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Maria-Victoria Rowan

When you find what you never even know you've lost

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Maria-Victoria Rowan

(OOC: This thread takes place just outside the Great Hall! Number: 7. Topic: Cat.)


Mimi was walking to get some lunch, humming to herself happily, when she suddenly stopped. She felt a firm pressure on her ankle through the robes! She looked down, started, and saw...


"Aww, kitty! Well, aren't you sweet!" she cooed softly, crouching down to pet the cat and scratch behind its ears. It purred and Mimi smiled a melted-little smile. "Are you lost? You're a long way from any of the dormitories!" she noted.


"Well, it's settled then! I'll have to help you find your parent! ...parents?" Mimi wondered aloud, looking around. Some of those big students looked pretty old! Probably some of them could be married! ...besides, her big sister had gotten engaged when she was still at Hogwarts, technically. Who says if any of them were engaged, they couldn't adopt a cat together?


Regardless, there was no time to lose! Mimi gently scooped up the purring cat, snuggling it and petting it. Somebody approached almost immediately--undoubtedly going to the Great Hall for lunch, just like Mimi had been, she decided. Perhaps they could wait just another minute?


"Excuse me! Is this your kitty?" Mimi asked, running up and holding out the surprisingly-relaxed cat at the newcomer.

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