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Lindy Rose

Make something out of nothing

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Lindy had met lots of people through PHP, which was probably expected. That was, after all, kind of the point of the whole program. At least, that's what her mum told her anyways. Lindy was inclined to believe her because, well, she was her mother, why wouldn't she? 


So it was safe to say that Lindy was, of course, making friends. Mostly because she didn't know how to shut up or mind her own business. One of her new friends had invited her over to their house for a sleepover. After a bit of begging, Lindy had gotten permission and happily made her way to the Hawke household as instructed by Marisha. Her mother, who was visiting for a bit, had talked to Marisha's sister before giving Lindy a quick kiss on the cheek ("Muuum, gross!") and Apparating away. Said sister, Ele-something if Lindy remembered correctly, then left them to their own devices. Which might be a great idea or a bad one. Who knew?


Who cared?


"What'll we do first?" she asked excitedly, bouncing a little as she followed Marisha to her room.

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