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Towne, Why

just dandy vh35 php workbook

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#1 W. Dandelion Towne

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Posted 09 January 2017 - 08:35 PM

why dandelion towne


F U L L | N A M E Why Dandelion Towne

B L O O D | S T A T U S Pureblood

A R E | Y O U | N E W | T O | V H ? No

I C | L E A R N I N G Dandy would love to learn more about Hogwarts and the wizarding world as his father raised him and his twin sister up in the muggle world even though they are pureblood.

O C C | L E A R N I N G I would like to flesh out Dandy and understand more about him.

H O B B I E S | A N D | I N T E R E S T S He spends time watching sports on TV, he loves trying to play quidditch and has learned a lot about muggles and enjoys a lot of their hobbies and pasttimes.

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Posted 24 January 2017 - 01:37 AM

lesson one!

do you really wanna hurt me?


Workbook started



The section of the Towne family that housed Dandy and his twin sister Savannah was what many people would be considered the black sheep part of the family.  Though, this wasn't always necessarily true because until five years ago they lived next door to their relatives in the wizarding section of St. Albans. One day Portland Hamilton Towne got tired of the wizarding community. He wanted his children to experience the muggle side of life. That would be the exact reason they lived in the three story house that overlooked a garden inside the muggle community of Welwyn Garden City.


It was nearly time for them to be getting their acceptance letters to Hogwarts. In the mind of Dandy it had actually hurt when he saw Havana get her acceptance letter. He wasn't quite sure why because he knew he was going to be getting one just before the school year and it was going to include the ticket for the train to the Hogwarts Express. Each day until the letters finally came, young Dandy, was told by Savannah that he wouldn't be getting one. 


She assured him that he was definitely a squib. Why Dandelion Towne didn't know what he would do with himself if had turned out to be a squib. It was something he didn't want to deal with. Magic seemed cool and he saw her mother and father do it everyday. He just had to learn magic, be able to perform magic, and he just had to not be a disappointment to the family - he had heard that every day from Savannah.


'You're a disappointment.' 'Mum hates you.' 'Dad says he wishes you were never born'. All of them were not true on their parents part, but only existed in the mind of his sister. He couldn't tell her that he was obviously on to her, right? Maybe, he could go snooping around and find something on her. There had to be something that Savannah Rose Towne had hidden away.


However, in the middle of his snooping he heard the tapping on the window and looked up at the window of their room and there was an owl. One that he had never seen before and it was holding a letter. He sighed thinking that the letter was probably meant for Savannah. He slowly walked over to the window and opened it allowing the owl to enter into the room he shared with his twin sister. Maybe she was right, maybe he was only destined to be a squib.


Wait. What was this? It seems that there was a second letter in the owl's grasp as he tossed the letter that was marked for Savannah onto her bed. He grabbed the second letter that had his name beautifully written in calligraphy on the envelope and opened it.


'Dear Why Towne,


We are happy to tell you that you've been accepted as a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. The attachments are the required books and stuff you'll need for your first year. We've also attached a ticket for the Hogwarts Express. It leaves September 1 from Kings Cross Station. Have a wonderful summer and don't forget to always have a constant look out.'


He smiled as he grasped the letter and the ticket in his hand and collapsed onto his bed. He wasn't going to be a squib after all and his dream was going to be coming true. He was going to be a wizard, but most of all he was going to only have to be around his sister for purposes of classes. Clearly, she wouldn't be in the same house as him. That would be absurd and the sorting hat wouldn't do that to him.


He had already shared enough with her over the first eleven years of his life. Nothing else needed to be shared. Not even the same house. He had to get in a house that was different from hers. A house that she would never be in. 


He had to be a Hufflepuff. Hopefully the sorting hat would realize that and put him there!

word count: 687

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W. Dandelion Towne


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Posted 24 January 2017 - 02:16 AM

lesson two!

do you really wanna code this?


Why Dandelion Towne

Pre-Hogwarts Primary, VH35

I am named after a small town in Arizona!



He was in the forbidden forest. He couldn't figure out why this had happened, but then he remembered the scene from the sorting feast.
He remembered that someone had came up behind him and put a blindfold on him. He had been told to get up and grasp the hand and lead him through the castle. He hadn't realized they weren't still in the castle until he felt the breeze on the part of his face that wasn't covered up. The voice he recognized as he wasn't sure what was going on.
It was Savannah, but where was she taking him? He asked her about thirty to forty times about where they were going and each time he got the same answer: common room. Each time the answer got more and more annoyed by the question that was coming out of his mouth. He was about 190 percent sure that the common room for Hufflepuff wasn't outside. He had absolutely no reason to trust his sister, but from the fact that she was controlling where he was going and that she tied the blindfold tight enough that he could untie it even if he wanted to.
Each step seemed much further from the castle than the previous. The heightened senses that he attributed to being blindfolded heard the many cries and crackling sounds of fauna and other inhuman objects. Even though, he was blindfolded he could feel the darkness from the forest engulf him as the blindfold seemed even darker.
He then heard the second pair of footsteps that were with him running in the opposite direction. He was alone, blindfolded, and worst of all he was breaking the rule of being in the forest. Somehow Savannah would pay for this trickery, but first he had to figure out how to get the blindfold off and out of the forest without getting caught.

word count: 313

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W. Dandelion Towne


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Posted 24 January 2017 - 03:16 AM

lesson three!

do you really want a dictionary?


the five words


cautious - Dandy is wary of anything that has do with trusting people because of the interactions he's had with his sister. He doesn't really like doing stuff that seems dangerous because he really just wants to be safe. Being safe is fun, right? Being safe is always fun. One must always have a constant eye on everything and be constantly vigilant. Once he gets to know you he will do most anything with you as long as you're friendly and on speaking terms with each other.


trusting -  Despite the fact that Dandy is very cautious he is a little too trusting. As seen in everything that his sister makes him do. Dandy likes to be friendly with everyone that he comes into contact with and this causes him to do things he shouldn't do and would really regret if he wasn't a very trusting person.


forgiving -  This springs from the trusting nature that he exudes. If someone does something to him that hurt him he would be the bigger person and go to them and forgive them. He does this especially with his twin sister who tricks him and makes fun of him with every breath and step she takes. If Savannah was ever to ask for forgiveness he would hug her and tell her that he forgives her.


loyal -  Once Dandy truly trusts someone and is comfortable being in your company. He will be with you throughout it all, unless he knows you're in the wrong, but even then he will still back you in most altercations.


humble -  Despite being a pureblooded wizard, he is very down to Earth and doesn't through his pureblood status around like many in his family. He just enjoys being around friends and helps them by staying on their level, but he does it out of love.




Magical creatures were something that he had believed in since he was a little boy and lived next door to his cousin, but the five years he spent living in the muggle community with his parents had mostly vanished. He had heard things in passing about things that muggles had seen, but he still didn't know exactly if these were real things or not.  Ghosts might be real or not, but he didn't know for sure.


Each day he spent playing in the yard out front was an opportunity to see something that he hadn't seen before or believed in for a little bit. He held out hope to see something as he played outside for most of the summer playing with his toys that his father bought him. He had RC cars, a pogo stick, and couple of action figures that he would pretend were fighting crime.


One day while playing outside he saw something out of the corner of his eye and went to take a closer look and he saw a small gnome running around his backyard. He realized that perhaps magical creatures did exist and he ran inside to find his father.


"Daddy! I just saw some gnomes in our backyard," he smiled cheek to cheek.


His dad sighed and knew that they had to figure out how to get rid of the gnomes, but he also knew that his son had been in the muggle community for too long and forgot about simple things as gnomes being a tiny terror. His father smiled, "So, did you wanna know about other magical creatures. Do you remember the stories you heard back in France from your grandparents?"


He smiled and nodded towards his father, "Yes! There were something like very attractive humans that had a special power because they were part-something? What was it called?"


His father smirked, "Veelas! Beware of them, because they could trick you without you knowing!"


word count: 323

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