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Drew Knight

Knight, Andrew

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Lesson One: Start Workbook


I, Andrew Knight, have read the Rules & Guidelines.

Name: Andrew Gordon Knight
Blood Status: Half
Are you new to VH? No.
Learn the most? (IC): School is kind of Nico's thing, but at least I can do magic and make friends? Fun over learning.

Learn the most? (OOC): I've learned the most about my characters by putting them through PHP, I want to have a good sense of who Andrew is come sorting day.
A few things your character likes doing in his/her free time: Watching Maple Leafs games, Lego kits, digging in mud, reading graphic novels, taking things apart to look at the pieces.


Extra Credit: Tell Nico About Hogwarts

WC: 136


Andrew had turned the kitchen table into a fort, stacking couch cushions and draping blankets over chairs until he had a sizeable refuge in which to spend the afternoon. When he heard his brother approaching, Drew popped his head out.


"Hey! Nico! Guess what?"


He waved a large envelope triumphantly.


"I got in too, so ha! And don't say you don't know what I mean, because Mum told me everything, and I know that's where you go school, and now I get to go too! Oh man, can you turn people you don't like into toads and stuff? This is just too awesome. Six times better than boring old normal school. Bye bye, books and homework, it's all wands and potions for me now!" Drew popped back into his fort without giving Nico time to respond.

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Lesson Two: Code That Shiz

Andrew Knight

Pre-Hogwarts Primary, VH35

I am not afraid of snakes or bugs or gross stuff.

Extra Credit: Break Them Rules
WC: 123

Drew was in a pickle. If he took an insult like this, with his whole class as witnesses, the other boys would pick on him forever. He was already scrawny and on the short side, he didn't need people thinking he was easy pickings.

No screaming to telegraph the attack, no cursing or outrage, Drew simply took three flying steps forward and decked his tormentor across the face. The bully--bigger, stronger, tougher--fought back immediately and when the professors finally pulled them apart, Drew was definitely the worse for wear of the two. But he smirked through his black eyes, knowing he'd proven something about himself today. Entirely worth the detention if it meant bullies would stay off his back.

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Lesson Three: Pick Five Words (No pressure)

Drew is a kid who likes to be liked, and strives to be friendly whenever possible. He's not inclined to burn bridges, although he is generally willing to stick up for himself or others when bullies come calling.


As the youngest member of his family, Drew is used to being told what to do and where to go. He's gotten used to it, and has become pretty adaptable by necessity. What to do, where to eat, what movie to watch—he'll give an opinion, but he won't complain unduly if he's overruled.


He trusts his friends, and lets them call the shots—as a side effect, Drew Knight is gullible. His easygoing naivete makes him an easy target for the prank-minded individuals among his peer group. Luckily, he can usually take a joke.


Though he's quick to insist that Nico is 'the smart one', Drew is always paying pretty close attention. He's observant, both situationally and socially. In his mind, that's part of being a good friend—being aware, and listening carefully.


Drew's approach to life is pragmatic, rather than theoretical. He'd rather look at things the way they are than waste much time musing or philosophizing. Also falling under the “pragmatic” heading: his budding sense of mechanics and habit of taking things apart make him a useful guy to have around when the vacuum breaks. Not that many vacuums break in Hogwarts...?

Extra Credit: Get to Know the CCE
WC: 156

Hey, Drew, before we go in...”


Drew glanced up. “Yeah Dad?”


I mentioned the staff of Gringotts are almost exclusively goblins?”


The boy nodded easily, still not seeing his father's point.


You might not want to...umm, if you could try not to ask any questions...about how they look, or anything?”


Drew shrugged. “I won't.”


George gave a firm nod, seeming to realize which of his sons he was addressing. “Great, thanks kiddo.”


Drew ducked under his father's arm and through the doors of Gringotts. Really, until you noticed the goblins behind the desks, it was pretty much as stuffy and boring as most banks he'd been in. Treating the goblins the same as human bank tellers was as easy as following Dad's lead—he did most of the talking anyway, leaving Drew to offer the goblin teller an easygoing smile (it was not returned) and then bounce impatiently on the balls of his feet.

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Lesson Four: Start a CL

The Basics:
Name: Andrew G. Knight
House: presorted
Birthday: December 6th
Hometown: Oxford
Pureblood/half blood/muggle born: Half blood
Five words that best describe your character: Friendly, observant, adaptable, gullible, pragmatic

Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Finger-comb it, run brush through it, go.
Eye color: Brown
Height: More or less average for his peer group
Other distinguishing details: Small scar up by his hairline--yes, this kid has taken a hockey puck to the head. Chill out, it wasn't going that fast.

Father's name: George Knight
Brief description (occupation, blood, etc): Wizard, English, arithmancer for Gringotts
Mother's name: Katherine "Kate" Knight
Brief description (occupation, blood, etc): Muggle, Canadian, children's book author working from home.
Brother: Nico Knight. Ravenclaw, kind of a know-it-all but generally a good egg. Easy to torment with worms and stuff.
Other key family members:
Gram and Gramps: Canadian grandparents, muggles
Uncle Steve: Mom's brother, says bad words when he takes us to Leafs games
Grandad and Grandmum: English grandparents, wizards

Extra Credit: Talk About Family
WC: ##

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