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How To Hold A Wand: 101

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#41 Juniper Lee

Juniper Lee


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Posted 24 February 2017 - 05:09 PM

The bright sunshine reminded Juni of her growing up years thousands of miles and a continent or two away—Who knew the silly old sun could bring back crazy fun memories of tag in her old school playground? She had an excited smirk plastered to her face as she ran towards the forming group at Mrs. Brom's cheery summons. Her senses were tingling; a game's afoot! 
"Today we're going to have some fun." HA. Called it. Juniper was practically bouncing in place. Maybe she could turn this game into tag or something more... Extra. More extra than poking bubbles, that is.
Immediately snatching up a twig the first chance she got, she hopped and skipped to the nearest floating sphere and poked it. And again. And again. And again. And ag—She noticed Martha poking the guest teacher and running away. Now that looked like fun. She poked another bubble and dashed at the direction of what seemed to be Martha's next target. Grinning as Martha poked another student, she jabbed her twig at the fleshy part of Martha's arm and skipped backwards laughing.
Poking flesh is fun. 
She poked a bubble floating near her as she skipped away cackling. This was definitely way better than tag.

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#42 Celeste Ferranti

Celeste Ferranti


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Posted 26 February 2017 - 10:37 PM

Waving twigs around seemed fairly pointless. It couldn't possibly be the same as a real wand and.. was there an actual purpose to poking the bubbles? Celeste didn't see one as she pulled hers from out between the fingers that had just started to grasp it. It was hers first. She sighed a little before deciding she'd show everyone how talented she was with a wand.. even if it was a fake one. None of the bubbles stood a chance as she swished her "wand" through the air.


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#43 Winifred O'Leary

Winifred O'Leary


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Posted 27 February 2017 - 09:09 AM

Asking for help was never Winnie’s plan of action. The girl’s preferred way of problem-solving was working by herself until she figured it out. In her house, where the walls nearly shook from the thundering footsteps of children, Winnie was accustomed to parents that found it impossible to attend to every single child’s needs. Who cared about helping WInifred with homework when Theodore broke his leg climbing trees again? Idiot.

It was this thought process that kept the girl attempting to manuever the wand ( no, twig ) the way Mrs. Brom instructed. However, no matter what she tried, her method never turned out exactly like Mrs. Brom’s. Her brows drew together in deep concentration and she gave the wand another hard flick --- only this time the wood slipped from her flimsy grip and was sent careening through the air. Eyes widened. “Watch out!” Worry decorated her face as she moved to run after the wayward wand.


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#44 Hamish Lundy

Hamish Lundy


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Posted 28 February 2017 - 12:30 AM

Hamish felt like a right idiot standing around and waving a bloody twig. He'd seen him mum perform magic many times and she never held her wand a certain way. It was always different, always moved different for each individual spell or curse. How was this was supposed to make him understand magic? Hamish felt foolish, face scrunched into an ugly grimace as he dropped the twig to the ground, his left foot raising over it before he stomped down and heard the satisfying crunch of the twig under his boot. 


"Oh no," the boy deadpanned, "my twig is broken."


Running a hand over his buzzed hair, he glanced around in search of the best escape route only to be thwacked in the face by the very thing he'd just destroyed...another bloody twig.


"Oi!" He clutched at his face, a string of inappropriate words leaving his mouth. "Who did that?" 









#45 Celeste Ferranti

Celeste Ferranti


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Posted 28 February 2017 - 05:28 AM

Why couldn't they have used toy wands? Was there no money in the budget? It would have been more realistic.. even if they were toys. Babies played with toys.. although weirdos played with twigs so.. she couldn't say which was worse.

She watched as the boy destroyed the twig. Some people were so rude.. like her as she had half a mind to do the same but decided against it when he was hit with someone's twig, her lips quirking slightly as she tried not to laugh out right. Perhaps that was proof karma was a thing.


#46 Winifred O'Leary

Winifred O'Leary


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Posted 28 February 2017 - 10:09 PM

Was there a spell that could make the grass-covered ground swallow her whole? Winnie had never wished for something so fervently. Cheeks tinted pink and eyes averted from the boy's while she wrung her hands together, as if she could wring the embarrassment from her soul in one simple motion. She couldn't.


"I'm s-so so sorry!" the girl apologized, her earnest blue orbs pouring into the other's. In his eyes, all she could see was a glint of pain and anger --- or was the irritation she sensed coming from the obscenities falling from his mouth more rapidly than a sailor's? "I wasn't trying to hit you!" Did that make the situation better? --- She hoped so. 


Winnie bent down to pick up the fallen twig and again let out another apology when she rose. "S-sorry about that." And this time, when she went to cautiously swish her wand through the air, her motions were slower (still wrong) but at least the twig stayed within her grasp.



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