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River Wolfe

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Running to the train as his excitement bubbled over River made it through the brick portal in just the nick of time! "Wow!"  River gazed in his excitement as he never saw so many witches and wizards in one place before.  Sure his attendance at PHP could count for this unusual number for his kind, but this wasn't like anything he had ever seen before!


"Ryan!"  River called out running to his best friend completely unaware that his robes had caught on a broken end of cobblestone.   To other around him, it would be a sight to be seen as he ran in place only to get frustrated as he couldn't figure out what was holding him back.  "Ryan help!"  The boy called out,  "I'm being attacked by something!"  A few laughs erupted around him as he turned out to be a spectacle to see.


"RYYYYAAAAANN!!" River shouted louder not hear the tear of fabric and was released from the invisible monster's grasp.  Lunging forward as Ryan rushed to his aid, River couldn't stop his momentum flying full force into his best friend as their lips accidentally touched.



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Okay, so she’d been really little when she’d gone with her parents to take James onto Platform 9 ¾. It was completely different now that she was going to Hogwarts. Ryan took in the scarlet steam engine, her mouth wide open, excitement coursing through her veins. The night before she’d had her freak-out; over leaving her parents and James for the first time ever in her life. Now she was ready to go.


There were people all around her, hustling to and fro; darting around people; meeting up with friends; nervously looking around for a familiar face. Ryan had already given her trunk to a very plump, but kind-faced man. Now she just held some snacks for the ride in one hand, and the crate carrying her kitten, Crumbs, in the other. Her parents looked down at her with sad smiles, though the brunette knew they were proud of her. James stood right next to her, occasionally running a hand through her hair. She would miss him most of all.


They had decided they would say goodbye early and let Ryan board the train by herself. After giving her mum and dad a kiss goodbye and squeezing James tight around the middle, Ryan watched them walk back past the barrier. That was it. She was alone, ready to head off to Hogwarts. Good Lord, this was really happening.


Several things then happened at once—she heard her voice being called out in manic excitement (Ryan immediately knew who was calling her name), she set Crumbs down onto the ground by her feet in preparation, and then a mouth was slammed onto hers. A pained grunt came out of her. River, she watched with sick fascination, had gotten his cloak stuck in the barrier at the last second. She’d moved forward to tell him to just take it off when it’d ripped free, he’d stumbled, and his mouth crashed against her own.


His teeth had collided rather painfully with her bottom lip. Hard enough to bust it open. A slice of pain zinged through her body. Ryan pulled away forcefully, not bothering to catch River as he fell to the ground in front of her. Putting her hand to her mouth to see why her lip felt like it was going to fall off in pain, she pulled it away to see blood. Blood. He’d kissed her so hard that he’d broken her lip open. Almost immediately, Ryan saw her world spin before her, as the nausea started.


She was not good with blood.


Her tummy turned viciously and, without her consent, she fell to the ground. River had kissed her and had made her faint. Merlin, she’d never hear the end of this from him.

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A throbbing pain now invaded River's mouth, of course, now wasn't the time to celebrate his first kiss, instead, he decided to rightfully focus on his best friend who was now laying on the ground.  "Oh no, Ryan!"  River shouted as he placed her in his arms.  "What have I done!?"


Guilt was all the boy could feel as he continued to hold Ryan, "Dad said kissing would knock a girl off her feet, but I didn't listen!" Tears began streaming down his face as he didn't know how to handle the situation.  A crowd grew around the two as now the passerby's thought this was a rehearsed skit.  "Don't just stand there!"  Begging the crowd, "Do something!"


Looking around him, River saw Ryan's belongings and began to sob even more.  Ryan was gone, not even to make it to sorting night,  and River was to blame.  "Oh no!"  The boy continued to shout, looking to her belongings he could see movement inside a cage.  "NO!  NO!  NO! NO!  RIVER YOU MONSTER!  WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!"  River screamed, roughly dropping Ryan to the ground before running to her luggage.


"I...  I...  I Orphaned your little kitty!"  Unhinging the cage in which the kitten was in, River grabbed the small animal and started to nuzzle the cat.  "It's ok, SHHHHHHHH!"  He paused, "I'm your mummy now."

Hearing the kitten's meow didn't help River stop crying, but he was going to make the situation right, he was going to raise this kitten, and give it a proper home!  


"It's ok, Octavious.  Mama's got you!" 

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Ryan supposed, that if there was any kind of silver-lining about this situation, it was that her fainting spell had blocked her pain from hitting the ground. Dimly aware of her surroundings, the brunette came to, her eyelids blinking frantically. She kept them shut, though, as she slowly became of aware of what was going on. The ground beneath her was solid and cold, providing much-needed comfort to her sweaty face. Her lip was throbbing in pain, as was her elbow. And she could hear a now-familiar meow that let Ryan know that Crumbs was nearby.


It was when she heard the voice of her aggravating friend, River, call her cat some god-awful name that everything came back to her. River at the barrier. Getting his cloak stuck. Ripping free. Kissing Ryan. Her lip had cut open and, she remembered now, the cut had produced blood. Ryan had never been good at handling the sight of blood. The scent had always turned her tummy. Just the sight of blood—anyone’s blood—was enough for nausea to occur. Only sometimes did she faint from it, but it would—of course—happen when River was involved.


But, more to the point, River had apparently thought he’d killed her and was going to take her kitten and rename it. Not even over her dead and lifeless corpse, was that going to happen. Ryan lifted herself into a sitting position and, ignoring the swimming warning in her head at the sudden movement, she pointed a shaky finger at her friend. “Not even if I had been pushed in front of the train, River Wolfe! Give me Crumbs back!” It was impossible at the moment to move; not if she didn’t want to see her breakfast again, in reverse. “Bring him here to me, please. You owe me that, for hurting me. And kissing me!

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