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“Look, I have a lot of experience with this sort of thing,” Gary argued with Nash, unloading several binders from his collection of muggle poetry. “We need to get some inspiration from these first before we write anything.” They had both heard from a definitely-not-shady-source that there was supposed to be a sort of poetry competition that was going to be held and that participation would garner some extra credit for a class.


While Gary didn’t really need the extra points, he had a delusional fondness and knack the poetic arts; he also liked laughing at other people being bad at things. Win-win.


“Listen to this,” the Gryffindor cleared his throat, finding one particular passage.


“Look at this photograph

Every time I do it makes me laugh

How did our eyes get so red?

And what the hell is on Joey's head?”


He sighed deeply in thought. “Like, why are they laughing? Why are their eyes red? Are they dragons? Are they evil? Is that why they’re laughing? And most importantly-“ Gary paused dramatically. “What the hell IS on Joey’s head? This is the sort of stuff that is thought provoking. We need to write something like this.”

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Nashira scowled. If she hadn't needed to raise her grade (in all her classes), she would have said to hell with the extra credit; she wasn't a master of words despite her fondness for arguing, and had no idea how she was supposed to do the challenge. Poetry? It was what she liked to read least of all, and yet she was supposed to somehow come up with something, with Gary? She wanted to whine, to complain about how 'roses are red, violets are blue,' could be a thing they could do, but she bit her tongue instead and just nodded along, visibly annoyed, to what Gary said.

"Is that all there is to it?" Her brows furrowed in confusion. What photograph was being mentioned? Was there not some drawing for them to reference, or perhaps an actual photograph? That seemed like a stupid move on the part of the writer. How the hell was she supposed to know what was on Joey's head without it?

"But that's dumb. It makes no sense-how are people supposed to know what we're talking about if they have no point of reference." Nash didn't care why they were laughing, and she had no idea how Gary had gone from red eyes to evil dragons. But he had said he'd get an O if this was a real assignment, so how was she not supposed to partner up with him? Sighing heavily, the Gryffindor grabbed at the boy's folder, picking a poem at random from the middle of the stack and reading it aloud.

"If I could write you a song to make you fall in love,
I would already have you up under my arm.
I used up all my tricks, I hope that you like this
But, you probably won't, you think you're cooler than me,"


"You wrote this, didn't you?"

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