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Alice Reed

Alice Reed

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Alice Reed

Alice Elizabeth Reed


Loyal :: Enthusiastic :: Determined :: Honest :: Spontaneous


Alice in music


Table of Contents



Lal - Bindi Irwin

graphic by Ethan Smith


I - Basics

II - Family


IV -

Edited by Alice Reed

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Alice Reed



mood board by Desmond Tonks



Sorting Ceremony VH 32


Oh dear, oh my. As much as I would like to acquiesce to your request, Ms. Reed, I'm afraid I can’t just sort a student to be with their best friend. What kind of sorting hat would I be then? Now then, let’s all calm down and talk though this a little bit…. Ah ha! There isn't a single mean bone in your body, is there? Caring to a fault, your love for everything around you echoes strongly with one particular Hogwarts Founder. She, too, was willing to accept and care for anyone regardless of who or what they are. Coupled with your willingness to work hard no matter the odds, I believe there is only one place for you. Step lightly now Ms. Reed. Off you go to... HUFFLEPUFF!

The Basics:
Name: Alice Elizabeth Reed
House: Hufflepuff
Birthday: November 3, 2022
Hometown: Chiswick, West London, England

Bloodtype: Muggle born
Five words that best describe your character: Loyal - Enthusiastic - Determined - Honest - Spontaneous

Length: 11"

Wood: Chestnut is used for healing spells and rituals. Chestnut wood is known for properties that bring success and love. Chestnut wood clarifies the mind and is an aide in learning. It is said to encourage justice, longevity, increase energy, enhance intuition, and help with grounding and centering of energy.

+Planet: Jupiter
+Element: Fire
+healing, higher learning, success, love
Sources: Witchipedia.com, Wiccan Altar.com

Core: Unicorn hair is a more subtle wand. It is also hands-down the best core for healing, as it picks up some of the healing capabilities of unicorn blood. Unicorn hair has a reputation of picking gentler or more cerebral users, so it is common amongst Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws. More laid-back Gryffindors and subtler Slytherins may find themselves with a Unicorn hair wand.

As the Unicorn hair can be removed without the death of the creature, the Unicorn hair wands specialize in Charms as Charms may be extremely powerful, and the generality of them, expertly cast, are quite permanent, some may be fairly easily countered or canceled, however. The Healing power of the Unicorn lends itself well to Healing and other more subtle arts such as Seeing.

Good For: Charms, Healing, Seeing, COMC, Divination


October 23 - November 21
The Scorpion. Fixed, water, yin - planetary ruler: Mars and Pluto. Keywords: "I DESIRE"

This is one of the more bizarre signs to get sorted into House Hufflepuff, but every now and then it happens. It's not as contradictory as one would think. Scorpio is perfectly happy to work behind the scenes without getting much recognition, provided that work actually gets something meaningful done and results in personal success; success means different things to different people, and Hufflepuff Scorpios tend to define success as "accomplishment" rather than as "prestige." These Hufflepuffs are indefatigable. They have the energy and the willpower to keep going even when everyone else around them has quit. They are workaholics to an extreme, if they are obsessed with a particular project; otherwise, they are happy to devote their prodigious energies to their family and friends, to whom they are devoted. Scorpio is often associated with the serpents of Aesculapius, demi-god of medicine, and the social orientation and skill at herbals that Hufflepuff wizards exhibit make the Scorpio Hufflepuff a natural healer.
Source: HP Astrology

Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Style: Long, often worn in braids or ponytail
Eye color: Hazel
Height: 4'11"
Other distinguishing details: A healthy body size. Has curves and is not super thin.

Breed: Silver grey tabby - license
Name: Cheshire
Gender: Male

Other: A happy cat who sometimes disappears without warning but shows right back up. Seems to look like he is grinning but we know cats can't grin, right?! When not having disappeared off somewhere, Cheshire can be found wherever Alice is.


Magimon 2.0 - Fairy

Personality:  Relaxed

Gender:  Male

What you might like to do after Hogwarts: Don't know yet.
Someone you look up to:

Amortenia:  baking bread, fire roasted pablanos, and a cheeseburger.



Birth Number= 3 || 3

Life Path Number = 11

Personality Number = 6

Soul Number =  7

Destiny Number =  6

Maturity Number =  8


Tarot Card:  Death

Like your Tarot card, Death, you welcome transformation. You often shed your skin like a snake, seeking to release your spirit and be reborn. Because you are able to detach yourself from the ties that bind others, it's easy for you to change your identity, making you the mysterious person everyone wants to figure out.

Source:  Tarot Cards for Each Zodiac Sign

Edited by Alice Reed

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Alice Reed



Father's name: Lewis Reed
Brief description (occupation, blood, etc): Chef, Muggle

Lal: Jamie Oliver


Mother's name: Carol Reed (maiden name: Hart)
Brief description (occupation, blood, etc): Works for a temp service, Muggle

Lal: Cate Blanchett


Siblings (names and descriptions): None


Other key family members:
Grandmother: Chessie Hart, retired, Muggle


Family Tree


Edited by Alice Reed

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Alice Reed

Dueling Stats

For the record



wizard card by Ethan Smith

First Year

Mentor/Mentee Duel
DCM 1 2 3
Game of Themes - Won first match ever
Won +
Lost * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * *
Time Outs ^ ^ ^





Second Year

DCM 1 2 3
VH33 Free Spell
Experimental Tournament: Gr D-1, Gr D-3,
In Progress:
Won + + + + + +
Lost * * * * * * * *
Time Outs ^



Third Year

DCM 1 2 3

VH 34 Free Spell

Game ofThemes
In Progress:  = = = =
Won + + + + + + + +
Lost * * * * * * *
Time Outs

Fourth Year

DCM 1 2 3

VH 35 Free Spell
In Progress: = = =
Won +
Lost * * 
Time Outs

Fifth Year

DCM 1 2 3

VH 36 Free Spell


Sixth Year

DCM  1  2  3

Seventh Year

DCM  1  2  3

Edited by Alice Reed

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Alice Reed

Pre-Hogwarts Primary

PHP Workbook

Grade: P!, EO



Fire burn and Cauldron Bubble. . . theoretically - Vladimir, Eli

Vladimir hadn't brought his cello with him today.


Pancake, My best friend! - Eli, Mikey Kennedy,

Eli loves pets and made a beeline to the cages of the school pet corner!!!


Disparity - Barbara Elizalde, Eli, Garth

At recess time, playing at the Crystal Fountain made Barbara feel a palpable uneasiness exhuming from the pores of her unexposed arms, giving her the goosebumps.


Imaginary Dueling - Fiona, Eli, Eloise,

It was the kind of gorgeous sunny day that simply demanded playing outside.


Showbizness - Noelle, Eli

Noelle hadn't realised how much she was going to miss the theatre until she found the stage at the Indoor Lunch area.


The Great Gnome Tug of War


I Survived Pre-Hogwarts Primary


Posts at beginning: 0

Posts at end: 51


Edited by Alice Reed

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Alice Reed

First Year

Muggleborn & Clueless - Vladimir, Eli
Well, not totally clueless. Alice knew where she had to go and what she had to get.

They're coming to take us away ha ha - Eli, Michael Mason
The day had come for Eli to catch the train to Hogwarts, although the family lived not but a stones through from Hogsmead compared to London, Gran Pa and Gran insisted that Eli did things properly and the way it had been done for years.

Skies of Powdered Gold et al
Hufflepuff Sorting Night Tour

Welcome to Hufflepuff

The VH 32 Hug-A-Thon

Hippogriff Shenanigans

Legend of the Super Cookie - Prof. Gawkrodgers, Sophie Downes, Rosie Roux,
It was difficult to be angry at Sophie Downes, but it was very easy to be annoyed by her. There were only so many effusive comments about cookies that a person could take before they needed a little bit of silence.


Walking Through the Trees - London Yates

Making his way to the forest's tree line London figured making the hike to collect the ingredients he needed was better than sneaking off during the night.


OH! Please grow for me! - Chiron, London

It had been a long time in coming, Chiron had spent a lot of his time in the green houses but not for classes, it had been a hobby to start with!


Free Palm Reading - Mercutio, Navi

Mercutio Bates was failing Divinations.


Musical Chairs - Team Mercutio

Grades (OOC/ IC)

Astronomy O* 20/16 EE
Flying O 15/9 EE
Herbology O* 25/46 O
Potions O* 23 O

DADA O 15/11 EE
Charms O* 20/18 + 5 O
History of Magic O* 20/32 O
Transfiguration O* 20/19 O




House Points Earned: 349



House Points Lost: 0

House Points Total: 349


Starting WP: 50

Ending WP: 94


Posts at beginning: 51

Posts at End: 493


In Closing


Alice was sorted into Hufflepuff

Badger Scouts

Dueling Club Meeting 1, 2, 3

Hufflepuff Musical Chairs

Game of Themes


VH32: Hogwarts: A History



Edited by Alice Reed

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Alice Reed

Second Year

Unicorns R Us - Professor Gawkrodgers, housemates, and a cast of really safe toys

The Furby Gawkrodger had fixed up for Rosie had been a moderate success. It worked quite well without any muggle means of power now, it was just slightly evil.


Welcome to Hufflepuff - Professor Gawkrodgers and housemates

Why did it always take so long for the first years to get down here from the Great Hall? What did the fifth year prefects do with them?


Look at the stars, look how they shine for you (Joining in on the tour) - Firsties and Prefects


Counting Game


Wizarding First Aid Part 1


Alpha Beta Charlie's of Hogwarts - Addison Curtis and others


What ever happened to my Transylvania Twist? - Ethan Smith

Dueling club had been interesting at the least and somewhat fun. Well, until the slime was all over her and then Alice turned into a werewolf.


Good at the Wrong Time or Place becomes Evil - Puck

By a great deal of trial and error, Puck had learned that pitching her tent too close to the rose gardens lead to morning gnome ambushes as she walked to classes.


She's Got a Ticket to Ride - London

A scowl formed on the young boys face. He didn't quite apreciate that he had to give up his christmas holiday because Louise failed her transfiguration lessons.


The Hottest Girl - London, Ethan, Abi Slater, Abigail Goodfellow, Luke Cronus

London stayed in the Ravenclaw locker room a bit longer than what he would normally as he figured why not shower now with hot water rather than the cold water back in the Ravenclaw Tower.


Whoa! Something Medical is Happening! - London, Ethan, Hospital Wing Staff

It wasn't London's proudest moment, sure he had done some pretty dumb things since attending hogwarts, but this surely takes the cake.


All My Friends Were Glorious - Puff Quid Team, et al


End of Year Disco - London, et al


How Dare We Sit Quietly and Watch the World Pass By - London

The train ride home wasn't that bad, for all that could of happened this was probably the worst.




Grades (OOC/ IC)

Astronomy O* 25+37 EE
Herbology O* 20+22 O
Potions O* 24+25 O

DADA O* 20+17 EE
Charms O* 20+15 O
History of Magic O* 20+15 EE
Transfiguration O 15+30 O




House Points Earned: 335



House Points Lost: -0-

House Points Total: 335


Starting WP: 94

Ending WP: 141


Posts at beginning: 493

Posts at End: 732


In Closing


Badger Scouts

Dueling Club Meeting 1, 2, 3

Hufflepuff of the Moment

Burrow Times End of Year Reflections




Edited by Alice Reed

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Alice Reed

Third Year


Blow that lonesome whistle, Casey - Ethan, invasion by London

There hadn't been a single letter back from London all summer.


Have fun stormin' da castle - London

Alice had ridden the rest of the way to Hogsmeade station pretty much in silence, occasionally commenting on scenery outside until it was too dark to see.


Wibbly Wobbly Thyme-y Wimey - Internship thread 1

Alice had submitted for the chance to work as an intern for Professor Qin and then, proverbially, held her breath waiting for word as to whether she was one of the ones who was accepted.


Mad Hatter's Tea Party ain't got nothin' on us - Ethan, Edwin (Mentoring Thread)

Trying to figure out a good spot for meeting up with their mentee, Alice ruled out the usual ones.


Welcome to auditions


Ravenclaw Quidditch Stands, Game 1


A Handheld to Hogsmeade - London

It wasn't long after the school year had started, and since he was released from the hospital wing that London had decided to ask Alice to a date.


But for now, let's get away - London

Thing between Alice and London had become bumpy for a while as she found out that he had  attacked Vlad.  Which wasn't really true as London was only asking for Jelly Slugs...  With a beaters bat...

Red is the new black - London,

He was feeling fresh; this red jacket was looking great on him!  With his collar popped and some pep in his step, London walked into the great hall with his hands in his coat pockets; the only thing to make this whole thing better was if the teenager had some mirrored shades and a cherry Jelly Slug lollipop. 



Grades (OOC/ IC)

Ancient Runes O 15+15

Arithmancy O* 20+ 28

Astronomy O 15+11 EE
Herbology O 15+17
Potions O* 7+18+20 O

DADA O* 40 O
Charms O 15+7 EE
History of Magic O* 20+16 O
Transfiguration O 15+6 EE

CoMC O* 20+22+ Internship 20



House Points Earned: 372


House Points Lost: -0-

House Points Total:  372


Starting WP: 141

Ending WP: 181


Posts at beginning: 732

Posts at End: 937


In Closing

Badger Scouts

CoMC Internship


Arithmancy Journal

Magimon 2.0 - Hatching



Edited by Alice Reed

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Alice Reed

Fourth Year


Returning to the Scene of the Crime - London

It took all of London's courage to ask Alice on another date, was this a date?  It would seem that no one would know since their last one ended so terribly.


Grades (OOC/ IC)

Arithmancy O*

Ancient Runes O

Astronomy  O

Herbology O*
Potions  O*

Charms  O*
History of Magic O
Transfiguration  O




House Points Earned:  278



House Points Lost:  0

House Points Total:  278


Starting WP: 181

Ending WP: 228


Posts at beginning: 937

Posts at End: 1039


In Closing

Badger Scouts



Edited by Alice Reed

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Alice Reed

Fifth Year


The spaces between my fingers are where yours fit perfectly - London

Secrets.  It seemed that the Yates family was surrounded by them, his youngest sister attending Durmstrang, his father's secret potions lab under their house, and since about a year ago, @Kimber Yates Prefect badge.


A Onesie of Pink Proportions - London Yates, et al

He stood there arms folded, a scowl on his face, and wood in front of him.  To make matters worse, the pink rabbit onesie was actually comfortable as he wasn’t going to take it off anytime soon.


Ehhhhh, What's Up Doc? - London Yates, Hospital Wing

Thankfully, there weren't too many people on the way from the rabbit hutch under construction to the Hospital Wing as Alice tugged at London's rabbit ears and took him to get his neck looked at. 


We're no strangers to Hogwarts now - Silas Love-Valentein

When the list of departing seventh years went up, there were several that Alice knew but for some reason, one name seemed to stand out to her and she was not quite sure why.


Grades (OOC/ IC)

Ancient Runes - 20+29 O* / O

Arithmancy - 20/28 O/O

Astronomy - 20/25  O/EE
Herbology - 20/23  O*/O
- 15+11 O/O
DADA - 40  O*/EE
Charms - 15+14  O/O
History of Magic - 20/24 O/EE
Transfiguration - 41  O/O

Care of Magical Creatures 20+23 O/EE





Ancient Runes  O

Arithmancy  O

Astronomy   O

Care of Magical Creatures O

Charms - O

Defense Against the Dark Arts - O

Herbology  - O

History of Magic - O

Potions - O

Transfiguration - O




House Points Earned: 640



House Points Lost: 0

House Points Total: 640


Starting WP: 228

Ending WP: 263


Posts at beginning: 1039

Posts at End: 1236


In Closing

Badger Scouts


Edited by Alice Reed

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Alice Reed

Sixth Year


If we go down, we go down together - London

He was a madman.


Of course, why wouldn’t he be?  Running up and down hallways left and right, stressfully talking to Twig, their House elf that the bathrooms and other places of the house had been double, and triple cleaned.



Welcoming Speech - Professor Qin, et al


Grades (OOC/ IC)

Ancient Runes - O/O

Arithmancy - O/O

Charms - O/O

Herbology - O/O
- O/O
Transfiguration - O/O










House Points Earned:  125



House Points Lost: 0

House Points Total:  125


Starting WP: 263

Ending WP: 326


Posts at beginning: 1,236

Posts at End: 1302


In Closing

Badger Scouts


Edited by Alice Reed

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Alice Reed

Seventh Year



http://www.virtual-hogwarts.org/rpg/topic/140554-hoia-baciu-forest-a-haunted-expedition/ - Avery Potter


I was here, I existed


Grades (OOC/ IC)

Charms  O
Herbology  O
Potions  O

Transfiguration O





Arithmancy - O/20

Charms - O/20

Herbology - O/20

Potions - O/20

Transfiguration - O*/20






House Points Earned:  233



House Points Lost:  0

House Points Total:  233


Starting WP:  326 

Ending WP:  


Posts at beginning: 1302 

Posts at End:   


In Closing

Badger Scouts

Edited by Alice Reed

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