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Elaine Stewart

The search for Hadrian: part three

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After that embarrassing moment in the library, Elaine was sort of reluctant to look in weird and strange locations. After all, students could be snogging in broom closets for all she knew. Elaine had never been snogged before and didn't think she would be snogged for awhile even though a lot of her peers already had been. She was just too shy for that sort of thing, and beside, she would need a boyfriend for that to ever happen.


And there just wasn't anyone she was really interested in. Sure, she had had a crush on Kimber, but she had sort of moved past that now. Now her task was to find Hadrian, wherever he might be. She wandered around on the third floor aimlessly for a bit, before she found herself inexplicably approaching the room with the rows of shining, gleaming knight armor. "He wouldn't be in there, would he?" she mused to herself as she continued to approach. Just then the sound of rattling armor made her jump and her gray eyes go wide.


"Maybe he is in here!" Elaine exclaimed as she dashed in.


Gazing around, she turned around only to come face to face with...


More armor. "Great, just great," she muttered to herself.

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