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Phillip Aldermaston

The Clattering Stumbling Off-Balance Badger

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It was late on the night of 22nd September and it was so late that technically, the morning of the 23rd of September was drawing near – however, any promise of peace that the small hours held would soon be broken.

Specifically, it was broken by one of the very youngest second year Badgers stumbling near the hospital wing and ‘stumbling’ was quite a literal term because Phillip did crash into things a few times on his way to said hospital wing and even then, he stumbled into rather than sat on it.

Ugh…he hated the way that whatever-this-was messed with his balance. And then Phillip looked around for a moment and noticed someone lying down in a bed and asleep (in his imagination)… humph…Phillip didn’t think he could do both at the moment but Anthony had said that they tried to get said older brother to lie down in the same situation.

And so Phillip waited and the little boy was making a noise somewhere between whimpering and sobbing because a)it hurt and b)Phillip knew that outright crying would just make it worse.

Phillip did keep glancing nervously at the buzzer though because he really really didn’t want anyone to suggest that he tried to lie down. 
((Actually, please do.))

b]Patient Name, House & Year: [/b] Phillip Aldermaston. 2nd Year Hufflepuff.

[b]Gender: [/b] Male.

[b]Blood Type & Species: [/b] Literal Halfblood/Fully Human.

[b]Allergies: [/b] None known yet.

[b]Have you been treated in the wing before?[/b] [i](just so the staff know whether we know you by name or not already) [/i] Once. 


[b]What VH Year & Term/Week does this RP take place: [/b] VH35, Term 01. I’m not sure of the week but…22nd/23rd September.

[b]Time of Day:[/b] [i]After Curfew?[/i] Round about the midnight that separates 22nd September from 23rd September hence the dual date.

[b]Damage Location: [/b] [i](Entire body or certain parts? BE SPECIFIC [we need to know how/where to treat you])[/i] Ears, mostly. Most of the rest is Phillip being needlessly dramatic so Emotional.

[b]Damage type:[/b] Fall, etc..[/i] Uhh…Phillip’s sick/ill rather than injured so probably virus/bacteria? But balance issues so he likely fell a couple of times so there’s probably a couple of random grazes.

[b]Summarize:[/b] [i](what exactly were you doing when you got your injury? Give us as much information as possible so we can RP accurately with you.)[/i] Umm…this is tricky because again, he’s ill/sick rather than hurt/injured. So I guess medical history stuff goes here?

So Phillip’s just gotten over a cold and due to reasons I won’t get into (but can be briefly described as genetic predisposition reasons)…there’s a minor complication. Ear infection.

[b]Other:[/b] [i](Is there anything we should watch out for? Give us as much information as possible so we can RP accurately with you.)[/i]

Let’s see…

1)Phillip is likely to try and sneak a hug or two if he thinks he can get away with it partly because he’s used to a lot of physical affection and partly because he’s trying to steal some warmth because he thinks it’ll help.

2)Because of timing (it’s his [squib] sisters’ birthdays), you can expect a certain amount of emotional nonsense from him.

3)Phillip really doesn’t like the sensation of his balance being off so…there’s also likely to be some more drama over that.

4)Phillip would really really really prefer it if you don’t make him lie down and is likely to start up with stupid nonsense if you even suggest he does so.

Icly, it is therefore probably best if you don’t even try to get him to lie down or even suggest it. OOCly, I’d love it if you do because it gives me an opportunity to springboard some sick!Phillip character development stuff.

5)Really, it’s mostly standard stuff and most of that ‘mostly’ is Phillip being needlessly emotional/dramatic over it.

6)Uhh…Phillip’s 23rd August birthday puts him as one of the youngest in his year so that might come up somewhere.

I don’t think there’s anything else but I’m making this up as I go along, to be honest. I’m so sorry about him though.


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.It probably didn't take that long...But…it felt like days or forever or maybe not forever but at least days but then again, Phillip hadn’t really given them much of a chance for it to not technically be days, given how close to midnight it had been when he had stumbled (literally) to the hospital wing.   

And this impatience was what led the boy to call out “Umm…help?” And that comment was louder than Phillip had meant for it to be given the whole stuffed-up-in-the-ears thing. What? Phillip was eleven and didn’t exactly know all the relevant medical terms.  

And yes, Phillip was too distracted to think of pressing the call buzzer.   Phillip absolutely hated the off-balance thing, okay?

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