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Nova Coleridge

Coleridge, Nova

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NAME: Nova Lyra Coleridge



WHAT DO YOU WANT TO LEARN MOST FROM THIS SCHOOL ( IC ): Nova wants to make the most out of her experience. Due to her wanting to make friends and be able to learn more about the magical world. And being as prepared as she can be for Hogwarts.

WHAT DO YOU WANT TO LEARN MOST FROM THIS SCHOOL ( OC ): I want to be able to make friends, develop my characters more, and be able to become better. And of course enjoying myself.


❄ Climbing Trees and Sitting In Trees

❄ Socializing ( tends to be too be too talkative )

❄ Reading the Quibbler Or Any Sort of Magazine

❄ Baking with her grandmother

❄ Watching Quidditch

❄ Being Outdoors

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Lesson Completed/Workbook Started !




Nova sat in her bedroom reading the latest issue of Tiger Beat magazine, even though she knew it was an American Magazine. She still enjoyed it, and her grandmother constantly ordered them for her on Amazon or one of those online shopping companies. Due to her grandmother loving to shop online, due to her not liking to go to shops. Turning each pages she smiled when she read the latest facts on celebrities. She was definitely an internet kid. And despite only being eleven years old she thought herself rather mature for her age. But she soon heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

Turning to see her grandmother standing in the doorway, who seemed to filled with joy on her face. As it made Nova look up, and ask. " You seem awfully happy gram. ". Causing her grandmother to look and she said. " I am excited since a letter came for you today. " smiled her grandmother. Leading the eleven year old to look and ask. " Really? I generally don't get mail since I am only a kid. " said Nova as she looked at her grandmother.

" Well little one, come on downstairs and see it. Your siblings have already been eagerly wanting to read what it says. " smiled her grandmother. Her siblings had all enjoyed when things came for Nova. Despite having only three younger siblings. Which her father raised all of them, but was often working, and her grandmother took care of them.

As she soon got up from the bed, and followed her grandmother down the stairs as she walked into the kitchen to see her little brother, staring down at the letter. And soon changed his view to Nova as the eight year old looked up and he said. " Open it please!! I want to see what it says. " smiled her little brother face filled with glee. Causing her to raise her eyebrow, and she soon said.

" Why do you care? It isn't for you. " leading her little brother to look at her and he looked, and he said. " Well the back of it has some weird seal on it and it is from some place I have no sure where it was. " sighed her little brother, but soon her grandmother looked, and said. " It is from Hogwarts, a school I have yet to tell you about. " said her grandmother looking at the eight year old intently.

But she soon looked, and she said. " May I read it thought? Since it was address to me not him. " as she picked up the letter and began to open it and soon she got the letter opened. As she smiled and soon she read it with glee, as she looked, and she looked at the place where it was. And soon her brother peered over her and asked. " Do I get to go too? " asked the little boy looking at their grandmother.

Their grandmother looked at them, and she said. " When your old enough yes, but right now no. Meaning your stuck home with me, and that could be fun for me. Since I can keep you in line, along with your other siblings. And your father will be so proud of you. " smiled her grandmother kissing her head giving her a hug. Causing her to look, and she said. " I am so excited to go, but first can you tell me more about the school. " asked Nova.

" Of course sweetheart! " smiled her grandmother, and she knew she was clearly ready to go the school.

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Nova Lyra Coleridge
Pre-Hogwarts Primary, VH35
I have a habit of climbing trees and reading in them.
Dear Gram and Daddy,
I hope writing this to you is not an inconvenience, but my thoughts on the rules at this school is not good. Since they seem too strict, and I feel like they need to calm down with the rules. But aside from that I got myself in trouble for being in a tree. Then again I was in a tree past curfew. Which was probably not the smartest thing to do I guess. But why can't I spend my nights in trees, since they seem peaceful.
Unlike home where I could sleep in trees, but still it kind of unfair. But then again rules are there to keep order. And it is needed due to the mischief in the school, which I may have took part in, but it was only for fun. Since pranking is kind of fun, but then again rule breaking isn't smart. But they still should allow us to sleep in trees. Even if it may a bit unhealthy.
It more fun to see the stars to fall asleep in, then sleeping in a dormitory with other people. Not that I mind it since making friends is a lot of fun. But come on nature is my friend. Well I really wanted to just tell you that, and I hope your doing well you know. Since I am doing really well, minus the no sleeping in trees rule. Due to being out past curfew, but come on that doesn't hurt.
I should stop complaining, since the school has plenty of positive attributes to it. And please tell everyone I said hello, even though it addressed to both of you. And can you please sent me cookies or candy since nothing beats grandma's pastries.
I hope your all doing well, and see you at Christmas.
Yours always,
Nova Coleridge


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GREGARIOUS - fond of company; sociable.

There is no denying that Nova loves to be around people, and talking to them in general. Due to her wanting to make as many friends as she can, and she tends to be the most sociable in the family. And for as long as she could remember she has been able to meet people and become their friends. And tends to take it seriously if someone doesn't want to be her friend. As well as doing anything in her power to make sure someone becomes her friend.

IMPULSIVE - acting or done without forethought.

Nova has always had the habit of not thinking about things before she does it, And it tends to often get in her trouble, which she always find some way of getting herself out of it. And it tends to be the one thing that gets on her grandmother's nerves. But the one thing she is able to is admit when she is wrong and is willing to admit it. And she tends to not hesitate and will go right in head first.

HONEST - free of deceit and untruthfulness; sincere.

One trait of hers is that she is very honest, and when she does something wrong she will make sure she clears her name. And if she doesn't like someone she will be extremely honest about it. But she mostly uses her honesty to tell the truth, and knows the truth is will be what gets her farther than lying. A motto she strongly lives by.

SARCASTIC - marked by or given to using irony in order to mock or convey contempt.

Despite her being extremely kind, she tends to be rather sarcastic, and tends to use sarcasm quite a bit. And it is one thing that bothers her father since she tends to be sarcastic when she is mad. And is one of her flaws, that she does not care about. She just likes to state the truth, and will use sarcasm in it.

FEARLESS - lacking fear.

Nova tends to not having any fear, and will not let anything phase her. And will just let it go, often with some sort of snarky comment. But she tends to dive head first, and will do everything she can to help others. And will not hesitate, something her father often said reminds him of her mother. Due to her being fearless, and not letting things fearless. As well as not letting fear strike her, even if it means putting a face on. At least she would know that she was not going to let others bring her down.

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NAME: Nova Lyra Coleridge
HOUSE: Sparklypoo
BIRTHDAY: April 4, 2026
HOMETOWN: St. Albans, United Kingdom
CURRENT HOME: St. Albans, United Kingdom
FIVE WORDS: Gregarious, Impulsive, Honest, Sarcastic, Fearless


HAIR COLOR: Light Blonde with brown roots.
HAIR STYLE: Nova's hair is long, coming down to her pass her shoulders, and tends to be styled in hair ties. Or for the most part just down. Truly depends on her mood.
HEIGHT: 4.5 ( Pre-Hogwarts/First Year )

FASHION SENSE: Nova tends to wear anything she desires really whether it be jeans, t shirt. Or bright colored dresses, even tending to wear sundresses. And she considers herself to not really have any sort of fashion sense. But right now anything bright or floral tends to interest her.
LAL: Olivia Holt
FATHER'S NAME: Marcus James Coleridge
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Thirty-Eight, Traveling Photographer, Pureblood, Former Hufflepuff, Living
MOTHER'S NAME: Diana Grace Bostwick
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Thirty-Six, Actress/Model, Muggleborn, Former Gryffindor, Unknown
Archer Coleridge ( VH38 )
Penelope Coleridge ( VH39 )
Callum Coleridge ( VH39 )
Beatrice " Bea " Coleridge ( Grandmother/Former Hufflepuff )
Isaac Coleridge ( Grandfather/Former Slytherin ) Deceased

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