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Price, Agatha Cromwell

vh35 php workbook

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#1 Aggie Price

Aggie Price


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Posted 10 January 2017 - 05:07 AM

I, Agatha Cromwell Price, have read the Rules & Guidelines.

Name: Agatha Cromwell Price
Blood Status: Half Blood
Are you new to VH? (Yes/No):  No
What do you want to learn the most from this school? (in character):  More about magic, the magical world, about my half-brother and how to torment him like a proper little sister
What do you want to learn the most from this school? (out of character): rp opportunities, meet others, develop character's personality
A few things your character likes doing in his/her free time: Spending time outside, asking questions, investigating new things, and soon -- being a pain to her older half brother.

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#2 Aggie Price

Aggie Price


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Posted 19 February 2017 - 12:17 AM

Agatha Cromwell Price

VH 35

PHP Lesson 1


Assignment:  Workbook started


EC:  wc = 169


She never noticed her mother doing magic.  Why it was kept a secret Aggie didn't know but one day a letter arrived and life changed for the young girl.  Oh, mom had read her books about magical things but Aggie had thought it was all 'fairy tales'.  Occasionally, strange things would happen and her mother would quickly make right whatever Aggie had set wrong.  Things like the lamp suddenly falling off the end table when Aggie would babble some words learning to talk or cookies suddenly floating from the counter to Aggie's plate.


And then one day, her birthday to be exact, the letter had arrived.  Her mother didn't look very happy to see it but managed to smile as Aggie opened it and read it.  Things seemed to happen fast after that.  Her mum telling her tales of the great grandmother Aggie was named after.  Enrolling and beginning to attend a pre-Hogwarts school to learn about magic and this wizarding world she was now a part of.


#3 Aggie Price

Aggie Price


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Posted 19 February 2017 - 01:20 AM

Agatha Cromwell Price

VH 35, PHP Lesson 2

I like watching Muggle auto racing


Extra credit:  wc = 185


It had been two weeks since Aggie arrived at the school and she was beginning to feel like she was going to be okay.  She missed her mum terribly though and kept a photo on her bedside table.  Thankfully, Owl Post allowed her to get mail from home a lot quicker than the Royal Mail Post so they had been able to keep in touch frequently.  Currently, she was settling down to fill her mum in on the latest events.


Dear Mum,


It has been a good day.  There's so much to learn and finding my way around is kind of hard but I'm managing.  Classes are okay.  So far they're almost as boring as back in my Muggle school but everyone says we'll get to start doing real spells soon. 


I just wish they'd let you visit once in a while.  I miss you so much and I think it's stupid not to allow visitors at all, especially since you went here anyway.  I can't wait to see you then I come home for the holidays.


Love you to the moon and back,





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