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fern beatrix blackburn

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first year
second year
third year
fourth year
fifth year
sixth year
seventh year

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Quite the inquisitive mind you’ve got there, Miss Blackburn! I imagine quite a few children your age consider themselves intelligent, but few of them see the world quite as you do, full of beauty and artistry to be examined, explored, consumed and enjoyed. A young lady like you would do quite well in Hufflepuff, where fair-mindedness, hard work, and empathy are encouraged and nurtured, but I’m not sure that’s your strongest suit. Hufflepuffs tend to keep their feet firmly on the ground. You, Miss Blackburn, seem to have your eyes firmly fixed on the sky above. You are an explorer desperately trying to reach the stars. You need wings to fly, and only one Hogwarts house will help you soar... RAVENCLAW!


Edited by Fern Blackburn

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the basics

 ✿ ✿  ✿ ✿




 ✿ ✿  ✿ ✿


name  Fern Beatrix Blackburn

house  Ravenclaw

birthday  January 22, 2025

hometown  London, England

blood  Muggleborn


five words  


          curious  always wanting to know more, constantly fascinated and intrigued by what she is learning, going out of her way to absorb more knowledge and perhaps get into mischief while she's at it. a lover of learning, always asking questions.

          eccentric  she speaks what is on her mind and stands up for what she thinks is right. empathetic and kind, yet fiercely competitve. a lover of nature that hails from the city. artistic yet logical.

          quirky  known to hum to herself and skip instead of walk at times. unafraid to be alone. borderline obsessed with plants (and magic in general). vegetarian. animal lover. a day dreamer with her head in the clouds

          creative   thinks outside the box, and in the grey areas between black-and-white. artistic, painter, flower presser, calligraphy doodler, intrigued by dueling. one of her biggest goals is to successfully create her own spell and potion. her correct answers to enter the common room are never typical.

          intelligent   typical eagle, a lover of books, learning, writing, reading, and doing. always wants to learn more, not uncommon for her head to be buried in a book. 




hair color  Medium brown

hair style  Long, straight locks that are habitually twisted around Fern's fingers. Often down, sometimes up, often with accessories.

eye color  Blue

height  4'8" - ?

other details 




father  Clinton Blackburn, Muggle, Car salesman

mother  Alisa Blackburn, Muggle, Baker

siblings  Harvey Blackburn, three years younger, blood status unknown





best subject  Herbology, Charms

worst subject  Potions

extracurricular  Dueling Club

favorite place  Library, the one fluffy chair by the windows in the Ravenclaw common room, the Greenhouses, the Astronomy tower at night when no one else is around, Dueling Chambers

least favorite place  The Dungeons

scary staff  Carter

inspiring staff  




interests/hobbies  Reading, painting, plants and creatures, dueling

potential after hogwarts  Herbologist? Magizoologist?


Edited by Fern Blackburn

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in depth
 ✿ ✿  ✿ ✿ 

fern  a plant
beatrix  feminine form of latin word 'viatrix' ; voyager, traveller
blackburn  derived from old english word 'burn', meaning 'stream' ; where water is muddy





aquarius  january 22  Born with Sun in Aquarius/Sun opposite Jupiter/Sun conjunct Saturn, Fern is open-minded, honest, and larger than life. She wants to see, learn and explore, gain knowledge, is vibrant and out of the ordinary. Still, she feels pressure to be responsible, and lives with discipline for herself. Moon in Aries/Moon sextile Venus/Moon square Saturn, she is emotionally independent and loves a challenge. Is direct, honest, and charming. 

house: ravenclaw 

noted for her intelligence. Fern very much fits the typical Ravenclaw mold- she is intelligent, academic, and loves to learn. As a result of this, she often has her nose buried in a book. However, given her star sign, she also has a sharp temper, especially if it has to do with ignorance or intolerance. She is indeed witty, and not all may get her humor, but Fern doesn't really care- or maybe it's that she just doesn't notice. Loyal and kind, she could give a Hufflepuff a run for their galleons.



10¼ inch 

english oak  strength, loyalty, and driven to those who affinity to nature, creatures and plants

unicorn tail  faithful and consistent, this core is attached to Fern as she is to it. Unlikely to turn to Dark Arts, just like the witch who owns it.


amortentia scents  lavender, soil, open flames,


boggart form losing her access to magic and/or wand; hand trying to snap wand in half


patronus form 



Edited by Fern Blackburn

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 ✿ ✿  ✿ ✿ 





A permanent First Impression rowan allard

With my Feet on the Ground and my Head in the Clouds  earthya longard

Lunctime is the Right Time (For Practice) kacie weaver & terrance craft

Taking an Elevon o'clock Train Going Anywhere aspen brown


 ✿ pre-hogwarts primary workbook



Edited by Fern Blackburn

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 ✿ ✿  ✿ ✿ 


the sorting ceremony


Fern Beatrix Blackburn was in awe. It felt as if her jaw had been hanging open all day, ever since she stumbled- literally stumbled- onto Platform 9 3/4. She knew that nothing should surprise her, she had spent all summer preparing for this moment after all, yet none of her experiences all day ceased to amaze her.

The ride on the Hogwarts Express seemed to drag on for an eternity. The British witch tried to distract herself with a book, but it was a rare occasion that it failed to keep her mind occupied. She gave up after the first hour, and loaded up on these new sweets from the trolley, making sure to avoid the every flavour beans- the Muggleborn was still weary to try these ones. She hummed to herself as she stared out the wide windows of the crimson train, sucking on a licorice wand, watching the sky darken by the minute. No doubt, the seemingly endless ride was soon coming to a close, and the brunette could feel them slowly decelerating. The young girl adored that students travelled to and from school by train, such a simple way; she supposed it may be to make it easier on those like herself, who just now becoming immersed in this magical world.

The more the Hogwarts Express slowed down, the faster Fern’s heart was beating. She was anxious, nervous, and most of all excited for this new life of hers that was about to begin. De-boarding the train reminded her of when an airplane landed, everyone anxious to finally stretch their legs and leave the vessel they were in behind, and the amount of bodies caused a traffic jump. She chuckled to herself as she twisted her long dark hair around her finger, wondering how many of her peers had ever been on airplane themselves. As she finally stepped into the cool Autumn air, the young girl couldn’t help but gasp as she finally saw Hogwarts for the first time. Her eyes scanned up and down the massive castle, and she momentarily felt glued to where she was standing. It was even more impressive than she had imagined, and she had extremely high hopes to begin with.

Heart still racing, she heard a voice calling for first years to break away from the rest of the students. Fern wrapped her thick, dark cloak around her tighter as she shuffled towards the crowd of first years, eyes darting across the group. These would be her classmates, her peers, some would be her friends and maybe some would be enemies- and some she were to even share a dorm room with. The group of the youngest students to attend the school this year were directed towards a lake, where there were several boats awaiting.

Following directions, Fern climbed right into the closest one to her, and once it was full, they were off. She hadn’t even noticed that there were no oars to row the rickety old boats until they started moving by themselves, clearly enchanted. A grin formed on the girl’s face, and she couldn’t shake it off- this place was incredible! Her bewilderment was soon enough replaced with anxiousness; if the Hogwart’s Express seemed to a while, this boat ride would put it to shame. ‘Like watching water boil.’ her mother’s voice rang out in her head. She assumed this meant that when you wanted something badly enough, it always took longer, or something to that nature.

But at long last, the rowboats made it to the other side of the Black Lake, and the first years were directed into the castle. This must be the Sorting Ceremony- she knew it. The Muggleborn witch had been eager to learn as much about the wizarding world as she could before starting school, curious as she was and eager to learn. She was realizing she had read so much, but she was still unsure how they were all to get sorted. She almost didn’t care how anymore, she just wanted it to be over, and was hopeful that they were to be sorted by last name- she could hardly wait any longer, her brain working in overdrive, concocting scenario after scenario about what might happen, the daydreamer in her coming to life.


A... hat? All that was in front of them was a stool, with a hat on it. She was a bit unimpressed at first, but once it came to my life and starting singing, she took that back. Fern swore she held her breath the entire song that the Sorting Hat sang, about the four houses and history, and then finally, finally, the moment they had all been waiting for.


”Blackburn, Fern.”


She froze for a moment, and her heart skipped a beat as she realized the time had finally come. The witch made her way to the stool and took a seat, closing her eyes in anticipation, finally about to learn where her home at Hogwarts would be.


"Quite the inquisitive mind you’ve got there, Miss Blackburn! I imagine quite a few children your age consider themselves intelligent, but few of them see the world quite as you do, full of beauty and artistry to be examined, explored, consumed and enjoyed. A young lady like you would do quite well in Hufflepuff, where fair-mindedness, hard work, and empathy are encouraged and nurtured, but I’m not sure that’s your strongest suit. Hufflepuffs tend to keep their feet firmly on the ground. You, Miss Blackburn, seem to have your eyes firmly fixed on the sky above. You are an explorer desperately trying to reach the stars. You need wings to fly, and only one Hogwarts house will help you soar... RAVENCLAW!"






Edited by Fern Blackburn

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first year

 ✿ ✿  ✿ ✿ 


✿ overview 


Fern entered the school year as a timid, nervous witch who had a hard time even managing getting up the moving staircases. When she did have success, answering the knocker's question correctly to get into her common room  was a whole other task in itself. Once the Ravenclaw finally learned to think outside of the box with her replies, life got a bit easier. A bit.


Classes were an entirely different story, and though new and different, learning came easy to her. As long as she was paying attention and not stuck in one of her daydreams, schoolwork was a breeze. Curious and eager to be a part of the magical world, Fern found herself reading everything she could get her hands on, absorbing as much as she could, while juggling her homework with that. Because of all the time she'd spent alone, the British muggleborn found herself having a hard time making friends, so she turned to the dueling chamber to fill the empty slots of free time in her life.


Fern fell in love with dueling. It was a game of strategy, of wit. Some may have been drawn to it simply because of the interesting, flashy spells. Fern was drawn to it because of the puzzle each duel was, a new challenge. And to top it off, it was a way to meet new people. Through dueling, Fern found herself feeling more comfortable in her skin, able to make friends through a common interest, and overall feeling more well-rounded as a witch.


Through random encounters in the castle, dueling chamber, and in the classroom, Fern found herself befriending a number of her year mates- Selena Watkins, Margaret Schoenberger, Desmond Potter, and Rowan Allard all become people she'd consider friends, and as the year continued she joined Seeley Pichardo's 'HBI' and began to blend in with her peers even more (most notably by trying to force Ollie to bathe in the Prefect's bathroom) 


The year began to draw to a close and Fern found herself making top marks in her classes and become even more addicted to the dueling chamber. On a whim, the somewhat shy, dreamy young girl decided to sign up for the tournament, and despite only making it to the fourth round, it fueled her addiction even more.


During the summer break before their second year, VH34 met up to go camping to rekindle their friendships and strengthen their bond before beginning they returned to Hogwarts.


✿ roleplay


Going Stair-crazy   juan garcia, seeley pichardo, sophie downes, stairs
Halt, who goes there?
  selena watkins, karen davies, Ravenclaw CR
A Very Quidditch Picnic (mentor thread)
  erika krauss, dylan pruett, the pitch
What you don't know won't hurt you
 selena watkins, professor grim, corridors
hoping for the best just hoping nothing happens
  rowan allard, library

Not all those who wander are lost  hatty hambeldon,  kitchens

Wings of Chaos   margaret schoenberger, owlery

Light as a Feather  nicodemus knight, grounds/lawn

wingardium levi-food-sa  first years & more, the great hall

The Case of the Unwashed Ravenclaw hbi  (seeley, rowan, ingrid, havana, ollie) prefect's bathroom

All Summer 37  VH34 first years, camping, summer break



✿ academic


term 1:

astronomy - O

herbology - O*

flying - O

potions - O*

term 2:

dada - O*

transfiguration - O*

charms - O*

history of magic - O*


spells learned:

Incendio- Potions lesson 2
Diffindo- Herbology lesson 4

Imotus Verto- Transfiguration Lesson 2

Scribblifors- Transfiguration Lesson 2

Reparo- Charms Lesson 2

Scourgify- Charms Lesson 3

Wingardium Leviosa- Charms Lesson 4 

Inflammus Cerce- Charms Lesson 5

Tacitus Verto- Transfiguration Lesson 6



✿ duelin

    win      lose 

 Mentor duel

 Been so long vs charlie perkins
 Your theories catch fire vs addison toft 
 You can't be too careful anymore vs zara anguariz
 Out of Sync vs alecia yates 
 All or nothing vs charlie perkins
 It is better to be lucky. But I would rather be exact. vs ollie celeste 
 We wore war paint on our faces vs sibella moreau
❀ Over before it began vs seraphine faust
 For what it's worth, it was worth all the while vs alecia yates

 Run em over with a bulldozer vs edwin gabor
 All of the lights vs terrence craft

 Dueling in a Winter Wonderland vs seeley pichardo 
 Survival never goes out of style vs addison toft 

✿ Tell me will this deja vu never end? vs margaret schoenberger

 And I don't feel so invincible anymore vs ollie celeste

 When it rains vs alecia yates

❀ I still don't know what I was waiting for vs zara anguariz

❀ Turn it off vs irene redrave

 Have you thought about this before vs ethan smith

 Well, I tried vs addison toft

 Sugar on the side vs phillip aldermaston

 Before I Spring Break-down vs seeley pichardo 

 The End is Near vs desmond potter

❀ the sixth sense vs kermit princeley

 Don't talk too loud vs phillip aldermaston

❀ That one time when Alecia didn't have a cooking disaster vs alecia yates

 ❀ Settle down with me vs charlie perkins

 ❀ Farewell my chamber vs alecia yates


abandoned by opponent

one   two   three    four    five

six   seven   eight   nine   ten



wins: 5/40, 12.5%

losses: 24/40, 60%

time outs: 11/40, 27.5%



 Novice tier, Round 1, Bracket A: vs edwin gabor

 Novice tier, Round 2, Bracket A: vs seraphine faust

Novice tier, Round 3, Bracket B: vs terrance craft 

 Novice tier, Round 4, Bracket B: vs seeley pichardo


spells learned 

LV1 Shower Charm
LV1 Disarming Spell

LV1 Coward Charm

LV1 Hex Shield


starting WP: 50  ending WP: 96


Edited by Fern Blackburn

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second year

 ✿ ✿  ✿ ✿ 


✿ overview 


✿ roleplay


Girls just want to have fun  VH34 girls & intruder boys, the train

Gotta Get Myself Back to Hogwarts various, AVPM theme, great hall

Did you think we wouldn't cause more trouble on the first night?  des, egg, wyatt, seeley,  forbidden forest

A million different people tryna' kick it ✿ VH34, secret passageway

An example of the perfect candidate 

You know just what to say 

Shout it out, so everybody can hear 

Been a long time coming so let's raise a little hell 

Whose halberd is this? 

Boogie Fever 

I come from the water ✿ desmond potter, the black lake

The stars keep burning, world keeps turning ✿ VH34 girls, lawn, sleepover

Sometimes I get so scared of what I can't understand ✿ rowan allard, edwin gabor, library

Secret path to butterbeer ✿ desmond potter, havana towne, first years, broom closet

B is for Bowtruckle ✿ kacie weaver, forbidden forest, comc internship

Like the leaf clings to the tree Branchy, forbidden forest, comc internship

Muggle Magic ✿ selena watkins, fern's house

My mind is racing for the kissing booth  ethan smith, selena watkins, etc, corridors



✿ academic


term 1:

dada - O*

transfiguration - O*

charms - O*

history of magic - O*


term 2:

astronomy - O*

potions - O*

herbology - O*


✿ duelin

    win      lose 


✿ Biting off more than you can chew vs  griffin finnigan

✿ And even in the best days of September.. vs rowan allard

✿ Feels like we're just dancing in the wind vs milo shin

❀ I never see the forest for the trees vs desmond potter

✿ This is the place vs kieran wells

❀ What did you think I would say? vs seraphine faust

✿ Quest for a fifth spell vs molly stone

❀ Pay me what you owe me vs addison toft

✿ It doesn't matter if you succeeded vs griffin finnigan

❀ How to avoid a Weasley vs alecia yates

✿ Ground shake vs kieran wells

❀ Try to shut me up vs desmond potter

✿ Hey, stranger vs seeley pichardo

✿ v Fern Blackburn vs ryan alterton

✿ I saw it. It was a good wink. Made my shoulders tingle. vs marisha hawke

✿ Expecting a loss vs griffin finnigan

❀ It's been a long, long time vs alecia yates

✿ Fancy seeing you here vs river wolfe  
✿ Let your dreams take wing vs phillip aldermaston

 Do it like the pros vs killian dracel

❀ Royal flames will carve a path in chaos vs vladimir valentin

❀ Comes as you are vs cordelia waldegrave

❀ Leave me alone vs seamus cassidy

✿ It's the love of the chase that created the ride vs morty gabor

 ✿ Up, down, turn around vs siobhan arden

❀ Won't you please let me go? vs ethan 

✿ Filled with guilt vs griffin finnigan

✿ The cold never bothered me anyway vs molly stone

✿ Is hard work needed? vs damaris denton

❀ The problem is, I can't remember what I've forgotten vs ethan smith

❀ Time is standing still vs desmond potter

 Running behind vs griffin finnigan

✿ I want to know, have you ever seen the rain? vs griffin finnigan

✿ I wanna see you be brave vs grayden payne

✿ The first snowfall vs kaleb kennedy

✿ Hey, you vs milo shin

✿ Yuletide Cheer vs damaris denton

✿ Sorry, I'm not sorry vs molly stone

✿ I'm positive this is impossible vs marisha hawke

✿ I will hold you in the depths of your despair vs siobhan arden

✿ Maybe tomorrow I'll wanna do something else vs desmond potter

❀ You treat it like a game of skill vs ethan smith

✿ Mushy Madness vs phillip aldermaston

✿ You're an idiot and I'm very proud of you vs marisha hawke

✿ Dances with Rivers vs river wolfe

❀ Dream Forever vs eloise beauchamp

✿ A spot of nothingness in the chaos vs kaleb kennedy

❀ Let me know what I've done wrong, when I've known this all along vs molly stone

✿ It's always something vs kieran wells

❀ Glitter in the air and ground vs ethan smith

 Mechanical music, adrenaline surge vs drew knight

 Whats this? Whats this? vs desmond potter

❀ Dances with wolves vs tobias winchester

❀ Let your hair down vs desmond potter

✿ Time out for fun vs desmond potter

✿ And the list goes on vs kaleb kennedy

❀ Rocks might melt and the sea may burn vs seeley pichardo

✿ But don't wake me up vs siobhan arden

❀ Why is it always like this? vs kaelyn paddock

✿ Don't think twice, it's alright vs margaret schoenberger

❀ One more time vs kieran wells

❀ Will they kick us out? vs ethan smith

✿ Til we're gone with the fallen leaves vs molly stone

❀ I am so out of touch vs ethan smith



abandoned by opponent

one   two   three    four    five

six   seven   eight   nine   ten

eleven   twelve  thirteen

fourteen  fifteen   sixteen



abandoned by me



wins: 40/81, 49%

losses: 24/81, 30%

time outs: 17/81, 21%



No tournament this year due to Tournament of Champions


spells learned
LV3 Shower Charm
LV3 Mud-Slinging Hex

LV2 Sparkler Spell
LV3 Cheering Charm
LV3 Babbling Curse
LV3 Leek Curse
LV3 Stormy Weather Hex
LV2 Hex Shield

LV1 Take Cover Charm


starting WP: 133  ending WP: 150



Edited by Fern Blackburn

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third year

 ✿ ✿  ✿ ✿ 


✿ roleplay



✿ academic


term 1:




history of magic 


term 2:





✿ duelin

    win      lose 


❀ I counted to ten and I'm feeling alright vs desmond potter

 ✿ The time is right vs juan garcia

Missing in Action vs griffin finnigan

❀ It's what you make it  vs  seeley pichardo

❀ I regret tomorrow more than yesterday vs  ollie celeste

❀ A decade underground vs addison toft



abandoned by opponent

one   two   three   four   five

six   seven   eight   nine   ten

eleven   twelve   thirteen




Intermediate Tier, Round 1, Bracket A: vs kaleb kennedy
Intermediate Tier, Round 2, Bracket B: vs 
killian dracel
Intermediate Tier, Round 3, Bracket B: vs cordelia waldegrave

Intermediate Tier, Round 4, Bracket B: vs juan garcia

Intermediate Tier, Round 5, Bracket B: vs ethan smith


spells learned

LV2 Impediment Jinx

LV2 Concentration Charm
LV1 Silencing Spell

LV2 Curse Shield

LV2 Jinx Shield

LV2 Speech Spell

LV2 Disarming Spell

LV1 Support Spell

LV2 Agility Charm

LV1 Snowball Jinx


starting WP: 150  ending WP: 200


Edited by Fern Blackburn

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fourth year


 ✿ ✿  ✿ ✿ 


✿ roleplay



✿ academic


term 1:





history of magic

muggle studies


term 2:


care of magical creatures



ancient runes



✿ duelin

    win      lose 




abandoned by opponent







spells learned



starting WP: 250  ending WP: 250

Edited by Fern Blackburn

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