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Ingrid Leighton

Ingrid Meredith Leighton

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Ingrid Leighton

ingrid meredith leighton
Slytherin | VH34





Edited by Ingrid Leighton

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Ingrid Leighton

the basics
Family.| Basic Attributes.


Jane Pidget Leighton
Mother, Muggle
Pre-Law Undergratuate Degree.
Homemaker and part-time Paralegal.


Herbert Leighton


Father, Wizard.
Hufflepuff Alumni.
Ministry of Magic- Undersecretary of Broom Regulation and Sanctioning.

Asher Francis Leighton
Brother, Brat.
Currently only Seven.
Still a Brat.


all about rid

Ingrid Meredith Leighton
Born December Eleventh, 2036.
In Cardiff, Wales. Thus has a Welsh Accent.
Bright Red, Bushy Hair.
Hazel Eyes. Blue with flecks of green and brown.
Will never get taller than 5'6".
Often found wearing clashing colours.
Half-Blood, raised like a muggle.
Effervescent and friendly.
With a bit of a mean streak when she's angry.


More to be added.




Edited by Ingrid Leighton

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Ingrid Leighton

in depth
Looking closer| What drives you?


December 11

Cheerful Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. Jupiter is the happy planet, full of energy and confidence. Sagittarians often reflect Jupiters larger-than-life persona. Sagittarius is the ultimate free spirit: optimistic, open-minded and ambitious. Happiest in wide-open spaces with plenty of adventure and excitement. You juggle a million projects, hobbies and friends. The more, the merrier! Sagittarius is forever pursuing a super-sized goal. Even when you fail, nothing can keep you down.




11 ¼ inch cedar dragon heartstring



"I have never yet met the owner of a cedar wand whom I would care to cross, especially if harm is done to those of whom they are fond. The witch or wizard who is well-matched with cedar carries the potential to be a frightening adversary, which often comes as a shock to those who have thoughtlessly challenged them."

feminine, stubborn, powerful

dragon heartstring

"As a rule, dragon heartstrings produce wands with the most power, and which are capable of the most flamboyant spells. Dragon wands tend to learn more quickly than other types ..."

raw power, permanent, unyielding



capra hircus | Suomenvuohi

Copper Finnish Landrace Pygmy Goat



"Stubborn, Protective, and Playful, the Pygmy Finnish Landrace goat is a handful. Constantly moving, climbing, jumping, and inquisitive about all new things in their surroundings, they also will not bend to the will of others without their own motives behind an action."
Edited by Ingrid Leighton

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Ingrid Leighton

Relationships| Who do you love?


yearmates | vh34 | #thesevenyearcurse


Havana Towne | Roommate | Teammate | Besties | She's kinda evil tho |

>> Vana and Ingrid met through roommate bonding, in which Ingrid got them attacked by owls. 


Edwin Gabor | Adventurer | Best Friend | Occasional Crush |

>> From making mudpies in PHP to filling bathrooms with bubbles and going on hikes. Inseparable. 


Halcyon Pelletier | Reluctant Friend | Has a cute face... cat | Is often annoyed | 

>> Kittens are the best way to attract friends. Especially overly excitable, impulsive friends. 


Milo Shin | Horrible Human Being | Seriously he's the worst | Might end up murdering each other. | 

>> From stomping on mud pies to cutting of Ingrid's hair, Milo has proven that he really needs to be beaten into a pulp. 


Desmond Potter | Apparently he's famous? | Friend. | Rid likes to mess with him | 

>> Met when Vana enlisted them into kidnapping a cat. Oblivious to his famous family, likes to mess with him from time to time. 


Selena Watkins | Classmate | Friend | Adorably Innocent omg | 

>> A frequent friend in classes who Rid enjoys using for her ability to actually comprehend the things she reads. 


Juan Garcia | Teammate | Fellow Mentee | Kind of ridiculous | 

>> When Ingrid says you're ridiculous, the pot is calling the kettle black and you know it's super serial. 


Kieran Wells | Teammate | Fellow Mentee | Has a face now? 

>> They attempted to steal a DVD player together, and for a while, Rid couldn't exactly remember what he looked like. 



~~ still a work in progress, will add more peeps soon. 



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Ingrid Leighton

Year zero| Where do you belong?



pre-hogwarts primary

workbook highlights


Ingrid learn's she's a witch. 



In the sitting room next to the kitchen, Ingrid regarded the intruder to their home with wide eyes. Sitting on the television was a great big barn owl with huge yellow eyes. Ingrid's dad set her gently to the ground in front of the owl, picking up the letter it had dropped and giving the owl a small treat from his pocket.


The letter was for her! Ingrid was speechless for probably the first time in her short life. She took the letter and turned it over, seeing the waxy seal and almost being afraid to break it. "Hogwarts?" she whispered to herself, remembering suddenly that the word meant something to her, from all the fantastic books in her Daddy's study.


"Jane, dear," Herbert Leighton said to the confused and angry face of his wife of 12 years. "Remember when I told you my family was... different?"



Breaking the rules, breaking the rules


"SHE DID IT!" said the boy earlier, pointing squarely at Ingrid. She tried to look abashed, and used the same look to the teacher. If she looked innocent, surely they couldn't think it was her, right? But the error had been made, as the pouch filled with powder fell out of Ingrid's lap and onto the floor, the teacher levitating it to her eye level before Ingrid could protest.


"Laughing Powder? Against your own housemate!? Young lady, come with me at once." The professor said sternly, grabbing Ingrid by her upper arm and pulling her from the table, amidst protests of "She started it!!"


One stern hand held the still-laughing girl, tears streaming down her face, the other held Ingrid, trying her best to dig her heels into the ground, lest she be taken to Mr. Filch's Office.


✿  Lazy Daisy    


Notable threads: 


water + dirt = fun | featuring Edwin Gabor and Milo Shin | PHP Crystal Fountain Park

>> Ingrid creates mudpies, Edwin helps, and Milo rains on everyone's parade. A lasting friendship and lasting hatred are both formed in one innocent thread.


will my wand have a big star on it? | featuring Claire Herondale | Ollivander's 

>> Rid gets her wand! After nearly destroying the shop. This will become a theme in her wandwork. 


up through your sleeve bursting at the seams | featuring Felicia Fletwock | Hogwarts Express 

>> Fe and Rid use slingshots to pelt the windows of the hogwarts express with various sweets. 





link to post



Don’t fret, Miss Leighton, I’m sure you’ll be just fine -- whoa! Steady there, lass! It's precarious enough, poised here atop your head, without you wobbling about on that shoddy stool. There you go, now, where were we? Ah yes, your sorting! Where to put you, where to put you... Righteous and brave, Gryffindor might be a fair fit, but creative and curious... perhaps Ravenclaw? No, no, I'm afraid neither of those houses will do. Driven, resourceful, self-motivated and uncompromising. No better place for you than... SLYTHERIN!


[entire vh34 chat: "LOL RID GOT SLYTHERIN WHAT??"] 




Edited by Ingrid Leighton

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Ingrid Leighton


Year One| Who will you be?



Story Arcs:



Misadventures in Catsitting #1 | Havana Towne && Desmond Potter | Castle Corridors

>>> Havana convinces Desmond to "borrow" Rowan Allard's cat, Takko. Ingrid is not present for this part of the plot. 


Misadventures in Catsitting #2 | Havana Towne && Halcyon Pelletier | Slytherin Common Room

>>> After bringing Takko to the Slytherin Common Room, Havana convinces Hals and Rid to participate by playing with the cute kitten. Ingrid has no choice but to adore the cute cat. 


Misadventures in Catsitting #3 | Havana Towne, Desmond Potter, Halcyon Pelletier && Rowan Allard | Astronomy Tower

>>> Havana sent a ransom note to Rowan, who found the group of intrepid and unwitting cat thieves on the Astronomy Tower. Rowan is, understandably, very upset that her cat has been stolen. Ingrid is oblivious. 


This old house is made of stone | Havana Towne | Slytherin Common Room 

>>> Ingrid is angry at Havana for tricking her into being an accomplice in the thievery of Rowan's cat. Havana reveals her motives behind the plan to Ingrid's surprise and she promptly forgets why she was mad. 


Can I trust you? Or are you like the others? | Desmond Potter | Lawn

>>> A few days post-catsitting adventure, Desmond and Ingrid do cartwheels on the lawn to heal their damaged friendship from Rid's perceived villainy. 


ev'rybody's pickin' up on that feline beat | Halcyon Pelletier | Lawn

>>> After becoming "friends," during the catsitting debacle, Halcyon feels that Ingrid is taking liberties with her contact with him and his cute cat, Minou. Ingrid, oblivious as ever, participates in creating "rules" for their friendship. 





I got angels by my side, can you see 'em? | Ollie Celeste && Havana Towne | Mr. Filch's Office

>>> Ollie, Havana and Rid break into Mr. Filch's office to pilfer confiscated items. Havana finds an old "Potter Stinks" badge and begins to plan handing them out, referring to Desmond rather than Harry. Rid finds a ring, and begins spouting nonsense.


Now I see the truth. I've got no doubt. | Havana Towne  && EVERYONE | Great Hall

>>> Havana begins her tirade about the "Potter Stinks" badges, hurting feelings, causing mayhem, generally spreading nonsense. Ingrid does the same, but with a little less control, due to her Lying Ring still affecting her speech. 


You need someone to listen to your fiction.| Ingrid && Many Others| Great Hall

>>> Rid's nonsense gains a following, as people believe her lies to be prophecies. Ingrid figures out she's being controlled and takes off the ring. The current whereabouts of the ring are unknown at this time. 






Prowling through the city, I need someone to blame| Seeley Pichardo && Professor James | Defense Offices

>>> Rid and Seeley have decided that they believe Professor James is hiding something. In this stakeout thread, they discuss the evidence while they wait, poised behind a statue, to capture a picture of the Professor in her true state. 


>>> Unlinked article written by Seeley about the existence of Hags in the Defense program at Hogwarts. 


>>> Unlinked DADA Lesson in which Professor Althaus teaches the first year class about Hags, ala Severus Snape teaching the class about werewolves, or so Seeley and Rid believe. 


The Truth is Out There| Seeley Pichardo && Professor Althaus | Unused Classroom

>>> After an outburst in the class Professor Althaus was substituting for about the existence of Hags in the castle, and why students go missing before Second Year, Rid and Seeley go back to his office to interrogate him about his involvement in the plot to cover up Hag involvement at Hogwarts. 




Death Eaters break into the school. 


Hogsmeade's Totally Overrated, right?| Havana Towne, Halcyon Pelletier, Charlie Perkins, Rowan Allard, Desmond Potter, Ryan Burtasche && Professor Mendelssohn | Castle Corridors

>>> Ingrid runs into a group of her classmates, trying to get to the Owlry on a Hogsmeade weekend. She had been wandering around the castle, bored. For some unknown reason, they cannot get up the stairs to the fourth floor. It's as if someone intentionally blocked off the staircase. Professor Mendelssohn rescues the first years from harm. 


And with these hands I'll move a mountain, build a castle to keep you safe| Edwin Gabor | Castle Corridors

>>> The staircases change just as Ingrid is making her escape from the castle during the attack. She shuts down and is too scared to move until Edwin finds her. Together, they find their way to one of the safe houses. 


Your hope dangling by a string I'll share in your suffering| Halcyon Pelletier && Havana Towne| Lawn

>>> Unbeknownst to Ingrid, Havana and Halcyon make it safely to one of the safe zones with Professor Mendelssohn, and realize that Ingrid somehow got left behind in the castle. 


And watching over lucky clover isn't that bizarre| Halcyon Pelletier && Havana Towne| Lawn

>>> Unbeknownst to Ingrid, Havana and Halcyon sneak back into the castle in an attempt to find both her and Rowan Allard. 




First Year, Worst Year 

The official tag of VH34's first year at Hogwarts, and the shenanigans they cause.



 And Who can tell what's waiting on the journey?VH34 && Rosie Roux | Forbidden Forrest

>>> Rose leads the first year class out for an extra herbology assignment. Unbeknownst to them, there is no assignment. 


Wingardium Levi-food-saVH34 | Great Hall

>>> In an attempt to practice a new spell learned using pie and other confections, all hell breaks out in the great hall.  


VH 34 SuperlativesVH34 | Great Hall

>>> People win awards. Ingrid wins one too, for "Biggest Hair."  


Yes we rule the world, for now, if we choose toVH34 | Armor Gallery

>>> All of the First Years gather to exchange candy and tell stories about their Christmas break. 


Here Come the Pie| VH34 | Great Hall

>>> Desmond Potter finally marries the love of his life. Pie. 


Nothing Interesting Going on HereVH34 | Great Hall

>>> Really, don't look. There's no point. Nothing interesting ever happens in this thread. That's the point.





Every step I'm taking every move I make | Havana Towne && Bryony King | The West Tower

>>> Ingrid drags Havana up to the owlry to pet the owls. Things do not go as planned and thankfully, a prefect is there to rescue them from the Hitchcockian scene. 


There's a monster in the lake | Havana Towne, Juan Garcia, Rowan Allard && Comet Endelsohn | The Lakefront

>>> Newly sorted first years attempt to find the giant squid through the use of various treats. 


You did this, you freak | Milo Shin | The Hospital Wing

>>> Milo and Ingrid have to go to the hospital wing for injuries sustained during he "howlers in the library" incident. Milo blames Ingrid, and Ingrid learns what it means to hate someone. 


Let it rain, rain down on me | Edwin Gabor | Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom

>>> While exploring the castle, Edwin finds Ingrid filling the bathroom with bubbles as punishment for not being more interesting. A bubble fight for the ages ensues. 


And then I'll take the room to pieces| Kirk Lawson && Tarquin Pomfrey-Corner | The Hospital Wing 

>>> Havana lets a bludger out in flying class and, knowing nothing of Quidditch, Ingrid tries to catch it softball style- breaking her wrist. Kirk begrudgingly takes a sobbing Ingrid to the hospital wing, where Tarquin fixes her up. 


Get in losers, we're going shopping | Abigail Goodfellow, Grover Penn, Juan Garcia, Kieran Wells && Professor Gawkrodger | Muggle Studies Offices

>>> Ingrid disregards the mentor assignments and tags along with Abby and Grover's group. They attempt to steal/borrow a DVD player for a movie night with the group. 


I see silver linings everyday | Halcyon Pelletier | Homes & Holidays | Cardiff, Wales

>>> Hals visits Ingrid in her hometown over christmas break, and the two share hot cocoa at a Welsh pub. 


Nobody told me that life would be cruel, take a lesson boy back to school | Abigail Goodfellow | The Quidditch Pitch

>>> After realizing that Ingrid's quidditch knowledge needs help. A lot of help. Abby offers to teach Ingrid the rules of the game. 




ugh this is taking forever, I'll add more soon. 

Edited by Ingrid Leighton

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