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Bahh Carter

Library Displays - Theme of the Month

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Bahh Carter

There had been a request from the higher ups that the students of Hogwarts continue to expand their minds even when they were not in the classroom. For some reason, that responsibility had fallen on Madam Carter. Despite having completed her assignment the past few years, the woman still sighed, annoyed, each time she had to work on constructing a display. Yet, despite her complaints, the woman complied because, well, reasons.


Hello everyone. Welcome back to Theme of the Month.

If any of you ever frequent your local or school libraries, then you'll be familiar with the Display Tables that librarians love to put together to provide easy access to information about a particular topic. I've adopted that idea. The themes will change monthly (
ooc) and will offer a variety of books, pamphlets and items for review and enjoyment.

Throughout the year, every roleplay that you have that takes advantage of the Theme of the Month will build up points. Those points will provide you the opportunity to earn glory and prizes. Use the form below and post it in this thread to track your Theme of the Month RPs for the year.

Ensure that regardless of what the topic is, you follow all of VH Rules and Guidelines.





Welcome to Hogwarts: Everything You Need To Know

Link Here for Theme Information

[b]House & Year:[/b]

[b][url="URL"]Roleplay Title[/url][/b]
[b]Number of related posts:[/b]
[b]Theme of the Month:[/b] [i](Please let me know which theme you are RPing about here)[/i]
[b][url="URL"]Roleplay Title[/url][/b]
[b]Number of related posts:[/b]
[b]Theme of the Month:[/b]
[b][url="URL"]Roleplay Title[/url][/b]
[b]Number of related posts:[/b]
[b]Theme of the Month:[/b]


1-5 Posts Peacock Feather Quill

6-10 Posts Stationery

11-15 Posts Phoenix Feather Quill

16-20 Posts Invisible Ink

21-25 Posts Hogwarts: A History

26-30 Posts Quick-Quotes Quill

30+ Posts Set of Textbooks

Starting Jan 8th Welcome to Hogwarts
Starting Feb 6
th Magical Law
Starting Mar 6th TBD
Starting Apr 3rd TBD

Starting May 1st TBD

Edited by Madam Carter

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Bahh Carter

Answers to your possible questions


When are the new themes posted?
I will update new themes the FIRST MONDAY of every month.

Is there a word limit?
No, but please don't take advantage of this by posting 50 one liners just so you get the highest prize. I'll change this rule if I suspect this is happening.

Do all of my posts count?
Your post must be about the theme or involve the theme in some way. It won't count if you say in a post "Billy walked towards his friend carrying a book he picked up from the library display and then only talked to his friend and never mentioned the book ever again." If I suspect that people are doing this, then I might be forced to change certain rules.

Do my posts have to be in the library?
Absolutely not. They can be anywhere you want. During duels, homework assignments, quidditch games, random encounters on the lawn. Anywhere. VH is your playground, take advantage of it.

Can my post be about last month's theme?
Yes, but it will only count towards your prize if the thread was created during that month. For example, if you want your post to count towards January's theme, then the thread must have been started on or after the first Monday of January but before the first Monday of February. Posts can be created up until the VH year ends.

If you don't know the difference between a thread and a post, feel free to PM me.

How do I earn prizes?
Prizes are based on the number of valid posts you have included on your form. I will not go searching for valid posts.

Please note, prizes are subject to change at any time.

Can I get a different prize?

Can I reformat the form?
Sure, format
it however you want as long as it includes the same information.

What can I do if I have an idea for a theme?
Thanks for your interest, but I have a dedicated team of people helping me out. But don't fret! There will be sign-ups available for VH34 going up sometime during the second week of Summer Holiday.

Is there a tag?
Please use
or totmvh33

If you have questions, please feel free to PM or IM me. My contact info is in my profile.

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