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Abi Helios

Abi Helios

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Abi Helios

The Basics:

Name: Abi Helios (Abi isn't short for anything!)

House: Ravenclaw!

Birthday: September 18th

Hometown: Ley Hill, Buckinghamshire, England (though he was born in Canada, this is the only home he's ever known)

Pureblood/half blood/muggle born: Muggle as far as he knows (so far), but this isn't true. He's actually half-blood.

Five words that best describe your character: Zealous, artistic, curious, introverted, thoughtful.



Hair Color: Black (definitely not purple!)

Hair Style: To his waist, as it has never been cut. Usually wears it in twin braids, but has been seen wearing it down or in a lone ponytail every now and again.

Eye color: Bright green.

Height: Currently quite short! 4'5 or so, the poor thing.

Other distinguishing details: Fairly feminine, which isn't helped by his choice of hairstyle. ;) He's a bit pudgy, but not to the point of looking wretched. Of a darker skintone, just enough to look like a tanned beauty queen. Always seen wearing two feathers in his hair, and has a habit or wearing skirts/kilts. Someone doesn't know what it's like to be a boy!



Father's name: Sh'yaen Helios

Brief description (occupation, blood, etc): Sh'yaen is currently in search of Abi's Mother. Before she went insane and ran away from the family to whatever course she may have, he was a farmer. He is entirely muggle, despite his own mother claiming to be a fire priestess. Is a mirror of Abi and his brother, with green eyes.

Mother's name: Silban Helios

Brief description (occupation, blood, etc): Before losing her mind and running away to distant land, she seemed to be a wonderful housewife, helping around the family farm as required. As such, she has run off and deserted her family for reasons unknown. Is entirely pureblood, but chose to hide her magic (even from her family!) and never use it. Rejected an invitation to Hogwarts when she was of age to go for reasons to still be realized. Doesn't really look like either of her sons, has brown hair and gray eyes. Is quite pudgy, and Abi fears this is why he's the same.

Siblings (names and descriptions): Dion Helios, his elder by 8 years brother. Dion has been taking care of Abi since their father went in search of their mother. Has a fiance of the name of Sloane, and plans to marry her when Abi returns from Hogwarts for the summer. Looks just like Abi, but is tall, thin, and has gray eyes. Abi aspires to be just like his brother, but with a little bit of magic. ;)

Other key family members: Anali. Abi knows very little about her thus far, save that she is a distant (or not so distant?) ancestor of his. She was in Trudge-away when at Hogwarts, and has planted things for Abi to receive when at Diagon Alley, and possibly other places.


At Hogwarts:

To come later. He's just starting today!

Your best subject:

Your worst subject:

Extracurricular activities:

Favorite place at Hogwarts:

Least favorite place at Hogwarts:

Do any of the staff members scare you?

Do any inspire you?



Interests/hobbies: His life would revolve around his violin and reading, if he could get away with it. Also has an attraction to working with animals, due to living on a farm his whole life.

What you might like to do after Hogwarts: Abi is still undecided at this point. Before he found out he was magical, his only desire in life was to be a farmer like his father and brother, playing violin as a hobby. Now with new things opened up to him, he might just change his mind.

Someone you look up to: Dion, and to a much smaller extent, Anali.

Something else people really should know about you?: Thinks skirts are the best damned invention in the world, and wonders why more boys don't wear them! ;)

Edited by Abi Helios

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