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You may use your personal galleries to upload both images of your own creation and those produced by others. Proper crediting of these images is important both for ensuring neither VH nor any users encounter serious copyright issues and for maintaining a respectful atmosphere for all our members. When uploading images to your personal galleries, use the "credit" field to identify an image's source, creator or resources.

  • Credit VH artists appropriately. When uploading images made by another member, you must use the credit field to identify them using the name they prefer. Please also respect any special requests for crediting, such as to tag the image with their board name or tag.
  • Credit off-site sources. When uploading images found online, credit the artist, website or both as appropriate. If you are unable to find the image's source, rather than leaving the field blank you can indicate you attempted to credit by writing "source unknown" in the credit field.
  • Credit your resources. If you are the artist of images in your gallery, you must credit any resources which require attribution to use. This may include tutorials, templates, source photographs or textures, doll bases and more. If a resource requests you provide credit, you must do so.
  • You are not able to delete images once they have been uploaded. In order to delete an image of your own, use the "report image" option located below the image credit and description. Write "please delete" in your report and a moderator will delete the image as soon as possible. If you believe another person's image violates the rules and should be deleted your report should include a brief description of why. Using the report process ensures anonymity and reports are handled as promptly as possible.
  • Do not use your albums to store images for use on other sites. This will eat up our disk space and bandwidth and is just not cool. Users who do this will have their access to the gallery removed. 
  • You take responsibility for any file you upload to your gallery. We recommend you do not upload image files that you did not create yourself, unless it was an image made for your character by another trusted member.


Currently, all 1st-7th year students are allowed to create 2 albums and store a certain number of images per album (depending upon their year). We thought it would be useful for you to have more than one album, so you could organize your images by whatever criteria you choose. But since I can only limit the number of images per album, not the total amount, the number you can have in one album may seem small if you DON'T want to separate your images into two albums.  This might be something we can reconsider in the future.


Alumni will be able to create 3 albums total. 


Image allowance

Year per album total
1st Year 15 30
2nd Year 25 50
3rd Year 35 70
4th Year 45 90
5th Year 55 110
6th Year 65 130
7th Year 75 150
Alumni 75 225

Prefects: You will have the same limits as 7th years. 


Staff: I don't have a good idea how you might end up using this yet. I will welcome your input after you start using these to reconsider the numbers if you need more.

For now, I've allotted you the following:

*Ambience and Plot characters: 2 albums - 25 images each

*School staff: 2 albums - 75 images each


Please optimize your images and keep your files sizes as small as possible. We have quite a lot of storage space, but all these albums will accumulate over, hopefully, many years to come. Large files viewed often will also eat up bandwidth.


I've set the maximum image at 500kb so that you can host your about me images and larger homework files, but the majority of your images should be much, much smaller. We beg you not to let that max size make you lazy about watching your file size. 


A not-maximum-quality jpeg can be less than a quarter of the size of a png file. You don't need a resolution higher than 72px for displaying on computer screens. etc. (If any of you image wizards want to write up some tips for image optimization, let me know!) 


Too many files that are larger than necessary will bring about the apocalypse need for album deletion a lot sooner than we hope. 



Speaking of the apocalypse, please do not use the gallery as the only place you store your images. While we hope never to need to delete albums, it may become necessary in the future if space becomes scarce. We may also decide to prune old galleries of long inactive members if needed.


You have the ability to delete your own galleries as well. 



There are a couple settings I haven't adjusted yet, which are set per member group.

-Maximum bandwidth consumption

-Maximum image and movie views


I just don't have enough data to work out what a good setting would be yet. I don't think these are likely to be a big problem yet, as long as you don't use VH to host images for a high traffic website. That's not what they're here for. 


After the gallery has been in use a while, I will probably put restrictions on bandwidth and views, but I'll aim to keep them generous.

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