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Cordelia Waldegrave

In loving memory of Madam Tibbles

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Cordelia Waldegrave

Death. The end. Six feet under. Another one bites the dust. Deaded. Donzo.


Madam Tibbles was all of those things and Cordelia was doing her best to cope with that fact, and to be honest it wasn't going so well. Unless you counted wearing the same sweater for two weeks straight and crying at the drop of a hat as coping well. But all of that was about to change, maybe, hopefully, probably not.


Seeing as how Cordy didn't have a body to host a funeral, the ickle had to settle for a celebration of life ceremony, which to be honest are for more fun than funerals. Or at least Cordy's would be, because she had an in with a certain man who was the proud owner of a giant inflatable pub. It wasn't the same as a bouncy castle, but it would have to do. Plus bouncy castles weren't exactly appropriate for a somber affair such as this.


For once in her life the ickle remembered she could use magic to avoid lugging ridiculously heavy objects around. Cordy was just nailing the final peg into place which meant Ethan would be arriving shortly with sandwiches she had requested, and hopefully liters upon liters of pumpkin juice to wash them down, because peanut butter cheese sandwiches weren't everyone's cup of tea.


Speaking of her partner in crime, "Ethan!" she greeted the only friend she could convince to help her, mainly so he make sure she didn't accidentally kill herself with a hammer. "You can put those inside next to the pile of bark.


Please wait for Ethan to post.

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Ethan Smith

He had never seen death before, or known anyone that has passed away. When he came back to Hogwarts and he heard about Madam Tibbles, his heart broke. Remember that she would never call anyone by their real names. He would always be Nathan to Madam Tibbles.

His best friend Cordy had said something along the lines that she wanted to host a celebration of life for her. Ethan was all up for the idea, showing that they really cared about her. It was so odd not seeing her in the chamber, making sweaters for everyone. He was wearing his today, and it was not the best weather to wear it. But for her memory Ethan decided to wear it.

He left the kitchen holding something that Cordy came up with, some peanut butter cheese sandwiches, knowing that she didn’t like jelly. Ethan made sure that there was no jelly near them at all. He also had a lot of pumpkin juice. The drink he didn’t like at all.

“Cordy hey, I hope that we got enough.” He said as he placed them down next to the bark. “So, celebration of her life, should be like her and greet everyone by a wrong name.” He said, looking at the inflatable pub that was set up. “You did a great job, what name did she call you by Cordy. I was always Nathan.” He said laughing. Sure him and Cordy only knew her for a year, but she was someone that everyone was going to miss.


This thread to celebrate the life of Madam Tibbles, please feel free to post anything you want about one of everyone favorite dueling officiators. She will be truly missed. Have some treats, talk to friends, think about the memories that you had with Madam Tibbles. She might be gone, but we will never forget her.

This thread is now open.


edit-coding is the worse

Edited by Ethan Smith

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London Yates

As it may seem to disbelief, London was no longer acting like a Yates, and well, being himself. The ground had started to become more chilly, and sweater season was upon them.


London wasn't one to believe in an afterlife, although the ghosts that haunted his families house, and the ones in the castle seemed to be full blown proof of his scepticism. Which led him to rethink his belief as he came into possession of a sweater on his bed with the single word 'ENGLAND' which had seemed to be embroidered onto the fabric.


Now wearing said sweater on his person, he looked to Ethan and Cordy in the distance as he mozied to them as it seemed he approached the two in just the right time. "She called me England." Which wasn't too far off from his nickname, in which in the end, he was happy that she didn't know that his real name was Constantine.

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Cordelia Waldegrave

Cordy could spot a Made by Tibbles sweater a mile away. So, when London arrived donning his which was probably straight off the 2035 runway, the ickle quickly squashed the memories of its wearers less than pleasant comments about Kimber not loving her. "London!" she bounced over to their first mourner. "Oh sorry, I mean London," the ickle lowered her voice to just over a whisper, "I forgot inside voices. But, look Tibbles made me a sweater too." The ickle proceeded to pull at the hem of her hamburger sweater for London to get a better few of all its glory. Cordy had two sweaters, but this wasn't the time or place to brag. Plus her mummy's voice was bellowing in her head to be nice.


If Tibbles used to call Cordelia by the wrong name she couldn't remember, mainly because Cordy was always too preoccupied with the anticipation of sweets and knitwear. "You should eat a sandwich, or a piece of bark, whatever floats your boat."

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