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Welcome to Hogwarts - Everything You Need To Know

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Madam Carter


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Posted 08 January 2017 - 06:28 PM

It was the beginning of the year and that meant that Madam Carter had been spending many of her hours locked up in the Hogwart's Library. She had hardly seen any of her family in the past several days, which was probably for the better. Unfortunately, this was one of the pitfalls of working in the school -- she was actually expected to work.


It was the start of the year and, just like the previous one, Madam Carter had been asked to present more of a welcoming theme for the brand new students who were arriving. Which, in her opinion, was absolutely worthless. Wasn't this supposed to be the job of the prefects?


But, as usual, the librarian complied. She was such a goody two-shoes. 


Approximately three meters away from Madam Carter's desk a table was laid out with books, pamphlets and various items to display the current topic: Welcome to Hogwarts - Everything You Need to Know
The title was hovering in black script above the table. There were about several books displayed, stacked upon each other or leaning against an invisible support that were
 available to be loaned. Pamphlets were free, auto-refilling infinitely every time one was taken from its container. The pamphlets were short and sweet, full of detailed diagrams and pictures. Finally, along with the books and pamphlets, were several physical items and displays which were accessible for the students to loan (or steal) and look at.



"Hogwarts: A History"
"An Appraisal of Magical Education in Europe"
"Prefects Who Gained Power"
"Hogwarts Food: Behind the Scenes with the School’s House Elves”
"How to be a Good Mentor”
“The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore”
“When the Goat is Not Enough" - Written by Headmistress Flamel

“Self-Guided Tour of Hogwarts"

"Self-Guided Ghost Tour of Hogwarts"

"Your Professors and their Qualifications"

"Your House and its History" - Available for each Hogwart's House

"Catch Up Quickly: Example quizzes for things you forgot over Summer"
Class schedules for each year

Calendar of events and holidays throughout the year

List of extracurriculars of Hogwarts 

Proclamation No. 30, No. 31, No. 82
Portraits of the Headmistress and Heads of House

Disposable quills



Thanks to all of my lovely assistants for helping me.

Feel free to post reactions to the display here.


Information about Themes of the Month located here.

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