throat.


Aria stood patiently as she watched the professor call out names, one by one. When the professor called her name, her heart nearly leapt out of her chest. Someone behind her gave her an encouraging push. She stumbled forward like a newborn calf.


But she approached the hat with chin raised, taking long, confident strides. No one needed to know what she was feeling inside. It was all about appearances.


She sat on the wooden stool, smoothed over her skirt, and rested her hands, one on top of the other, on her lap with the grace and composure of a princess. When the professor placed the hat on her head, she felt like a young Victoria during her coronation, crowd breathlessly watching her every move.


She waited for the hat to speak to her.

My, aren’t you a regal little girl, Miss Ashcroft? Yes, I can hear your thoughts, my dear, and it’s clear to me you put a lot of stock in appearances. You care a lot about your reputation, and spend a long time making sure you appear just how you want others to see you. Oh, and such an ambitions you have! Yes, I think your independence and determination to fulfil your ambitions will suit you just fine in... SLYTHERIN!

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This was happening!  River had made it to Hogwarts, and he was now an official student.  His days of PHP were now behind him and he was now ready to be a Wizard.  Of course however being a Wizard came with great Wizard responsibilities, or at least his uncle Ben told him.  Of course uncle Ben was a fictional character but the same rules applied to him.


Taking his first step off the Hogwarts Express, River quickly became lost in a sea new, and returning students, which in fact became quickly overwhelming as he had only been used to the amount of students in his previous school, and Pre-Hogwarts Primary.  Finding himself with a group of first years, the boy beamed as he now made more new friends!  It wasn't long however until he, and the others were ushered to a dock, and were told sit in organized dingys.


Crossing the Lake in the dead of night, River, for fun thought it would be a great idea to stick his hand into the water.  As it was short lived by his dingy-mate mentioning mermaids.  "Whoa!"  The boy spoke adding his other hand and cupping the water out of the way as if he would get to the bottom of the lake see them.


As the fog cleared, River began to see dancing lights on the water's surface where he was digging, "Awesome!"  River cooed as their boat ride was now over.


Walking into the castle with his year mates, River came to a stop as he bumped into the person in front of him.  Quickly wrapping his arms around the other making it seem like this was his plan all along, he watched and listened very poorly to a speech that was given.  He wanted to ask whoever was speaking to say what they had said again, but before he could, doors were opening, and the crowd began to move.


Walking down the main isle of the great hall, River became excited and began to run, holding his hand up as he passed the other student in hopes they would return his hi-fives.


Sitting at the nearest table, and  quickly having conversations with his soon-to-be-friend he was pulled away as his name was called and his turn to be sorted.


Wolfe, River.


Beaming to where he was supposed to sit, he quickly gave his hellos before speaking to the hat directly.  "HI hat!"  The boy continued to smile.  "Some of the other students say you live in a closet, is this true?"  He questioned, "Because you could totally come live my closet!   We'll be best friends and everything!"

I would love to be your friend, Mister Wolfe, but I'm not in the market for a roommate right now. I will let you know if things change, but for now let's focus on finding out which house's dormitories that closet will be in. There are two directions I could see you moving in. Your kindness, loyalty and loving nature would serve you very well down in the basement, but my, I think that imagination needs a tower in which to soar. You have a creative, expansive mind and a natural flair for the dramatic. Feed your imagination and let it fly with the eagles in... RAVENCLAW!

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Lorelei gasped as she entered the Great Hall, her eyes wide as she took in the crowd of older students who were already seated at their House tables. She then realized that there were candles floating in the air around the Hall, giving off a gentle light and making the room even more festive. Above her, the ceiling resembled the night outside, complete with twinkling stars and a full moon. She turned to a girl who was walking next to her.


"Isn't this place brilliant?" she whispered excitedly. "My mum and dad told me what would happen tonight, but I never counted on it being in a room so beautiful!" She looked at the staff table and noticed that there was a stool placed in front of it, an old hat placed on top of it. "And there's the hat! I wonder where it's going to place me?"


Lorelei made her way up to the front of the line and stopped, gazing at the Sorting hat. It wouldn',t be long now. After all of the years of listening to stories about Hogwarts that her parents told her over and over again, after all the waiting, she was finally here, ready to make her own memories. The first major memory to be made was about to happen...that of finding out which house she would belong to for the next seven years.  Lorelei  tapped her foot impatiently as she waited for her name to be called. After a few moments, she heard:


"Chase, Lorelei!"


Lorelei was hard put not to run up to the stool, but she managed to keep herself from doing so. She sat down and took a deep breath as the hat was placed on her head, and after a couple minutes it called out:

Don't worry, Miss Chase, this won't take very long, and when we're through you will have a memory to cherish forever. I can see you have a very firm set of beliefs that you live your life by. While some might see this as something fitting of a Gryffindor, something tells me your beliefs lean more towards the traditionalist mentality of someone like Salazar, because these beliefs you have are based more on honouring traditions than a grand moral scheme. You also are determined, setting goals for yourself and making sure you do what you can to achieve them... yes, in the end, I think you'll do quite extraordinarily in... SLYTHERIN!

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He wasn't even nervous. Nothing about being in the Great Hall with his best friend had him worried or afraid. He was confident in what was going to happen. His mum had told him so many times about her own sorting he knew the story practically by heart. You waited until the hat called your name, you had a chance to talk to the hat, and then you were sorted. 


The worst part was the waiting. He had an S last name so he was close to the end of the list. He just wanted time to hurry up. He was more than ready to get this over with so he could go to the house he'd always known he belonged in. He belonged in Slytherin. He knew it. He had all the qualities to be a good Slytherin just like his mum was. His mum told him to make sure to ask the hat for the house he wanted because the hat took what he wanted into consideration. 


He watched Aly being sorted. He hoped that they ended up in the same house. That would be the best thing. He watched as she went over to join her new housemates. While it stunk to see her go, he knew it meant that his sorting was much closer. 


It wasn't too many more people and his name was called. He was confident walking up to the stool to have the sorting hat placed on his head. It was rather uncomfortable for him to have all eyes on him, staring, waiting along with him to hear what the hat's verdict on his house would be. He didn't like to be the center of attention ever. 


He sat down on the stool and had the hat placed on his head. He reminded himself that it would all be over soon. Despite he the fact he was uncomfortable, he forced himself to concentrate on what he really wanted. 


Slytherin. It's the only place I belong. He thought sounding completely self-assured. Now he waited to hear what the hat thought. He knew it wouldn't disagree with him. There was no way it would. 

Yes, Mister Sharp, I realise that your mother was a Slytherin; I was the one to sort her, after all, but that does not mean Slytherin is the place for you. No, in fact, I think I've already decided on a much better place for you and your kind heart. You're compassionate, hard-working, and loyal, and above all, you value fairness. In short, I can see you nowhere else except... HUFFLEPUFF!

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It had been a chaotic morning for Anna-Marie and her parents. They were all rushing around to make sure that Anna-Marie had everything she needed for her first year at Hogwarts. When her parents saw Anna-Marie off at Platform 9 3/4, there were tears and hugs and lots of kisses before her parents let Anna-Marie board the train. She got into an empty compartment and had a quiet ride to the castle.


But staring up at the great big wooden doors made Anna-Marie smile with anticipation. She couldn't wait to be sorted into a house. And when the doors finally opened, showing the crowded Great Hall, Anna-Marie started to bounce up and down. She followed the rest of the first years as they walked through the middle of the Great Hall to the old hat sitting in front of a long table.


After the Sorting Hat had sung a song, the Professor began calling out names.


Carter, Anna-Marie


Anna-Marie breathed in and out, trying to calm her sudden nervousness as she walked up to the Sorting Hat. When she sat on the stool, and it was placed on her head, she felt herself calm a bit.


Alright, Sorting Hat, let's do this.

And do it, we shall! No need to worry, Miss Carter, this will be but the work of moments and already I can see the seeds of a potential badger in you. You're quite the fair minded lady, aren't you? Helga would be quite keen on that, but let's take a deeper look in here, because I believe there is more to your mind. Indeed, much more! A girl of your wit and cleverness, with the emphasis you place on knowledge above all else, there is no doubt about it, a second of our four founders would fight to make you one of hers. Yes, you'll do well with that intelligence amongst those who can match you, and you'll find them in no other place than... RAVENCLAW!

Edited by Anna-Marie Carter

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The Great Hall was a misnomer. Yes, it was large, but Edie could think of a thousand adjectives more apt to describe the place: incredible, breath-taking, astounding… It was unlike any room she'd ever seen. She felt out of place, as if there were hundreds of pairs of eyes on her, judging her too-big robes and two long braids down the back of her head. "Babyish," she cursed to herself, forgetting just how proud she'd been of the hairstyle that morning.


She tugged at the plaits as the new first years were made to listen to instructions. Her hair fanned out over her shoulder, wavy from the style and acting as a handy place to hide while Edie waited nervously for her name to be called. She wasn't quite sure what went on under that hat, only that she was sure to be deafened when the thing announced her house. She would have to remember to cover her ears.


Did it really matter which house she was in? Wasn't this just arbitrary, like the teams they were assigned to on Sports Day at Primary School? She looked across the hall and couldn't see any great visual difference between the tables of pupils, but she did notice that they were all incredibly excited when a first years was 'sorted' as one of their own.


Before long her name was called. Edie was careful walking up to the stool, fully aware of just how mortifying it would be to tumble in front of her new schoolmates before she'd had much of a chance to impress them. She chewed on her bottom lip and closed her eyes beneath the brim. "Please be quick… I really need the loo," she suddenly realised and began to squirm slightly on the wooden stool.

Be quick, my dear? All right, I will do my best. You’re kind, compassionate, and honest, and despite the fact that you have a clear logical streak which would serve you very well in Ravenclaw… oh, right! Quick! My apologies, it’s clear to me that the place for you is... HUFFLEPUFF!

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If Estella hadn't marveled enough at the captivating and majestic scenery of the castle while on the boat up the Great Lake, she definitely was now. Her lips parted with awe as she admired every corner of the prestigious school, with all of its labyrinthine corridors and marvelous decor. Everything she'd ever heard did no justice to its beauty and grandeur. She instantly knew this is where she belonged.


Students riled up with anticipation and excitement at the beginning of the school year at the House tables, under the enchanted ceiling and mystically floating candles of the Great Hall in preparation for the Sorting Ceremony. Estella didn't suspect that this process would be entertaining - in fact, she was silently praising Merlin that her last name fell in the beginning alphabetically. The swarm of first years she was surrounded by began the march down the narrow space towards the stool and Sorting Hat, which she had to a brow at. It did look rustier than she imagined.


As the names ran down the list, she couldn't help but stand and wonder where she'd be. There were so many options (although she didn't consider Hufflepuff one - there was no way she'd be there), it left her to think what colors her robes and uniform would bear, and what House she would represent with the largest pride. The other students shuffled and rocked on their heels, and she attempted her best to keep personal space with a collected attitude until it was her time.


Clarke, Estella.


There it was. Her name. She made her way past the students, remembering everything she was ever taught. She kept her chin high, despite the grin breaking through her expression. It was finally Estella's time to figure out where she would belong... where she was made to belong, and what she was destined for - and that was all that ran through her head as the Sorting Hat was placed on her head. "I've heard that your wisdom has never let anyone be Sorted into the wrong House," she thought to herself, fluttering her eyes closed as she awaited for the Hat to begin the search of her mind. "In the end the decision is yours - but I want you to put me somewhere where I can be brilliant."



image credit to Rowan Allard <3

My my, how flattering it is that my reputation precedes me. You’re absolutely right, Miss Clarke, I have never sorted someone into the wrong house, and I promise you I don’t plan on starting with you. You want somewhere that allows you to be brilliant, and your drive to succeed is clear to me. You’re ambitious and shrewd, and someone who cares about your reputation, and there is one founder who is very interested. No, I cannot see reason to deny his request. You are certain to be brilliant in... SLYTHERIN!

Edited by Estella Clarke

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The more she saw, the more it set in that all of this was real. How she'd managed to not fully realize that visiting Diagon Alley for the first time and getting her wand, well, she didn't know. It simply hadn't sunk in that magic was real, that she'd actually be spending the school year away from her mum. She'd cried for ages before boarding the train and it seemed like everything past that was a blur -- utter chaos more like, but the young girl was use to that. What she wasn't used to was standing in a room like no other she'd ever been in, surrounded by kids her ages, feeling like she might jump out of her shoes at any second.


They were calling names and all too soon she heard hers. "Cahill, Astrid!" With shaky legs she made her way up to the stool, feeling her stomach twist they placed the hat on her head. Astrid's palms felt sweaty and gross as she squeezed her eyes closed, hoping that the hat really knew where people belonged and she wouldn't be an exception.



image credit to the lovely Rowan Allard <3

There’s no need to be nervous, Miss Cahill. I can assure you I am always right, and you won’t be an exception. You are a tricky one, though, I must admit. I see you have an active imagination, and a curiosity about the world around you, and those are all things that Rowena values. But then there’s more... You treasure friendship, compassion guides your hand, and you find a way to be happy about whatever you are dealt. Rowena may want you, but I know a better place for you, one where your kind and gentle nature will be a help and not a hindrance. Miss Cahill, take yourself off to... HUFFLEPUFF!

Edited by Astrid Cahill

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At the first rock of the boat when Killian stepped in, Everly’s stomach churned in a way he hadn’t experience in a long, long while. That last time he suddenly felt queasy and green in the face? Oh, right, on a boat crossing the English Channel. He recalled the first rounds of retching but once dehydration had taken over, he either lost the ability to create memories via trauma, or had rendered himself unconscious.


The waves were minuscule compared to The Channel but each splash upon the side of the boat had him squirming towards the middle of their self-propelling wooden rafts. He’d almost been elbowed by Kill when he’d attempted to knockback jinx Mxy and in turn earned a detention. “Not sure Madam Darcie will be pleased or displeased with you,” he mumbled before tucking chin to chest for the rest of the journey.


As Kill stuck himself to the Dursley girl, Everly fell in step not far behind, occasionally verbally disgruntled with the jostling but eventually the sight of the Great Hall’s ceiling eased his frustration. This was no Beauxbatons, no lessons in luxurious French, but at least he finally had some freedom from Caleb and private tutors at a wizarding school. He managed a small smile at Kill over his excitement of the ceiling, too.


There was little time to be concerned over the sorting hat. Caleb had reminded him the hat went alphabetically by surname and admitted his nerves had been so terrible the hat had to soothe him to keep him from tinkling. Everly had laughed in Caleb’s face for days and sprinkled in various gestures of needing to urinate.


Cantrell, Everly!


“Finally,” he grumbled, as if he had waited all that long, and proudly climbed the steps and took a seat upon the stool. It’s Slytherin, or nothing, he thought as soon as the hat slid onto his head.



Credit to Rowan Allard ♥

Slyt- oh, I guess that even though you know it already, you’ll want to hear a little more from me. Manipulative, with more than a little dash of self-preservation, all topped off by a dash of ambition, you and I both know where you belong. If it’s this or nothing, you better get yourself over to... SLYTHERIN!

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Stepping through the great wooden doors, Thalia couldn’t help but let her jaw succumb to the forces of gravity.  The floating candles, the alignment of tables and chairs, every detail was perfect.  And although this was nothing less than what she had expected, Thalia couldn’t help but find herself feeling being in awe.  She had to give credit where credit was due, after all.


Despite the excitement that this day had held, Thalia felt tired.  It had been a long day, surrounded by lots of people whom, despite being very nice, were exhausting to be around.  She was exhausted, and a part of her couldn’t help but wonder at when she would be allowed some peace as she withdrew into voluntary isolation.


But then the butterflies started flitting in Thalia’s stomach as she realised two things- it would be a while before she got her peace, and the process of sorting was everything she’d previously heard about.  There would be a crowd staring at her as she walked the full way up to the stool, and awaited her decision.  They would know who she was, and probably judge her.  This in itself was nerve-wracking, and Thalia found herself weighing out her options - whether she ought to stick through the sorting, or run away now…the latter would mean her reputation would be tarnished as the one that ran away, the former… seemed less damaging, as long as she didn’t do anything wrong.


”Thorne, Thalia.


Thalia took a small moment to brush down her robes, ensuring that they were in their pristine, acceptable standard, before walking straight-backed toward the stool.  Once there, the young girl smiled politely, chiming out a “thank you” to the Professor holding the hat, before folding her hands in her lap and awaiting the decision.


”Am I meant to do anything?  No- that would be stupid, I should just let the hat do it’s job- but how would- sorry, am I being distracting?”

That’s not a stupid question, Miss Thorne. In fact, more people ask whether they should do anything than any other question I hear! The answer, though, is no. All you have to do is let me sift through your mind for a moment… and no, you’re not distracting me. Okay, maybe you are a little, so let’s focus. You have a loyal, hardworking streak that Helga would adore, which tempts me toward putting you in Hufflepuff, but that’s not all there is to you, is there? No, you’re also logic, and your mind is rational, and you think things through thoroughly before making a decision. I think you’ll do quite well in... RAVENCLAW!

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This definitely didn't seem as exciting as Tenny's mum and aunt had made it out to be. The train ride was boring, she'd got splashed on the boat ride and now she and the rest of her yearmates were being herded like cattle into the great hall so they could be sat upon some stool and assigned a house for the next seven years. If it wasn't for her best friend, Aly wasn't sure she'd have survived it. Her mum, who definitely knew her better than any of Tenny's relatives, had told her to just go through the motions like everyone else and it would all be over before she knew it. Basically that was code for 'don't punch anyone'. Aly made no promises.


Tennyson stood beside her and clearly didn't find it all that exciting either. Everyone called them 'grumpy' and she had to admit, it was probably an accurate description. She was eleven, not three. She wasn't exactly easily excited. 


With a last name like O'Rourke, she had a while to wait before they reached her and Aly impatiently shifted her weight back and forth from one foot to the other. "Could they be any slower?" she muttered to Tenny. He had it even worse, he had to wait for them to reach the S names. 


Finally they called her name and her breath caught involuntarily. She was nervous, but she wasn't about to admit it to anyone. Unlike her best friend, Aly wanted nothing to do with Slytherin house. Both of her parents had been Slytherins and they were horrible people. Her adopted mum was a Hufflepuff though, and Aly really wished she could be sorted into that house. Unfortunately, she knew herself a bit too well and was fairly certain that was the only house she definitely was not destined for. 


She hurried up and took her seat on the stool in front of her classmates. She didn't particularly care for sitting in front of the entire school like that but by all accounts it would be over momentarily. 


Hi, she started, still not really sure what you were supposed to say to a hat, if we could just get this taken care of, that would be great. Thanks bunches. There, that ought to do it.



                                                                                                     image by Rowan Allard <3



It would be my pleasure, Miss O'Rourke! And I assure you, this won't take long. You'll be off this stool before you know it. Ah, the guarded sort, are you? You trust only in yourself, even if it would bring you pain. Coupled with that exceptional temper of yours, I can see how it would be difficult for you to form bonds with your peers. But don't give up, young lady! I can assure you that somewhere in this hall you will meet those who will earn your trust, if you give them the chance. You might even find you have more in common with others than you realise, especially once you settle in to your new house. They're quite the self-preserving lot! Come now, your future awaits you in... SLYTHERIN!

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If someone had told Ryan Alterton that her journey to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy would include her first kiss (thrust upon her against her will), finding a lost cat, getting her House predicted for her by a Seer-in-Training, and then falling into the lake because Daya Valdez had purposefully tipped it over, well…it was kind of crazy to think about. Definitely one of those stories that was too crazy to be made up.


Her sodden robes clung to her tall frame, shivers wracking her body. As soon as they’d made it to land, Ryan had scrambled out of the righted boat, away from Casper and Daya who were, no doubt, still arguing and fighting. Their fighting had led to their boat tipping over, midway across the lake. The normally docile brunette cast an offended look back at Daya, then ignored her as she stood in the Entrance Hall.


The castle was massive. Ghosts here and there passed through walls, talking to one another and to some of the students waiting for their instructions. Ryan herself craned her neck to try and find Eliza, but couldn’t see her blonde head in the mass of students. Sighing, she wrung out the bottom of her robes again, trying not to think about how different she’d thought this moment would be than what had actually transpired.


The Great Hall doors opened up and the students were instructed to follow into the room. Four long tables were set up in the room, students already seated, all looking at her and the rest of the unsorts. Ry couldn’t help herself from feeling excitement, even as she fought not to succumb to the case of pneumonia most likely heading her way. The ceiling in the Great Hall reflected twinkling stars and an inky blackness. She smiled and kept following the line to the front of the room. She waited with the rest of her class as they were told they were to put the Sorting Hat on their heads. This was how they would be Sorted into their Houses.


Ry didn’t have to wait long before she heard—


“Alterton, Ryan!”


Trembling from both hypothermia and nerves, the tall girl walked forward, took a seat upon the stool, and slipped the hat onto her head. It fell down past her ears and she thought, 'I hope no one is upset with me for getting the stool all wet.'




 Credit to Rowan Allard

Good evening Miss Alterton! I have several more little brains to pick through tonight so let’s get you sorted fast, yes? Ah! This seems simple enough. In both mind and soul, you are filled with a sort of kindness that is rarely seen among your fellow wizards and witches. No matter who you are up against, you aspire to do the right thing and the value you place on hard work is second to none. Honesty, patience and perseverance are the values Helga Hufflepuff held dear to her heart and I can see that you are just the same. Surely you know where you’re heading to now? Go on – join your fellow housemates in the house that accepts all... HUFFLEPUFF!

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Like any reasonable person, Casper had read through Hogwarts: A History before he even dared stepped foot into the castle. Tucked away in his trunk, his copy rested --- old, battered, and covered in handwritten notes. His writings had been stories he'd heard from others: tales of amazement at first viewings of the castle from rocking boats, tales of nervousness when you're called for sorting, tales of the sense of belonging one felt as they joined their new house. 

Belonging. It had been a word that popped up frequently. Hogwarts brought a sense of welcoming to each who walked through its doors, at least that's what his grandfather always said. As Casper followed the groundskeeper through the front door and his feet connected with the Hogwarts' stone floors, he felt a hint of it. The belonging. This would be his home away from home for the next seven years of his life. The realization was surprisingly frightening.

But text was nothing compared to the real thing. He couldn't hide the moment when his eyes widened a fraction in awe. The ceiling; it was amazing. He already had so many queries: how was it done? How could he learn how to do it? When would he learn how? The more questions that crossed his mind, the deeper his hands buried in his robes to cover the nervous motions of his fingers.

They entered the great hall and all eyes were on them; on the wide-eyed, baffled first years who had just entered this world. Some older years held excited gazes, others looked bored, but the weight of each gaze was the same. 

Thankfully, Casper was accustomed to being paraded around --- his grandmother was notorious for doing such at family parties --- so he held his head high and carried on, pulling his hands from his robes. It was almost as if his nerves disappeared in the effort to maintain his facade. (They had, in fact, remained. Only now they were a dull ache in the back of his mind).

"Abernathy, Casper." ------ a name that was called so quickly that he was certain he had heard wrong. But no, that was him. He walked to the front and the hat was placed upon his head.

He didn't know what to say (or was it think?) to the hat. Was there even anything to say? It could read his thoughts. It knew him... probably better than he knew himself.




No need to say -- or think -- a word, Mister Abernathy. You're a complicated one, so perhaps it's best you give me some quiet in which to think. I feel I could send you just about anywhere -- ambitious, determined and calculating, you'd excel among the snakes. However, that same tenacity doubles as a badger trait, and in Helga's house you'd find a fine stage for your industry, practicality and desire for a level playing field. But in the end, what I see at your core is an honourable young man who cares about justice and equity in the world, who would never violate his own morality to achieve a goal and who ties his belief in hard work neatly into a quiet faith in noble ideals. Yes, it has to be... GRYFFINDOR!

Edited by Casper Abernathy

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Lapis shook in line , mainly out of excitement , but partly fear. She had only the slightest idea of what there was to sort her. Her sisters, Lapis could recall, said something about wearing a hat. But the hat was a brown color, with patches on it. She shrugged. 'Man, I need sugar!' Lapis thought. "No." She muttered. 'It'll calm your nerves!' Said that annoying voice in her head. "Fine." She whispered. She looked in her candy bag , and pulled out some Fizzing Whizzbees. She began to frantically eat them. Just as she was finished but had a big mouthful , they called out her name.


" Rocks , Lapis."


"That's me!" She said , but the words were garbled by the candy. In fact , it sounded like "Thffts be!" She ran up and swallowed. 'Mmmmm that was good.' She thought as she rammed on the hat.

'Hey there, hat. If you can , put me in Ravenclaw. I mean , please just , whatever you do , don't put me with my sister's.' Lapis hoped the hat heard her pray.

Not with your sisters, my dear? That’s an odd request, usually I hear requests to be kept with family… but, as you wish. You have an analytical mind, Miss Rocks, one which is rational and clever and appreciates quick wit. There is no question you belong in... RAVENCLAW!

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Marisha was more than relieved when the boats carrying the first years finally reached the shore near the castle. The ride across the lake had been incredibly awkward for the young girl, and she was desperate to escape to the comfort of the castle and the ceremony that would allow her to find where she'd be staying during her time at the school. She was wet, tired, and sore from the entire trip. Not exactly the auspicious start that she'd envisioned the night before. But she would deal with that later, after she'd gotten dry and some food in her belly.


Seeing a few familiar faces emerging from the other boats, Marisha hurried ahead to catch up with them, relieved to move on to people that actually managed to get along with each other. She joined in their conversation happily as they made their way up to the castle, feeling the knots in her stomach gradually ease. 


The room they called the Great Hall seemed exactly that: great. Walking down the center of it, feeling the eyes of the older students on her and her classmates, Marisha found that it was suddenly difficult to swallow. Sticking her hands into the pockets of her hoodie, she kept her eyes straight ahead, not even bothering to look at her brother Phineas over at the Gryffindor table. 


The mystery of the sorting ceremony had long since been revealed to her, thanks to two sisters and Phin, so Marisha could only stand there in mild interest as one-by-one they were sorted. Just as her legs were starting to protest having to support her standing for this long, she heard it.


"Hawke, Marisha."


Swallowing thickly, she pushed back her hood as she stepped forward. Sitting on the stool, she soon found her vision obscured by the wide brimmed hat. "Umm...hello Mr. Hat. How are you doing?"



by Rowan Allard <3

I'm doing well, Miss Hawke! A little worn out, as I'm no longer the young hat I used to be, but I haven't missed a Sorting yet, and I don't quite plan on stopping now, even if your mind is a bit of a tricky conundrum! You could flourish in several houses, perhaps even all of them. Quite a bright mind, but that isn't what drives you, is it? No, no, I can see your sense of loyalty and diligence are stronger, and those would serve you well among Helga's brood, but there's more still. You have great ambition and an appreciation for those who manage to rise to the top and make something of themselves in life. Yes, I can see it now, the house where you belong is one as deeply entrenched in the wizarding world as your family history. You may have been preceded by your siblings in Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, but you'll set your own path in... SLYTHERIN!

Edited by Marisha Hawke

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