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Kermit Princeley

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Definition: being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.
Example: Kermit Bartholomew Princeley.


There were many who wondered if Kermit was truly how he presented himself. If the fourth year had heard anyone questioning it, he would wonder what action he had taken to upset them. His idea of world domination was to provide the world with blankets, cuddles and sunshine. It was simple really – he had no obvious malice, and at times, meant he could be walked over.


Unfortunately, he also had a playful side. It was often on display and at times got him into trouble. It was a side which his best friend had seen regularly… and that morning it was no different. The fourth year hufflepuffs had been wondered towards breakfast when inspiration struck, and he grabbed Seamus’ arm to drag him near to a suit of armour. 

“I don’t wanna go to herbology.” Kermit’s voice was levelled with the most appropriate whine he could muster. “Come on S. We never get to spend time together anymore. Well… unless you love my bed more than your own.”


He was talking about the fact Seamus had taken over his own bed since the breakup between himself and Kimber. There had never been, nor ever will be, anything between the two best friends. They were practically blood brothers.


“I know. Why don’t we sneak to Hogsmeade? I need to replenish my chocolate supply.”


As he spoke, he was oblivious to anyone potentially watching them from the stair case. He was focused on the fact he wanted to have some fun for the first time in weeks. Kermit had no thought to the fact there had been an attack only last term, and the fact if they were caught they would be in more trouble than it was worth. His sense of fun had [and not for the first time] forgotten to interact with his common sense. 


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