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Leona Kavanagh

Kavanagh, Leona

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I, Leona Kavanagh, have read the Rules & Guidelines.

Name: Leona Kavanagh
Blood Status: Halfblood
Are you new to VH? (Yes/No): Yes
What do you want to learn the most from this school? (in character): Leona would like to study hard, assimilate all knowledge and master every subject that she's taught in school and maybe make some friends.
What do you want to learn the most from this school? (out of character): I would like to be given a chance to enjoy the experience of being a student at Hogwarts. I'm also interested in improving my roleplaying and writing skills and the opportunity to develop my character prior to the sorting.
A few things your character likes doing in her free time:

Puzzle solving,

creating artwork,

playing the organ, piano, flute, violin or guitar,


baking and cooking

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Leona Kavanagh


PHP Lesson One


Assignment: Start your workbook! - Done


Extra Credit: RP what your character is most looking forward to about going to Hogwarts. You may wish to RP what your character is thinking, or what he or she might tell a friend or family member. 50 word minimum:



Leona sat down at the piano and put up the music sheets that she needed.


*I'm going to Hogwarts soon!* Leona thought happily as she played Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata at the piano in the sitting room. *I can't wait to learn as much as possible from all the classes I'll attend at Hogwarts!*


Her mom and dad were playing wizard's chess in the sitting room and discussing which house she would be sorted to while listening to the music.


"I'm sure she will end up in Ravenclaw. We are both Ravenclaws", her dad said.


"Yes, but let's not get upset if she winds up in another house", her mom said.


"Indeed. However ... Checkmate!", her dad said jubilantly as he won the wizard's chess game.


Leona, who had been listening to her parents' discussion wondered whether she will be sorted into Ravenclaw or another house. She decided that if her parents do not mind which house she gets sorted into then the issue should not trouble her either. She hoped that she will meet and make some good friends at Hogwarts regardless of the house she ends up in.


One thing for sure. She was going to miss her pet corgi dog Perseus since dogs were not allowed as pets at Hogwarts.

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Leona Kavanagh


PHP Lesson Two

Assignment: Coding-Done:

Leona Kavanagh

Pre-Hogwarts Primary, VH35

The first animal I trained to do tricks for treats was Perseus, my corgi dog.

Extra Credit: As though you're already at Hogwarts, write a letter to someone outside of Hogwarts (parents, sibling, etc.), or to a friend in another House (this friend need not be named unless you wish), about how your student feels about certain rules--whether they seem strict, are reasonable, or whatever! You may wish to RP the act of writing this, and wrap the letter itself in Quote tags to set it apart from the RP. 50 word minimum:

Leona had explored Hogwarts a bit and out of curiosity paid a visit to Mr. Filch's office to have a good look at the list of forbidden items mentioned in the school rules. She could not believe how extensive the list of forbidden items was. Leona decided to write a letter to her mom and dad.

Dear Mom and Dad,


I can't believe they have rules banning magical mischief items from Hogwarts! Out of curiosity I visited Mr. Filch's office where he has a list of forbidden items in his office. The list was extensive and some of the items listed are so out of this world, I wonder who invented and named them. What kind of idiot would waste their galleons, knuts and sickles to buy and sneak into the school mischief making things like self-propelling custard pie, portable swamp, instant forest and flatu-jars? Needless to say, I will do my best to never break any rules at Hogwarts. I don't want to receive any punishments for rules breaking.


Your loving daughter,



P.S. Can I please have my own owl soon so I don't have to use a school owl to send my letters?


Having completed her letter, she borrowed an owl treat from a fellow student at the owlery and using the owl treat, she bribed a school owl to take her letter to her parents.

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Leona Kavanagh


PHP Lesson Three


Assignment: Pick five words that best describe your character, and explain why:


Ambitious: Leona has high aspirations and a strong determination to be successful.


Astute: She is perceptive and already developing the ability to evaluate people and situations and use this skill to her advantage.


Curious: Her inquisitiveness is unparalled by anyone. She would not leave any mystery or puzzle unsolved and would investigate anything which she found to be unusual or mysterious.


Precocious: At a young age of 11, she has already developed advanced artistic, mathematical, puzzle solving, musical, baking and cooking talents.


Tolerant: She is open-minded, unprejudiced and unbiased towards anyone.



Extra Credit: RP talking about the first time you met or heard about someone with one of the powers or races on the CCE list. 50 word minimum:


Many years ago when Leona was just a toddler,..


Leona couldn't sleep anymore so she woke up. She managed to climb out of the crib in which her mom had put her to sleep. Step by step she slowly climbed down the stairs until she reached the bottom of the stairs. When she got downstairs she toddled to the sitting room and that's where she stumbled upon her parents in their animagus form. Although the first time she stumbled upon them she did not know they were her own parents.


There was a sleek black panther lounging in front of the lit fireplace. A snow leopard was lounging next to the panther. The two animals were grooming each other's fur. Leona wondered why there were animals in the house but for some unknown reason, she was not scared of them at all. She moved slowly towards the animals and clambered all over them.


First the panther and then the snow leopard nuzzled her and she giggled. She rode both the panther and the snow leopard around the sitting room several times. Imagine her surprise when just as the grandfather clock struck midnight, the panther turned into her dad and the snow leopard turned into her mom. That was the first time they explained about the animagus transformation ability to her. Throughout the years she would romp around the house with her parents in their animagus forms and they explained to her all about the animagus ability until she understood.


The memory made Leona smile. Perhaps if given the chance she would want to learn to become an animagus like her parents.

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Leona Kavanagh


PHP Lesson Four

Assignment: Create the first post of your CL. You may use the following code if you'd like to:

The Basics:
Name: Leona Aurora Kavanagh
House: The ancient and noble pureblood house of Kavanagh on her Dad's side of the family.
Birthday: 25 December 2025
Hometown: Ballycastle, Northern Ireland
Pureblood/half blood/muggle born: Halfblood
Five words that best describe your character: Ambitious, Astute, Curious, Precocious, Tolerant

Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Style: Long, sometimes flowing, sometimes tied in a ponytail, sometimes braided
Eye color: Grey
Height: Average for an 11 year old
Other distinguishing details: None
(Insert a portrait here if you like)


Father's name: Aries Belisarius Kavanagh
Brief description (occupation, blood, etc): Pureblood. Durmstrang alumni with brown hair and grey eyes. Works for Gringotts as a curse-breaker. Is a panther animagus.
s name: Naomi Valerie Kavanagh (née Cambell)

Brief description (occupation, blood, etc): Muggleborn. Beauxbatons alumni with blonde hair and green eyes. Works as a Musician, performing music that's broadcasted on the Wizarding Wireless Network and also performs music in concerts. Is a snow leopard animagus.
Siblings (names and descriptions):

Leonard Castor Kavanagh - Older brother. Leonard is a Durmstrang alumni with brown hair and green eyes. He is 18 years old. Since childhood he has always been fascinated by plants and gardening. He now works as a herbologist.

Leonidas Pollux Kavanagh - Older brother, Leonard's identical twin. Leonidas is also a Durmstrang alumni with brown hair and green eyes. He is also 18 years old. He likes animals and is currently working as an assistant zookeeper at a magical zoo.
Other key family members:

Perseus - Leona's Corgi dog.

Achilles - Leonard's Corgi dog.

Alexander - Leonidas' Corgi dog.

Extra Credit: Create a family tree OR Tell us about your family. 50 word minimum:


Immediate family members only. Extended family members not included in the family tree.

Edited by Leona Kavanagh

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