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closed comcinternship part1

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#1 Olwen Hier

Olwen Hier


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Posted 09 January 2017 - 05:35 AM

The start of the new year brought with it a flock of the usual suspects to the Hogwarts library. Dusty decor and old fashioned books littered the space around Olwen. She realized that some of those books were older than her. Including the one that was right in front of her. It was a well worn book, with pages yellowed and frayed from years of love. Olwen was certain that the cover was once a brighter shade of blue. Unfortunately it was the same shade of blue as her grandmother's book about old-fashioned herbs that her father kept in the living room for some ungodly reason. She wondered if the books came from the same publisher.

Trading sunshine and socializing with her new boyfriend for studying and sitting was not Olwen's ideal use of her spare time. At the end of the summer she received an owl from Professor Qin. Initially she wanted to throw it into the rubbish bin without opening it, but her mother encouraged her otherwise. Upon opening it, an option to complete a Care of Magical Creatures internship the following year was offered along with an application form. Her mother said that Professor Qin was "very knowledgable" and that Olwen should at least apply. She shared her ideas, and surprisingly her application was accepted.

This year, Olwen was assigned to study giants. She was to calm her nerves about her heritage, and learn about her mother's family culture and values. She was to go in-depth with giant history, and figure out how it applies to their culture in the present day. Additionally, she was to learn about half-giants and other part-humans to see what traits were passed down from parent to offspring. Professor Qin would supervise these sessions and answer any questions that Olwen would have about her research. Which was a good thing, Olwen had a lot of questions.

"Professor. Hi." Olwen said quietly, as the woman came into her view. "So, this book is very ancient. I'm having trouble interpreting it. It seems as if this is a chart about what can be inherited for part-humans. I'm looking under the giant part, and two of the phrases included are temper and intelligence. I know that most giants aren't angry or dumb. My mother could converse in English well enough to make a treaty. It's just that... I don't know exactly what I inherited from her, apart from my height of course. What if I inherited, as this book says, their temper. Could I lose control of my humanity and burst into a fit of rage? Am I dumber than the average human? I don't think I am." The book scared her more than it helped her along. Who knew that spell resistance was something that could be inherited?

Olwen's Notes: September
~Giants are not all dumb (I'm an example)
~Madam Maxime was an actual headmistress of a school. What did she inherit from her parents?
~Hagrid, former groundskeeper, is obviously on the rougher side of the inheritance scale but still not dumb. He could take care of animals and misbehaving children.
Note: It was said that he was tough to take down due to the immunity he inherited. Did I inherit immunity? Is that why I have never felt a knockback jinx or pepperbreath hex? Why do I feel more powerful spells? ~Do I have a temper? Make notes of that this week.
~What would happen if I met a real giant tribe?

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#2 Professor Qin

Professor Qin

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Posted 09 January 2017 - 02:10 PM

Meryl didn’t come across many half-giants in her work but the moment she spotted Olwen Hier sitting among her Gryffindor peers, the professor had wondered. Then, there was the girl’s less than positive reaction to giants when the professor had given her lecture on half humans. And then, there was the rather unflattering article in the prophet. Suffice to say, there was no doubt about the fourth year’s nature now.


Although unaware of how Olwen truly felt about her identity, the professor figured it would be worth it to send the teen the details of the internship. She didn’t expect a positive response and had to take a double take when she did. Fast forward a few months later and Olwen was elbows-deep in some rather curious reading material. As she stepped up to the girl, Meryl didn’t fail to think, Merlin – she’s tall.


She listened to the girl’s queries quietly while reflecting upon her personal knowledge of giants. Honestly? Given the lack of ties between the wizarding community and the giants, Olwen was more well-disposed in obtaining information on these creatures than Meryl was. But she supposed she could guide the other along where she can.


“Part-giants aren’t common – that’s the first thing you’ll have to be aware of. It is likely because of the rough history between wizards and the giants. So that means that while we have some understanding of how inheritance or behavior works with half-giants, there is probably much more to discover.” Which was entirely the reason why Meryl put forth these internships in the first place. “There are many traits we associate with giants and those two are just some of them. And just like how we inherit part of our looks from our parents, it is believe that half-giants inherit parts of these two traits. The extent likely differs from one half-giant to the next so I think it is too early for you to come to any conclusions regarding your temper or intelligence. What you can do, if you’re willing, is ask your close friends what they think about you as a person. Or, you can write journals. Reflect on your experiences. Still, I believe an outside eye is important because they tend to catch things you didn’t. But in general, I think the important thing to remember here is that you are both human and giant, equally. And humans aren’t perfect either.”


She cast the book a critical glance. “You will probably learn more about half-giants through your own experiences than what is written there. Most of the time, I wouldn’t trust a book when there is some bias. And when it comes to wizards and giants, there’s probably a lot of it.”         

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