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Mercutio Bates

You're the one that I love and I'm saying goodbye.

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before the end of term one

Abandonment felt a little bit like this.


Up ahead, the steam from the engine whistle sounded, signalling the train’s departure in a few minutes. The carriages weren’t filled, as he was normally used to, with Hogwarts students bustling about noisily. Every day witches and wizards filed onto the train with their luggages, waving good bye to whoever was sending them off. The train was emptier than usual, but to Mercutio, it was about to take away a good chunk of his world.


To his credit, he managed to hold in his tears throughout the entire farewell. After he freed Navi from his bone-crushing embrace, she sniffled and quietly pinned her prefect badge onto his chest, right next to his captain’s badge. “Take care of things for me, alright? You’re prefect now.”


He released a throaty laugh and blinked back the tears. “I don’t think that’s how this works,” he said weakly, thinking that Professor Gawkrodger was going to have something to say about the new badge.


“Shhh, it’s going to be fine.”


One more hug and a brotherly kiss to the top of her crown before Mercutio relaxed his hold and allowed her the chance to say good bye to the other people who’ve come to see her off. “You better still write,” he threatened halfheartedly. You better not forget us.



Post 2500 <3


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spacing *weeps* Also, my false 2500 haha.

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More than ever, Desmond was on the verge of throwing a very public tantrum. Although it had been some time since Navi had revealed her intentions to the boys, it did not make this parting any easier to swallow. “Why?” He had asked her almost daily since then. In answer, the girl only offered a sad smile. Logically, Desmond knew the reason – it was the very same one that had caused the rift between him and his mother. But his heart refused to accept it as fact.


The Hogwarts Express was usually a welcomed sight… but not this time. It was here to bring Navi back to the muggle world, where she was likely to stay for good. When the time for hugs came, Desmond dove in for his share first, enveloping her in a tight hug before he stood back to give Mercutio his chance. The bestowment of prefect from Navi on Mercutio would have made him chuckle if circumstances had been any different. “Who else is he going to give it to? It certainly won’t be me.” Desmond quipped from the side. It was only a matter of time before Navi’s will becomes fact.


As Navi bid the rest of her send-off crew goodbye, Desmond stood stonily on Mercutio’s right. Taking advantage of the cover of their long-sleeved robes, he weaved his fingers through his boyfriend’s – seeking much needed comfort. Although they still had each other, Desmond knew it would be impossible to fill that Navi-shaped hole in their lives up.


Nor would he strive to.


“… And send us those treats of yours. We can’t live without them anymore...” Desmond paused here before murmuring the next part teasingly, an edge of sorrow lining his words. “Has that always been a plot of yours I wonder?” Of course, both Navi and Mercutio saw through his words immediately.


With a shake of her head, Navi gave the boys one last hug before stepping onto the train. For a moment, Desmond wondered if there was anything they could have done to make her stay. But before any ideas could come to mind, the train bellowed its goodbye and slowly chugged away, taking a piece of the boys’ heart with it.

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Hilariously, arguing against the fact that he'd continuously followed Navi Wilkes throughout the years would've been a lie. And rather surprisingly, he wouldn't dispute it any longer. Since he'd met her, Xanadu had always felt a strange fascination with the Hufflepuff that he'd never been able to fully explain. Recently, after a few months (added onto years) of internal exploration, he'd realised the most obvious truth that had been completely hidden from him.


Xanadu Kane liked Navi Wilkes.


It had made so much sense when he'd finally come to terms with it. The weird responses he gave her, how he felt so strange and inadequate around her, the urges to invite her everywhere. Hell, even the need to tolerate her friends just so he could be around her a bit more.


So when he'd seen Navi with her friends, walking towards the train, badge pinned to her chest, he'd figured it was just a routine visit to the station. Maybe. He didn't actually know what prefects did, despite having Bryony to talk to. He didn't want to mention anything about the realisation he'd come to, anyway. She'd just make the teasing worse. And she'd just say 'I told you so' constantly. Best not bring it up.


Xanadu followed the trio, picking little flowers along the way. Just tiny weeds. He had avoided her for the past few weeks since school had started, even more after the attacks because he'd figured she'd be intensely busy. Too many people looked up to prefects. She'd be... preoccupied. Far too preoccupied to deal with his little revelation.


But now seemed to be a good time. She was with her friends. And if he could ask her to step away for a few minutes, he'd be able to explain it all, to explain everything about how weird he'd been acting around her. He'd get to tell her that he wanted nothing more than to spend all his free time studying for OWLs with her, working on projects together. Maybe they could go on an official Hogsmeade weekend... date. Merlin, that felt weird to say.


He'd even tell her he'd try his hardest to tolerate -- no, to understand -- her friends.

Of course, none of this happened. Not when he looked up from his haphazard bouquet of weeds and common grasses to see her stepping on the train. Was it... normal for her to step onto the--?


Why was everyone tearing up? Why were there hugs? Heartbeat pounding in his chest, Xanadu sped up, his steps in match the pounding in his throat. It hit him suddenly, as if the train itself had run him over.


She was leaving.


Suddenly frozen to his spot as the train moved away, Xanadu's mouth remained agape. She was... She was coming back, right? He didn't want to jump to terrible conclusions, but maybe something had happened at home. Maybe her dad... Something happened.

He didn't know how he managed to move, but when he did, he couldn't hear or feel anything. The flowers in his hand were being squished in a fist. Navi wasn't... gone, was she?


Xanadu reached the two Hufflepuffs, throat dry, "So... When is she coming back?"

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If he wasn't already feeling devastated and empty at the sight of the Hogwarts Express quickly taking Navi away from them, he might have felt a jolt of annoyance when Xanadu Kane approached them, looking stunned. Not annoyance towards the Slytherin though. For once, Mercutio felt a great swell of pity towards the boy as his question made one thing very clear: Navi hadn't even told him she was leaving. And now, he and Desmond were responsible for breaking the bad news to their peer.


Granted, from what he'd heard, Navi and Kane weren't even on speaking terms anymore -- not since last year when he'd apparently said something very offensive and she'd cut off communication between them. Mercutio should have been pleased about that -- he had been, actually. But now, following the attacks, their pettiness towards Xanadu Kane seemed out of proportions to what actually mattered. And, judging from the devastated look on the Slytherin's face, Mercutio quickly realized something he'd always tried to ignore:


Xanadu Kane liked Navi. He liked her so much, he couldn't come to terms with it, thus his poor behaviour.


Mercutio had always suspected, but it was always easier to pretend otherwise. Now, it was impossible to ignore. 


"I don't know," the captain told his peer, squeezing Desmond's hand tighter for support. They exchanged knowing glances, both coming to the conclusion that Kane knew nothing about Navi's difficult decision. "She's... going to muggle school for a while... Her dad doesn't think this world's safe." Could anybody really blame Mr. Wilkes, though? The only difference was that they were willing to take that risk in order to continue living in a magical world. For Navi, that fight wasn't worth it. 


And so, she left.


Actual Post 2500! \o/

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Desmond wasn’t sure how he expected Navi to deal with the issue that was Xanadu Kane, but it definitely wasn’t like this. Navi, who was all about being kind and compassionate, would surely have invested the effort into informing others about her departure. But somehow, Xanadu Kane didn’t make the list. Something terrible must have happened to make Navi behave this way and usually, Desmond would be all for it. But now…now the Slytherin wouldn’t even get the chance to make amends. 


It seemed…unfair. But alas, the brunette was gone and there was no turning back the clock.


Desmond allowed Mercutio to explain the reality of the situation, sensing little need to step in at this point. Truthfully, none of them knew what was going through Navi’s head. Yes, they understood why she chose to leave. But they didn’t understand why she didn’t think it was worth it to stay and fight. Did she lack an affinity to magic? Did she suddenly gain an interest in the muggle side of things? These were questions Desmond should have asked but never did.


“I would…advise against hoping that she’ll return.” Unlike Mercutio, Desmond was a realist. Navi gave no indication that she wanted to stay and he was going to assume that was a decision she was resolute on. If they had left things vague, it would have been more painful for all of them in the long run. It was best to keep reminding themselves of the truth.


“She’s gone.” “very possibly for good” went unsaid, but it was heard regardless.

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Mercutio didn't know? He didn't know when one of his best friends was coming back? His face shifted to annoyance, but when the explanation came, his shoulders slumped and his eyes lowered to the ground. Muggle school? For a while, though, so he supposed that wasn't that bad. Xanadu nodded slowly, forcing himself to get used to this idea. Navi would be gone for a bit, maybe just until her father realised he was being foolish. Death Eaters had been in the school, yes, and maybe someone had died but...

As the thoughts hit him, Xanadu could feel that tiny ember of hope die. Her father wasn't wrong. The wizarding world wasn't safe. He was about to argue that the reasoning behind that was ridiculously hypocritical, that even the muggle world was no better, when Desmond spoke up as well. His words dug into him like a knife, twisting with each syllable. She wasn't coming back. 

No longer able to feel the palms of his hand as his nails dug into the skin, Xanadu brought up the haphazard bouquet. Navi had left. She was gone. They hadn't even been speaking, but why didn't she tell him anything? Why hadn't she told him? Were they parting on such terrible terms that she'd actually wanted to leave him with nothing, no information, about her whereabouts? He nodded slowly, his movements too slow for someone that was typically so animated. And when he felt the pressure at the back of his throat, Xanadu forced himself to turn away from the two Hufflepuffs.

As he saw the puff of smoke blowing high in the sky, taking Navi Wilkes further and further away from them, memories replayed in his head. Dean Wesson punching him in the face over her. Countless divination lessons. That talk they'd had on the pitch. The letters they'd exchanged over winter break. Their Hogsmeade... outing. The argument that had split them once again over that stupid werewolf girl. Had he known what would happen, he would've taken all those words back.

At least then he would've been allotted a goodbye.

Xanadu couldn't help it when he felt his shoulders shake, and he instinctively brought his hand up to his face in an effort to wipe away at the tears that he knew would come soon.The weeds hit his face and in a fury not fully directed at them, he snapped them in half. Soon enough, his motions were quick. Agitated. Ripping them quickly into tinier and tinier pieces. Bit by bit, they fell on the platform. Just a bunch of weeds that would blow away with the next breeze.

"Good riddance," he snarled, trying to hide the tears in his voice.

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His initial reaction, like all his usual reactions to anything Xanadu Kane says, was to lash out in return. Body tensing, Mercutio's words were ready to leap out and cut when somehow, his brain picked up one new context clue. Like a missing puzzle piece that finally completed the big picture, so was the thick warble in the Slytherin's voice, regretful, upset, hurting. With a click, Mercutio shut his jaw and turned to fully look at the other boy as if for the first time. This thin, wiry, unimpressive douche who'd gone out of his way to make everybody loath him for the same of his own prejudices was in fact, probably one of the loneliest students at Hogwarts. 


Upon his epiphany, all the anger fizzled out of Mercutio. His shoulders slumped and he sighed, feeling nothing but pity for Kane. Clearly, he had a good thing with Navi -- their friendship, or whatever, had been more than what he'd deserved and he'd ruined it. And now, she was gone and he won't be able to make anything right ever again.


"You don't mean that," he said softly, exchanging glances with Desmond before he resolutely pushed forward. "You can send her a letter if you want. I think she'll read that." 


Navi's heart was much too kind for her own good, anyway. 



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As Desmond predicted, Xanadu reacted by lashing back. Honestly? Desmond would probably have done the same and said some very mean things if Mercutio hadn’t been there to bear the hurt with him when Navi told them of their decision. But Xanadu? He had no one – none that would understand his pain anyway. And given their past, Desmond didn’t think it would be wise if Mercutio or him offered themselves up. Neither of them had been able to...connect with Xanadu like Navi had. They didn’t have her compassion or her patience to withstand the mixed messages that Xanadu seemed so adept at sending. Under any other circumstance, they would probably have dissolved into a fight already. But as always, whenever Navi became the subject, the boys would at least attempt to be mature about things.

Her influence was still present, even though she wasn’t physically there.

Mercutio offered a suggestion, one that meant well. However, Desmond didn’t think Xanadu was in the right state to consider anything beyond sorting out the myriad of emotions that had abruptly welled up within him. In a way, they were similar in that sense - bad with emotions and horrible with life in general.

Beneath them, the stone pavement slowly became dotted with tears. With each passing second, Desmond felt like he too was losing his grip on his own calmness. And the last thing any of them needed right then was for him to start crying too.

“Let’s just....go back to the castle... Hogsmeade, or something. I think we all deserve some butterbeer or ice cream.”

Nothing like eating or drinking away your sorrows yeah?


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No matter how much he blinked or tried to swallow the lump in his throat, the feelings were far too much to try to bury down deep inside of him, and they just bubbled over. He did not need this. He did not need to cry in front of Mercutio Bates and Desmond Tonks, of all bloody people. He'd have preferred it to have been in front of some snotty first year than these two.

And yet, as his shoulders shook with the silent, swallowed sobs he was trying to suppress, he didn't fear the anger he had imagined he would feel at crying in front of them. Navi wasn't dead, but she wasn't coming back, and that at least felt like the same thing. She wouldn't be there in class, she wouldn't be there to study alongside, or even to give tiny knowing looks while they happened upon each other on the way to class. She was actually gone, and nothing he could do would ever change that.

He heard the scuffle of feet behind him, and Xanadu quickly flinched at the fear of having either of them trying to comfort or console him. They weren't friends, and this did not change that. But the way Mercutio's voice rang in his ears sounded genuine, and that just made it all the harder to try and suppress this feeling of helplessness. He didn't mean it... He didn't. His shoulders relaxed, releasing a tenseness he hadn't even been aware had been there in the first place.

Send her a letter? Xanadu could've laughed. "If she wanted to speak with me, she would've done so before... Before she hopped on a train and told me in the least amount of words possible to piss off." he said, his words punctuated by the half-hearted sobs. He was trying to mask this sadness, this betrayal, in anger.

It wasn't working.

In the end, it was Desmond's words that managed to finally break Xanadu. He and the muggleborn had never, ever, seen eye to eye. Hearing any form of consolation from him had managed to make Xanadu feel even less alone, despite the situation. They weren't friends, he reminded himself.

But as he brought up his hands to cover his tear-soaked face, finally releasing the most pathetic of wails, Xanadu could not have pictured two better individuals to cry in front of. Bryony would've probably held it against it. Literally all of his classmates hated him. Navi wanted him dead. She hadn't needed to say it.

"Y-Yeah," he said, rubbing his eyes with his palms, "Butterbeer sounds great."

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