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Bank and Shops

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  • You may not sort new characters simply to transfer their money or items to your alter(s). This would be a vile way to secure extra fake money, since you would be wasting the time of the 6-8 real people who will work to get that account sorted.
  • If you abandon a character before you make it through the first school year, you may not transfer all their items and money away to another account. (No, this does not mean it's okay to sort a character just for their money as long as you wait til second year. Please don't do that at all, ever.)
  • You may not charge people money or shop items to make graphics for them.
  • Staff members who receive an allowance/salary may not transfer money or items to their alter accounts (Ambience characters who do not receive an allowance may transfer the money they earn through posting)
  • Staff characters can only donate to their own house's house prize or quidditch accounts
  • If you break these rules or find another way to cheat the bank, we will clear out your bank accounts and remove all your shop items.

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You can earn sickles, knuts and galleons and use them to purchase shop items that will display in your profile.

How the Bank Works:

  • You must click on the Gringotts tab under the site banner to open your bank and shop account.
  • Until you click that, you cannot earn money by posting, receive money sent to you, or purchase shop items.
  • New accounts start with 60 galleons. See "Earning Money" below to find out how to get more.
  • Pre-Hogwarts/Member accounts cannot transfer money to any other accounts. (Except for Moderators - though there should be no need for this)
  • Pre-Hogwarts/Member accounts cannot transfer items to any other accounts.
  • All other members with bank access are able to transfer money to others. But in a few cases, you are not allowed to. Please read the General Rules in the previous post regarding restrictions.
  • The bank makes a distinction between cash in hand and cash in the bank. You must withdraw money from your bank account to your 'hand' to transfer it or use it to purchase an item. You can also deposit cash back into your bank account. Your profile displays how much cash you have in hand only.
  • Transfers, deposits, and withdrawals can all be made from the Gringotts tab.


Earning Money

  • You can earn money through doing your homework and posting in role-playing forums.
    • You earn 1 sickle for any role-play post (including homework) over 100 words
    • You earn 2 sickles for homework posts over 200 words
    • If you delete a post, the money goes away again
  • Allowances
    • Once a year, the mods will dole out allowances to most student and staff accounts. Keep in mind that allowances are not In Character. Hogwarts is not giving you some spending money. In Character, your money comes to you however you decide: your parents, paper route, selling off your chocolate frog card collection, etc.
    • The current allowance rates for students are:

      First through Third years: 25 galleons
      Fourth through Seventh years: 30 galleons
      Prefects/Heads: 35 galleons

    • Accounts that are inactive when allowances are given out will not receive the allowance. Similarly, if you have not opened your bank account at the time that the allowance goes out, you cannot receive the allowance.

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Shop items can be purchased in the Shop tab under the banner

Please review the General Bank and Shop Rules for rules regarding restrictions on item transfer.

Buying and Transferring Shop Items:

  • You must click on the Gringotts tab under the site banner to open your bank and shop account
  • Click the Shop tab under the banner to enter the shop application
  • Items are grouped by the store that sells them. Click a store name to view their items (example: Weasleys Wizard Wheezes)
  • To purchase an item, click Buy on the far right of the corresponding item
  • If you click "Buy", you have bought the item. There is no shopping cart. There is no extra "Are you sure you want to buy this?" query. It is boughten
  • If you reload the page that says "Item Purchased!", you will buy the item again
  • All items are non-refundable! No refunds for oopsies
  • You can, however, sell items back for half price if you no longer want them (Click "Sell" to the far right of the item you want to sell)
  • To transfer an item, type the recipient's exact account name and the item number into the two fields near the top of the Shop tab and click "Send" [New students in the Members group cannot transfer items yet. You will gain the ability after you are sorted into a house.]
  • Pending items: items that have been sent to you will show up near the top of the Shop tab. Click Accept to keep it or Cancel to return it to the sender

Regarding Certificates, Badges, Good vs Evil and Modly Shops:

  • Items in these shops can only be purchased and distributed by Moderators and certain Instructors
  • Even if you happen to have the ability to purchase these items, you do not have permission unless expressly given that permission by a moderator
  • Certificates, Badges and Good vs Evil items cannot be transferred
  • Mod action figures and bears should not be transferred. It's not strictly against the rules, but the recipient might get suspicious messages from the mod who didn't give that to them.
  • If you need to get rid of a certificate or badge in your profile, contact Weasley. No one else has the ability to remove these

Viewing your Shop Items:
You can view your items in three places:

  • In the Shop tab, under the list of shops
  • In your profile by clicking the Shop Items tab in the left column
  • Certificates/Badges only: at the bottom of your profile

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The Shop Forums are located under the Wide Wizarding World category in the Marketplace, either in Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade. Students, Alumni, and staff characters may visit and roleplay in these forums.


Your roleplays in these forums must be appropriate to your character's age and the time of year:

  • First and Second years may not visit Hogsmeade.
  • Students' roleplays in Diagon Alley must be set during school holidays.
  • And so on.
Please consult the pinned topics in each shop for its rules and guidelines. In some, shopkeepers may be available to roleplay with you.



Diagon Alley

"The first stop for new members of Virtual Hogwarts. In this bustling wizard shopping district, you can purchase your school supplies, meet your future classmates, and interact with established members of our wizarding community."



"Upper year students have the opportunity to visit this picturesque wizard village on designated weekends. Take a stroll, do some window-shopping and forget about your homework for a few hours."

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How do I get a wand?

  • Visit Ollivander's, of course! Be patient though! They have many students to get wands for, and they will get them to you as quickly as possible!
Okay, so where is it?
  • Patience, please. Ollivander and staff are very busy, but you will all get your wands!
  • From Ollivander's FAQ:
  • It can take anywhere from a few days up to three weeks. If you do not see a wand in your profile over three weeks after sending in your quiz, or if you think your thread is being overlooked, you may PM Madam Ollivander to ask about it. Please include the name of the shop assistant who assisted you in your PM, if applicable.
How can I attend classes without a wand?
  • Even if your wand has not appeared in your profile, you would be expected to have it before beginning classes. You may RP having a wand even if you have yet to receive it from Ollivander's, just leave out the description. You may not RP that you never got your wand once you've been Sorted, as it's assumed that you have one by that time. Don't try to use this as an excuse to skip classes. (;

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Where do I get my textbooks?

  • You aren't REQUIRED to buy any items for school. You can safely RP that you have everything, if you like.
  • But! If you really want to buy them (and why not? The items are wickedly beautiful!) save your galleons, and go ahead and buy them! Flourish and Blotts in Diagon Alley will be able to help you.
And cauldron?
  • Again, none of your school supplies are required, you can safely RP having all the items you need for your classes.
  • If you like, you can head over to Diagon Alley and RP shopping for textbooks and other school supplies, OR....once again, you can save your galleons up and actually buy all the things for sale - it's up to you!
And all the other stuff on this list?
  • Just remember, no school supplies are REQUIRED. For now, you can RP that you have them. If you like, you can head over to Diagon Alley and RP shopping for textbooks and other school supplies.
  • Or...go ahead and buy out the stores!

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Pets at Hogwarts:

  • Students are allowed to bring one of the following pets to Hogwarts only:
    • Owl (any kind of owl)
    • Toad (any kind of toad)
    • Cats (any kind of cat)
    • Rats (any kind of rat)
  • Staff may bring any available type of pet with them (just one)
  • You must purchase a pet in the shop and have it in your profile to roleplay that you have it at Hogwarts
  • If you need to send a letter home, you may use the owls the school has provided for you, in the Owlery
Other Pets:
  • Students may roleplay that they have pets at home even if they can't afford to purchase the shop item yet
  • If students purchase pets other than owls, toads, cats or rats, they may roleplay that those pets live at home only
  • If students or staff have more than one pet in their profile, they should roleplay that those extra pets live at home
  • Alumni and other adult characters who don't live or work at Hogwarts may purchase and live with as many pets as they please
Pet Licenses:


You may register your pet(s) in the Pet License Thread in the Magical Menagerie. This is optional.

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