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#21 Edward Borage

Edward Borage


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Posted 25 February 2017 - 08:54 AM

The older boy's offers of generalised help sounded good and he wasn't the only one who didn't know anything about healing so that kind of made him feel better, even if it made him feel just as useless as before.  He couldn't do much to help but follow his mother's orders and keep out of the way. But Edward knew that no matter how impotent he felt, he had it better than the older boy who'd taken down his name. Up until now he'd believed that age conferred great wisdom and longed-for adulthood status that meant you always knew what you were doing. The epiphany he now received was that this was not always the case and that being older didn't always bring anything other than more confusion.


Not exactly pleasant as it shattered several long held beliefs but Edward also realised that he was in far better shape to help out and it wasn't by staying out of the way.  The older boy was losing it and all that would do would add another student to the growing list of those that needed help.


Edward turned from getting help from an adult and made his way back to the other lad. "I didn't catch your name but you said something about getting food? Like from the kitchens? We should totally go do that and bring something back. People are bound to want to eat at some point, right? And you can show me the way."


Yup, people who were about to lose it needed to be given something to do and the getting of food was going to be the tool he used to help the older boy.


"Come on, lead the way. We'll bring back heaps of things...drinks too," Edward ordered in a tone his mother would have used if she'd stuck around. 

#22 Tangle Wilde

Tangle Wilde


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Posted 01 March 2017 - 06:52 PM

Tangle had been enjoying a nice, little snack as she poured over her Care of Magical Creatures textbook in the Great Hall that day. Hogsmeade was certainly overrated, but she rather liked the peace that fell over public places on those Saturdays.


Finishing her last bit of toast, she had made to get up and put her things away, the outdoors calling to her per usual, but she stopped mid rise as the Professors got up and announced that they were on lock down, and then proceeded to cast spells to barricade the doors. Frozen, and heart sinking, Tangle plopped back on the Hufflepuff bench, trying to push away the creeping anxiety that started whenever she was 'locked in' anywhere. "You are above you're claustrophobia," she muttered to herself, pulling her open textbook closer to herself as she started to feel the large Great Hall shrink in size.


The walls weren't closing in as quickly as they would have when she was eight years old and even the mention of a locked door sent her in a downward spiral. She tried to concentrate on pushing out the walls as various things happened around her from a dragon appearing to more students appearing and an older woman. Breathe in, breathe out, she told herself silently, but despite her best efforts, her heart rate was climbing, and what once always felt like a large expanse was now minuscule. It was suffocating, and she could feel herself start to hyperventilate. Pulling in on herself, she started rocking back and forth, silent except small whimpers coming out at each rock forward. It had taken longer than usual, but she had completely succumbed to her claustrophobia.

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