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Nova Coleridge

To climb the tree to glory

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Nova Coleridge

Nova had been enjoying a day with her grandma, whom she lived with. As she been in her kitchen helping her bake. Something she often bonded with her grandma a bit due to her father always working. Even though it was her and father and her who lived with her grandmother. She watched outside as she wondered for a little bit if it would be good to climb trees in the fall. Due to her enjoying the colors changing it seemed to be amazing as she began walking.


The young girl soon looked over to her grandmother who was baking who looked up, and she said. " Yes sweetheart? " revealing a smile. And she hoped her grandmother would let her go outside. As she soon looked and she asked.


" May I go outside? "


Her grandmother looked at her revealing a smile as she soon looked, letting her out with a smile as she said. " Of course darling, but be back by nightfall. " as she gave her a hug. And she set out outside as she began walking as she felt the autumn air on her skin as she smiled. Causing her to soon look around as she went to see if she could go to the park.


Looking around Nova let out a sigh, as she wondered. But she soon realized that maybe she would climb a tree and sit in a tree. And see what fun she could cause in the tree.As she soon arrived at the park she looked and she soon sighed as she soon climbed up the closest tree.


Sitting in it she and she decided if she should say something as she soon looked, and she said. " Hello. " looked around as she soon looked, and she soon saw someone and she soon looked . Hoping the person would talk to her.

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