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#1 Wyatt Lazarus

Wyatt Lazarus


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Posted 11 January 2017 - 03:51 PM

He had gotten lost. It wasn't the most unusual part of Hogwarts thus far. Wyatt had been trying to locate the hospital wing. He had wanted to try and find out what would happen when his bruise-remover paste collection ran out. Wyatt did not know whether he would be good at potions, and he also did not know how to make anymore. It was a essential paste from him to keep on his person at all times. 


So how had he ended up surrounded by suits of armour?


It was simple, really. The older year he had asked for directions hadn't given them in a language which Wyatt had understood. For a moment the first year was going to leave and carry on his search. It was as he turned, a shine of something metal caught his eye, and Wyatt faced the weapons which were pinned up. 


"Did they ever actually use these?" He asked out loud. Had it been some sort of punishment for unruly students? Wyatt reached for a long sword, the heaviness causing it to drop to the floor with a loud clang. "Darn it!"

#2 Milo Shin

Milo Shin


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Posted 16 January 2017 - 05:44 PM

Milo didn’t actually think this school could get any weirder. There were moving staircases and on top of that some of the portraits actually talked to him and like, walked around. Milo still wasn’t used to all of this. It was one thing to be a wizard but actually living in the real world with magic? Yeah, he still couldn’t fathom it all. All of this had to be some sort of joke but going on two weeks here now he couldn’t actually escape the fact that he was stuck here now. He actually was a wizard and magic was real.


He still did not like the fact that there was no wifi and his experiences here had all been bad. Fighting, getting detention and who knew what else was not a typical thing for Minjun. He had always been able to get by scot free almost all his life. He didn’t have daddy’s money to get him out of any situation now. Wizarding stuff was different, heck he was sure everything was different about his life right about now.


He was following Wyatt around, one of his new found friends. It was a shame they weren’t in the same house but Milo didn’t really mind it. Ravenclaw wasn’t atrocious but he certainly didn’t like being associated with all nerds. He was Asian and wasn’t that stereotypical? Yep. He certainly thought so. Then suddenly he saw them too, the suits of armor. He’d only ever seen them in books. European armor was certainly different from the armor he was used to in the east. “Ah!” The sword dropping startled him. “Why are they even here?” Milo didn’t see any need for them. “Do you think we can levitate one of those helmets?”

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