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Addison Toft

Can you comfort yourself with a sense of revenge?

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Lugging along her haversack laden with textbooks, Addison checked her watch. There was still a half hour before she was due to meet Emory for more practise, and she normally would have still been in the library up until the last moment she could spare before risking being late - but history was being made this day, for Addison Toft was done her homework early! She couldn't believe it when she dotted the last i on her care of magical creatures assignment and began shuffling the parchment to begin the next one, when she realised there was no next one. Without needing any further instruction, she jammed everything into her bag and split, with no particular destination in mind. Maybe she could grab a light snack from the kitchens? Sounded like a good idea.


So she descended to the third floor, and began searching for the secret passageway that would lead her directly down to the cellar level - was it behind that tapestry, or did it only appear on odd-numbered days? Addison couldn't quite remember. She ran her hands along the walls as she moved through the hall, confident the passage would open if she could just-




A cacophony of cascading metal caused her to whirl around, hand already reaching back to the holster on the back of her hip. But there was nobody behind her, no one sneaking up... so where did the noise come from? Padding along, Addison peered curiously through each doorway she passed, wand at the ready. The adrenaline began flooding through her - was this another attack? Were the death eaters back? William Hunt (or whatever his real name was) hadn't given her any warning, and seeing as he was a death eater himself, he would have known about a second wave, unless he hadn't been able to tell her about it. 


Leaning around the doorway to the armor gallery, Addison held her breath. Someone was inside... her wand hand twitched, and she felt the incantation for a spell dance across her lips. Without any further hesitation, she leapt in, wand raised, and-


"... Luke? Why - what are you doing?"

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The armory was a place Luke had wandered into long ago, back when he was a much smaller person. The suits of armor had lit his eyes up with their shine, their bulk, and their history. Brave men from the past had worn these, protecting the people, fighting threats against wizards, and humans. Luke's admiration and fascination with the suits of armor in this room had been unfortunately limited to looking and not touching then. The boy hadn't been big enough to fully explore these suits like he really wanted to.


But look at that, now he was.


He hadn't exactly told Darcy that he was going to be trying to get into a suit of armor this afternoon because he really wanted to surprise her with it. She'd probably laugh, or maybe she'd be super into it in a really enjoyable way - she liked shiny things, after all. So, alone in the armory, Luke was slowly disassembling a suit and putting it on himself in the hopes he could run out of this room wearing it and find his girlfriend.


So far the Slytherin had managed to get both arms suited up. If he thought regular clothing restricted his movement too much, he had definitely not been prepared for how difficult the big clunky metal version would be. In hindsight, he should have put the arms on last because he still had much more to do. He'd been working on getting the helmet off the chest piece, which was pretty stuck, but ended up yanking too hard, sending it flying and crashing into another suit of armor. He was trying to pick it up when he heard a voice. Luke turned around slowly.


"Oh, hey, Addie," he said with a lopsided grin - casually, as if he wasn't currently wearing thick battle armor on his arms. "Just, you know, chillin'." His eyes traveled to the girl's wand, then back up. "Were you going to hex me?"


Luke was tempted to encourage it, actually, just to see how this armor held up against magic.

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And there he was, bathed in the half-light of a dimly lit chamber, that easy and carefree grin on his face. Addison exhaled and let her wand lower. Not a death eater, just Luke. "Sorry," she apologised quietly, "I heard a racket and thought the... thought they might have come back." If it were Silas she was talking to, that would have been a terrible thing to say, because Silas would have immediately asked her, if the death eaters did return, why was she running with her wand up to look for a fight. But Luke wasn't as suspicious, not as protective of her, and such open comments were likely to slide by without judgment.


'Just chilling' was the type of answer she expected to receive from Lucius Cronus when asked what he was doing anywhere in the castle, but her curiosity was nagging her to think otherwise, to not give him the easy pass she expected him to give her. It would be simpler to assume he was fighting the suits of armor, or was convinced ghosts were hiding inside them and wanted to dismantle them so they would brawl with him, and yet... word traveled fast. Even Addison, cloistered as she was between the library and dueling chamber, heard about it: the fight.


"You sure you're not looking for extra equipment in case you decide to punch another Ravenclaw?" she ventured neutrally.


It wasn't her business to meddle in. Whatever happened between Luke and Tobias and Silas and whoever was on the pitch that day - it didn't concern her. But something had caused the gentle giant to stir and rumble; from what she knew of him, despite his hulking frame, Luke was exceedingly non-violent towards anything that wasn't a ghost or spectral being. To hear he'd stormed across the pitch and buried his fist in Tobias' face... something must have caused that. Something big.


Addison holstered her wand and padded forward to join him in picking through the fallen pieces of armor. Lifting a dented gauntlet, she presented it to him. "This one would help." And then she paused, and thought better of herself. "Sorry, bad joke."

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