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Parker, Emily

vh35 php workbook

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#1 Emily Parker

Emily Parker


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Posted 09 January 2017 - 08:07 PM

I, Emily Claire Parker, have read the Rules & Guidelines.

Name: Emily Parker
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Are you new to VH? (Yes/No): No :)
What do you want to learn the most from this school? (in character): All the things- dueling, quidditch, and especially learning about the many school subjects at Hogwarts.
What do you want to learn the most from this school? (out of character): I really want to meet some new people and get some RPs going; also quid, I'm determined to learn about quidditch this time around xD.
A few things your character likes doing in his/her free time: Exploring anything, and everything- going on outdoor adventures, reading books about random topics, adventuring with friends, studying astronomy (her favorite subject) etc. 

#2 Emily Parker

Emily Parker


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Posted 14 January 2017 - 04:58 PM

Lesson 1, Extra Credit

WC: 293


Wham! Emily awoke with a start as her bedroom window flew open, sending a current of cold winter air into her room. Apparently the ten year old had left her window cracked the previous night while she had been curled up reading one of her favorite stories late into the night. Emily could smell the cooking porridge that her mother was making downstairs, and with it being her favorite breakfast food, she couldn't wait to get downstairs.


Pulling on her favorite slippers, white with fluffy fabric surrounding them, she booked it downstairs to find her mother stirring a large silver pot of cinnamon oatmeal-- "Oh good morning Emmy, did you sleep well?" her mom grinned. "I slept great, mum!" Emily beamed, she definitely couldn't let her mother find out that she had been up so late reading the night before. 


Just as she poured a bowl full of warm porridge, the doorbell rang. "I'll get it!" Emily called, dashing towards the door, her slippers squeaking as she ran. "Well, hello mister!" She giggled, finding herself staring up at a strangely dressed man as she opened the door. 




"I'm a witch? Like an actual magical witch?" Emily still couldn't believe it, even after the man, which she now figured out was an official from the Ministry of Magic, had spent an hour explaining all the ins and outs of the wizarding community. "I get to go to Hogwarts? Oh mum, just think of all the new stuff I'm going to learn, oh, I can't wait!" She beamed, staring up at her completely shocked mother and father. Emily had always been obsessed with trying new things and embarking on new adventures, so she was beyond excited for the endless possibilities of what was to come. 

#3 Emily Parker

Emily Parker


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Posted 14 January 2017 - 05:02 PM

Lesson 2


Emily Claire Parker

Pre-Hogwarts Primary, VH35
I can do a pretty amazing somersault.

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