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Jasper Ruzkin

I'm gonna turn the kid into a giraffe

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Jasper Ruzkin

Jasper stared up at the shelf, trying to find whatever he could on transfiguration. He was just a first year, sure, but maybe he could manage what he had set out to do.


He saw someone, an older student, pushing around a fellow first year. He wasn't going to let it happen, and had he not been in a hallway with teachers, he would have tried to teach the kid a lesson, but alas, he had to put his fists away.


He knew what he would do instead. He would turn the student into a giraffe. A small one he could keep in a box under his bed, make it levitate whenever he wanted to and mess with the student. He'll learn not to pick on smaller ones when he's the small one this time around.


Why a giraffe, you might ask? Because Jasper always though giraffes looked odd.


He stood on a stool to reach a higher shelf for a book. It had already become curfew and most students were already in the common rooms getting ready for bed, but not Jasper, you couldn't just stop him from setting out what he aimed to do. If you did, he would just sit on it, and he would become angrier and angrier as it simmered in the back of his head.

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Professor Fjord
"Gryffindors, it's time for curfew. Everyone needs finish their work soon or else risk detention." Fjord was doing her evening rounds and decided to check in on the library to see if there were any stragglers.

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Jasper Ruzkin

Jaspers ears perked up as the voice of the professor echoed through the nearly empty library. He climbed down off the stool, dropped the books, and proceeded to quietly work his way through the maze of book shelves. He aimed to stay in the library and avoid the lecturing of the professor so he could continue his research into giraffing the student.

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