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Juan had been meaning to write home for a few days, but he just hadn't found the time. Between getting lost in the castle and managing to stumble across a bunch of lost items, trying out for Quidditch and trying to duel, not to mention the actual class part of school... He just hadn't had time to sit down and write a letter to anyone. Besides, he didn't have an owl, and he'd only just found out that the school had some he could use to send letters home.


So, he marched up to the owlery and handed the bird his letter. No one had ever really clued him in on how owls knew where to go or why they just suddenly knew how to send letters, or if they'd even wait around for his family to send something back. Honestly, he didn't know anything about anything at the moment, but at least he had ages to figure it all out.


What if they weren't even home though? That sounded like a Garcia thing, if he was honest. But maybe, hopefully, at least one of his sisters would realise he might try to send letters home and had decided to stay behind this time around.


He offered the bird a little pat on the head before sending her off. The way she teetered in the wind worried him, but he chalked it up to just... wind. Hopefully.


Hey guys!


I'm at Hogwarts. It's Juan, by the way. So I've been super busy. There's Quidditch here, kinda like the ones Chava and Tio Pelos play, so I am really hoping I make the team for that. Oh, there's houses, like categories kind of. Apparently, I'm in the house of evil people, so I don't really know what to think about that. Just fair warning to Tony, I'm apparently evil, so stop taking my stuff.


Um, what else? There's food here that's just magicked into existence, and like, that's really cool, but it's so bland, honestly. Like, where are the tortas? Or even the Tapatio? There's no freaking Tapatio sauce. Or Cholula. Or Maggie. Literally no sauces anywhere. It's so frustrating, everything tastes like Helena's cooking. Don't tell her I said that.


I've also gotten into classes and stuff. There's no math. I thought that was weird. Or science. We just have astronomy, flying, potions, and herbology. I think we have more classes next term or something. I don't know. I got into this thing called dueling, and it's basically like boxing, but with spells. Ask abuela when you see her. Is she back in El Dorado or is she still at home? Because I'm thinking of going back in December.


So yeah, send a response with the bird. I think. I don't know how this works. Bye!





The entirety of the letter is in Spanish.

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Lindy had never gotten a letter she didn't expect before. She knew her mum's owl now - it was the same one she always used when she traveled - and she would usually send one a week, unless there was something extra exciting. So the unknown owl that had landed on the windowsill of the living room was a curious situation all around. Naturally, Lindy opened the window to let it in. She fed it a cookie while she took the letter, eyebrows knitted together as she realized she was never going to understand the letter.


Because it was in Spanish, and Lindy only had bits of languages under her belt from Dad's travels. Well, at least she knew enough Spanish to catch on that it was Spanish. There was a dictionary for that around here somewhere.




Hello Juan!


My name's Lindy. I think your owl flew to the wrong house by mistake, because I don't know anyone named Juan. I translated your letter - or well, my dad has a dictionary for it here, so I tried my best.


It's so cool you're at Hogwarts though! I'm going next year, because I'm still ten, but I'm really excited. I don't think Slytherin's actually the wicked house. My dad played for Slytherin Quidditch! He's a dragon researcher now, but he's kinda little so I'm sure they'll let you play if you're not, like, a bug.


I'm not sure what Tapatio sauce is or who Helena is. Is Maggie a person? If you go down to the kitchens, you can ask the elves to make you something special! Are you a Muggle born? I guess not since you know what Quidditch is, but I promise Hogwarts food can be really yummy! Daddy loves it.


Do you like the sciences and maths and stuff? I like dragons, so I think I'll like the creatures class the best. Do you like dueling? I've heard people die from it sometimes, but I'm not scared. I hope you can go to El Dorado for winter holidays! I watched a Muggle movie about it with my Uncle Fran, and it was really cool.


The owl's supposed to know where to go, so hopefully this actually goes to the right person this time...


Lindy Rose

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He'd been eating in the Great Hall, enjoying his food as much as he could, given how bland it was, when an owl swooped down and landed right on his hand, still lifting food up to his mouth. Momentarily confused, he noticed his name written on the envelope in a scrawl he didn't exactly recognise. Crap, did he have to bail out a family member?

Taking in the owl's appearance, he realised it was the bird he'd sent back home. Oh, maybe Leticia, their house sitter, had responded and was extremely confused about the letter's contents. Only... It wasn't Leticia. It was a Lindy.

His eyes scanned the page, offering a piece of bacon to the owl as he did so. What? Oh man, had he just broken like the one rule of wizardry? No... As he kept reading, he slowly started piecing everything together. She was magic. Her dad had been a Slytherin. And he'd been on the team!

Juan quickly grabbed at a spare piece of parchment from his bag and fetched a quill, willing the owl to stay so he could send a letter back by feeding her all the pieces of bacon.

Hey Lindy!

Sorry about that then. Nice to know you're super resourceful though. That might put you in Slytherin, because that's also apparently one of our words. Or traits. Next year is going to be so great for you! You're going to love Hogwarts. There's so much to do!

Also, your dad sounds like super cool. Think he could give me any pointers on how to get on the team? Everyone there is so intimidating, and the two captains look like they'd rather beat me over the head with a bat than teach me how to defend myself. But wow, dragon researcher. That sounds intense. And really dangerous.

Um, Tapatio and Maggie and Cholula are all different sauces. They have them literally everywhere in Mexico, and bits of Spain and the States, but I haven't seen them much everywhere else. It's weird, I'll be honest. But also, what do you mean elves? Elves make the food? Like elves with pointy ears and stuff? LIKE LEGOLAS?!

And no, I don't think I'm a muggleborn. My abuelita has magic, but it skipped my mamá, so technically, we're magical? I don't know, I haven't really researched much on it. I can't imagine you're a muggleborn since your dad is a dragon researcher, right?

The creatures class! Yes! I'll see you in that class then! I love animals so much, but because my family was always travelling, we couldn't have a pet. I really wanted a goldfish, but for our welcoming night, we raced snakes, and don't tell anyone but I stole one. I named him Truman. Or her. It could honestly be a her. I don't know.

But yeah! I'm getting into duelling too and it's so fun. I only know like the basic four spells right now, but I'll be totally more amazing by the time you're around. Maybe I could even show you how to duel, if you don't already know?

I... I think I know what movie you're talking about, and I can basically promise you it's nothing like that. It's more like... a regular city in the desert. I like Altata a bit more. It's a beach and it's just so nice.

So... Sorry if you didn't actually expect me to respond, but you seem really cool. I'd love it if we could keep talking? It's nice to hear from someone else.

~Juanito Juan

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Lindy was in the middle of icing a cupcake with Simon when she heard a squawk in the window. A quick glance up told her it was the bird from before, the one that had held Juan's letter. How curious.


At least this one was in English, so she didn't need the dictionary.



Hey again!


I didn't really expect you to write back, but I'm kind of glad you did! It is really cool to hear from someone else. I live in a Muggle neighborhood, despite my parents being magical, so sometimes I wanna tell everyone about Hogwarts and magic, but obviously I can't.


Maybe! He's out of town right now, but he probably wouldn't mind. I'm sure the captains wouldn't beat you with a bat before they taught you how to defend yourself. Though Daddy says Slytherins can be vicious, that's why a lot of them end up being bad.


The elves are house elves! They're kind of short and wrinkly with big ears and they're really friendly. They don't have long flowing hair, though, sorry.


Your mum must be a squib! It's what we call non-magical babies of magical people. And yeah definitely not magical! My mum is a pureblood, so I was kind of expected to be magic too.


That would be awesome! I've still gotta wait a bit before I can buy my wand, but I've already been reading up on spells from Mum's old textbooks. She and Dad are the only ones whose books still survived. I'm pretty sure my Uncle Fran burned his after graduating.


A regular city in the desert is still kinda cool though. I've only ever been to a desert a couple of times, but I had to stick close to my parents since Dad was supposed to be working. I'd better get going, though, I promised Uncle Simon I'd help him ice cupcakes.


Talk soon!


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Once again at meal time, the bird came back. At least this time his letters were going to the right place, it seemed, since he recognised his name on the envelope. Offering the owl some of his food again, he read through the letter. Sounded like... he'd just made a new friend.

Hey Lindy!

Yeah, I get that. I didn't have anyone to talk to about magic until I went to PHP. But I didn't have to wait that long because honestly I thought I wasn't magic either. Like I knew magic existed, but I thought it would be something I'd be left out of. Kinda nice to know it was just everyone else that was left out. Haha!

Pleaaase! I would appreciate literally anything someone that played on literally the exact team I'm trying to get on. Is your dad on like a work trip? IS HE WORKING WITH DRAGONS RIGHT NOW? Ugh. Your dad sounds so cool. But I mean, I guess I see what you mean about Slytherins. The prefects tried to make us swim to the common room the first day we were here.

I... Don't know what you mean about house elves. There's no house elves here? I haven't seen any? Unless they're invisible, which they might be. Or I'm just really bad at looking. Or are they like THE BORROWERS?! So cool...

A squib. I haven't heard that term, but I might've heard the Spanish equivalent at some point. Squib sounds really gross and ugly though. I don't think I want to call my mamá a squib, if I'm honest. It just sounds really mean.

Oh yes! Do you know how they give you your wand? They take like the most irrelevant measurements ever, and then you wave it. Did you know wands pick the wizards, not the other way around? I didn't. I was very thrown off, and I had everyone in my family with me. So it was just... a lot of stuff at once.

Also... Your family sounds so interesting. I've never met anyone that burns their textbooks.

How do you ice cupcakes? What? Sorry I have to ask something I could just easily Google. There's no Google here. There's no Internet. There's no electricity! It's honestly so weird.


Hope it is fun though!




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The next time the owl came back with a letter, Lindy had nearly knocked into Frederick, who, bless his soul, was getting old and barely stayed afloat with all the mail he was carrying. She gave him a bit of her potatoes before continuing with her plan to read the letter and write back.





I'm glad you weren't left out of magic too! I had Robin to talk to about magic, thankfully, but he knows what I know so it wasn't as much fun as talking to someone new. He'll be at Hogwarts soon too, but not at the same time as me.


He is yeah!! Dad's almost always on work trips, and if he isn't, he's got tons of paperwork. He's pretty awesome. Daddy always jokes that he's super awesome because he puts up with him. I didn't think you could get to the common room by swimming. I should ask Dad about that.


They're not invisible! At least, I don't think so. They're really short. And they only come out sometimes. Usually they stay in the kitchens though. But they also do the washing there, apparently, so maybe if you stay up very late, you'll see one getting your dirty clothes.


Mum said it's hard to explain, and the way you describe it, it sounds awfully complicated. I hope it's easy when I get mine. I don't want to be there all day.


Uncle Fran's really awesome!! He doesn't like magic, which is so weird, but he lets me stay up really late when he babysits. Ice like, the icing on top of the cupcakes? The swirly, sugary bits that make it a cupcake and not a muffin! What's a Google? I should probably just ask Uncle Fran. I bet he knows. Icing cupcakes is my favorite part of making cupcakes, because Daddy lets me lick the extra from the bowl.


Lindy Rose

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When Juan received Lindy's next letter, he'd been a little preoccupied with, well school. So unfortunately, he didn't reply as quickly as he would've liked. Eventually, he did manage to remember writing back when the letter slipped out of his notes. Sitting by candlelight, he penned a tiny apology and sent it back the following morning.

Hey Lindy!

Sorry I took so long to reply. Life. School. You know how things go. It's been hectic, and right now, it's really dark. There's not much I can do to reply, so sorry if this is a little shorter than usual.

One thing about your last letter confused me. Is your dad... split in two? Or what's going on there? Or do you have two dads AND a mom? That's so selfish! You've got to spread the love around, Lindy. That's not fair. I've only got one of each :[

Still haven't seen a house elf, but I also haven't really been looking. Lots of stuff going on at school.

I wouldn't say getting your wand is hard, since you don't really do anything, but I'd wear a helmet just in case. The wand that I was given first shattered the glass windows. I mean, they got fixed but it was still scary.

Google is basically a giant mix of all the information on the Internet. Do you know what the Internet is? I kind of assumed you did because you grew up in a muggle place. Sorry, I guess. But yeah, I get what you mean now. I was just very confused because I'd never heard the term in English. Languages are weird.

Candle is melting super quick, so I'm going to have to go.

Talk to you soon!

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Lindy, in true childlike fashion, had forgotten about her pen pal in the days they hadn't been writing. Occasionally, she'd remember she was meant to get a letter back from him eventually, but it wasn't anything she was fussed about. Hogwarts was a lot, after all.




Long time no talk. I hope you're at least having loads of fun and it hasn't all been schoolwork. Mum does a light spell, but I don't know all the details, otherwise I'd share so you wouldn't have to write in the dark next time.


I've got two dads! Mum and Daddy, who's my dad-dad. Daddy's married to Dad, who helped raise me while Mum worked. I bet you could share them! You just have to meet them and let Daddy stuff you full of cupcakes and you're a Slytherin, so Dad will probably already like you.


OH! I know what that is. The neighbours mention it all the time. I do know the Internet. Uncle Fran talks about it when Mum sends pictures from the road.


How's Truman doing? Did you ever find out if he was a girl or not?



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He chuckled when he read the letter. Oh yeah... Loads of fun.

Hey Lindy!

I actually read about the light spell in one of my books but I can't really get a hold on it. I think I'll just wait until they teach it in class, to be honest.

But woah! Two dads and a mum. That is actually really selfish. But if you're so willing to share them, that'll be great! I actually haven't heard from my family so I'm kind of concerned that they might have just moved or something. I sent them a letter after you owled me back but they never replied. So hey, if you're offering me a new family, let's go!

Also... I lost Truman. So, to make a long story short, in flying classes, we weren't even allowed to look at the brooms during our first lesson, and now I'm banned from flying the brooms all term, but that's another story, so I kind of jokingly, not jokingly told my friend, Sofie, we were going to break in and steal some brooms later on. Then one of the assistants comes by and threatens me that if I broke in, he'd give me detention. And then I didn't even do anything, but he gives me detention.

So obviously, I have to stand up for myself, right? So I do. And then this other assistant got involved and gave me detention too! It's like they all had it out for me! So... Because they said not to, of course I had to go take the brooms. So me and Sofie go to the shed and I set Truman on the ground because we were gonna bust open the door, but...

Truman was gone when we came back out. And the first assistant guy was there. And he let me fly, so I guess he's not that bad, honestly.

So, I need to serve two detentions just from flying. And I got another one for punching this really annoying guy in the face. Honestly, Lindy, he deserved it. We were in the Forbidden Forest and he was just yelling out for things to come at us.

Ugh, sorry. That was a lot. I promise I'm not as bad as I sound. It's just... a lot, and I haven't gotten to tell my parents about it all since they're not responding.

How have you been? Made any more cupcakes with your Uncle Fran?


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Lindy, as a ten year old, totally had lots of things to do and wasn't able to reply as soon as she'd gotten the letter back. Thankfully, the owl liked cupcakes and she kept it around by keeping one in her bedroom until she was able to write a reply.


Hi Juan!


Hopefully you learn the light spell soon so you can use it all the time!


I didn't pick them! I just happen to have them, that's all. Oh no, I hope you hear back from them soon. That would suck if something happened to them!


How'd you lose your pet? That's very irris iresp bad of you. Poor Truman's probably scared somewhere!


That's ... a very eventful lesson. Are they allowed to ban you from flying? Like all term? That doesn't seem right at all. You need to learn how to do it!! At least the assistant let you fly, even though you did lose Truman...


But why were you in the Forest? Mum says it's forbidden for a reason, and she told me I'm never, ever, ever supposed to go in there unless I've a professor with me. Was there a professor with you?


At least you'll have lots of stories for when they do respond!


I've been good! Uncle Fran and I have made loads of cupcakes. Like, a TON. I think Robin and I got sick from too many cupcakes last week. I've been begging Daddy to take me wand shopping, because now that I'm almost eleven I should have one, right? But he says I can't yet, because we have to wait for Mum and Dad to get home from work first, but they're not gonna be back til like Christmas, and that's so far away.


Daddy did say we could dress up like something cool for Halloween though, so that's neat. We can't be dragons though because Robin doesn't like them.


Are you excited for Halloween??


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Lindy's inability to spell sponsitilities was amusing.

Hey Lindy!

Dude, I'm so sorry I haven't gotten back to you in so long. So many things have happened. It feels like months go by in a few days here, and I can't... Wow. But um to answer your last few questions:


I found Truman. This older Gryffindor bully has him. She named him Noodle of all things. I'm gonna get him back, Lindy, just watch. He didn't look happy at all.


And yeah, banned all term from flying. But it's fine, because... Guess what? I'M ON THE SLYTHERIN QUIDDITCH TEAM! Maesson can complain all he wants, but I'm on the team! AAAAAAAND we won our first game! I was seeker. Golden Snitches are really small... Really hard to see. And it was storming when we played. I almost fell a few times. Almost got hit by bludgers. Normally the beaters are there to protect you if you yell to them and stuff right? But the Quidditch captain, the same bloke that let me fly, silenced me all my first game. He just doesn't like me, Lindy. It's not fair.


Um, I was in the forest because I was exploring with my yearmates. But also, like... A professor did end up joining us at one point. Mendelssohn. She teaches herbology. She's the one that gave me detention for punching Dax Gordon in the face.


But also, no updates still on the family. I think they left the house alone... They left without me. But it's also not like they could take me anyway, I guess.


Also like... do you have to be eleven to get a wand? Why can't you just get one? That doesn't seem fair to make you wait so long! Tell him Juan Garcia said to get you your wand!


But I also responded to this a bit late. Halloween was okay. I didn't really dress up or anything. My family was never big on celebrating it, so I just... don't. I'm more excited for Christmas because I'm gonna go home and see everyone!


What about you? What about Christmas are you excited about?





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Hi Juan!

It's okay! The holidays gets really busy here, so I was busybusybusy with baking and icing and stuff so I haven't had time to reply yet either.

CONGRATS!! I'm glad you made the team! And that you guys won your game! I'm glad you didn't die, though. Bludgers sound like nasty business. Why doesn't he like you? That doesn't seem very fair.

You punched someone else in the face? Or is Dax the really annoying guy you punched before? 

Hopefully you've heard from them since, because that would suck if they abandoned you there. Did you get to see them for Christmas? Were they there? 

You don't have to be eleven, but I have to wait til Mum and Dad are both in town because it's a whole family affair. 

I was a Disney princess for Halloween! Do you know the Disney movies? Uncle Fran loves them a lot, so I've seen, like, all of them, but Rapunzel is my favorite.

My favorite thing about Christmas is the cupcakes! Daddy always makes way too much, so Robin and I get to eat the extras and lick the bowl for icing. And having everyone home is nice too, but they'll be back for my birthday, which isn't too far after so it's not as big of a deal as it probably is for other people.

- Lindy

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He'd been putting off responding to Lindy. It wasn't the girl's fault, but he'd been extremely busy, what with the dueling tournament, Quidditch, dueling besides the dueling tournament, classes... Socialising. That last one took up most of his time.


Hey Lindy!


Long time no speak. That's mostly my fault. Sorry. I've been super busy. I have so many things to talk to you about now that the year is over. It's been an amazing first year and I hope yours is as awesome next year too. First, though, I'm gonna respond to all your questions from last time.


Thanks! We were really close to the cup this year but I guess it just wasn't the right time. We lost against Gryffindor our last game, but you know? It's okay. I didn't get to play the second game, which we also won. Um... Irene, this girl from the Quidditch team who has been teaching me more about dueling stuff and is so fiiiiiine, she reversed the silencing spell this time during the last game, so I actually got to speak. Which was really nice. But anyway, the captain doesn't like me because he's shorter than me. He's like, a fourth year? But he's so small. I'm pretty sure you'd be taller than him too. But whatever, it is what it is. Aaaand yes, Dax is the only person I've punched. Because he's annoying and mean and just UGH!


Also, no. I went home for the break and they'd just left. So I called them and they'd gone to Mexico. But hey, I can't tell them to not do something. They thought I was staying there the entire year. It was fine anyways, because I stayed with my best friends, Sofie and Sky. Are you excited for your wand? Don't break any windows!


What Disney princess were you? I grew up on Disney, so yeah, I know quite a bit about the movies :] I'm glad you had fun over the holidays, Lindy! Sounds like a lot of family just having fun. I'm so so happy for you! 


Small updates on Hogwarts: I participated in the dueling tournament. Got 4th place. Dueled quite a bit. Took Irene out on a picnic. Passed all my classes with O's, yes, even flying, and... I think that's it. Lindy! I'm so up to like meeting up on the Hogwarts Express or something! I'm so excited for you to come join us! Talk to me soon, yeah?


~ Juanito


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