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Moira Mackenzie

Where you go to rest your bones

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Moira Mackenzie

They'd arrived! Moira was so excited to get to the castle and up to the Hospital Wing with Flynn that she'd almost forgotten about the horseless carriages and the three flights of stairs up to the wing. She just wouldn't look down, right? No need to look down. Plus, stairs were solid ground, she didn't have to worry about-- Hogwarts staircases moved. Maybe, even though she was fourteen and way too old to be scared of heights, especially on something as silly as moving staircases, maybe Flynn wouldn't mind if she grabbed her hand. She could play it off as impatience, right?


"Come on!" she tried not to squeak after realising she had stopped at the foot of the grand staircase. Grabbing Flynn's hand, she pulled at it, still trying to shift Flynn ahead of her on the stairs. It didn't make it any safer, really, because stairs were perfectly safe to begin with, but it felt safer.


"Will the healer even be in?" she asked, "Doesn't everyone go to the feast?"



Out Of Character Form:

Patient Name, House & Year: Moira Mackenzie, Hufflepuff Fourth Year

Gender: Female

Blood Type & Species: Muggleborn Human

Allergies: none

Have you been treated in the wing before? (just so the staff know whether we know you by name or not already) Only ever escorted someone in first year, and minor quid injuries.


What VH Year & Term/Week does this RP take place: VH34, Term 01, Week 01

Time of Day (Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night, After Curfew?) As soon as the Hogwarts Express arrives on September 1st, during the feast.

Damage Location: (Entire body or certain parts? BE SPECIFIC [we need to know how/where to treat you]) Right arm.

Damage type: (Spells cast, Potion/poison, Fall, etc.. Give us as much information as possible so we can RP accurately with you.) Fall, three weeks prior. Complete fracture of her right forearm, but it's been set and splinted and then put in a cast the next week.

Summarize: (what exactly were you doing when you got your injury? Give us as much information as possible so we can RP accurately with you.) She was climbing a tree to rescue her brother's friends drone, and a branch broke on her way down and she fell. Landed on her arm, made a joke, passed out, the friend carried her to A&E, the muggle doctors treated her. She also had a lot of bruises and a cut on her left cheek, which has now healed over. She doesn't know how high she fell from because the boys told her anything from 10-40 feet (it is on the low end obviously).

Other: (Is there anything we should watch out for? Give us as much information as possible so we can RP accurately with you.) Flynn found her on the train and is bringing her in. She is dying to get the cast off and the arm healed, and is wary of all heights right now.

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Flynn Daniels

Even though helping an injured person to the Hospital Wing was a 100% legit use of her time, Flynn still felt a little guilty for bailing on the Sorting Feast. She loved ickles, man. And she hadn’t had the chance to congratulate the new Gryff Prefects yet cause she’d ditched the uber!important meeting on the train. Maybe she could just duck into the Great Hall real quick and -

Moira grabbed her hand and started hauling her up the staircase. Kay, then, back to Plan A. “It’s cool!” She yelled over her shoulder to the crowd of kids that were staring at them as they made their not-so-epic escape. “I’m a Prefect. S’all good. Back to your business.”

Dude, why had she not been abusing her powers all last year? OWLs had made her so lame.

They made it up to the Wing in record time, which was kinda a bummer cause it didn’t give Flynn much of a chance to consider Moira’s question: would there be a Healer on duty? “Um, probably.” She replied, “I think Sykes, like, sleeps in here.”

Flynn detached herself from Moira’s grip so she could push the heavy doors open. The Hospital Wing looked more or less the same as it always did, just…emptier. “Welp, the lights are on. I think we’re good to go. Grab a bed and, uh, tell me more about your injury, I guess? Like, when did exactly it happen?”

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