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Graphic by Cadence Overton <3_______                                          ______

══════════════════════════╝                            ___

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.......    ...character form,        



I believe in pink... I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when

everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.
I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.
- Audrey Hepburn



'{ t h e . b a s i c s
_______Name: Irene Redgrave
_______House: Slytherin
_______Birthday: January 13
_______Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
_______Pureblood/half blood/muggle born: Pureblood
_______Five words that best describe your character:

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . introverted observant curious opportunistic cautious. . . . .
. . . . The combination of her parents' outgoing natures and Irene's perceived repercussions from those behaviors has caused an equal and reverse personality trait in her. She's a tendency to judge perhaps harshly those around her based on their actions and reactions but turns those judgments equally on herself and is so critical of and concerned for the way she may be perceived that she would rather limit her interactions with others than face the consequences of what she chooses to do or say.

. . . . Irene uses writing as both an escape and a way to release her inner demons as it were. Any frustration or slight she can take out on paper with characters based on the people around her. However, to have an accurate representation she needs to get the details right - details are very important to Irene. She's constantly observing her surroundings, other people, and even turns her observations inward on herself.

. . . . Irene suffers from a desire to KNOW. Not really out of any intrinsic appreciation of the knowledge but because she'd rather know than not know and there's always more benefit to be had knowing something than not knowing it. Ignorance is not bliss.

. . . . Irene is serious and earnestly devout to whatever is she currently doing. She has a hard time letting go of one thing and moving onto the next whether or not it's past time to do so until she is certain that the task is complete or the situation is dealt with to her satisfaction. She is a quiet child but extremely rigid in her opinions and beliefs and perhaps with the naivety of youth is absolutely sure she is self-righteous and correct and justified in her position/beliefs.

. . . . Her caution is more of an interpersonal cautiousness rather than a hesistation of character. Irene is very sure of herself internally but is cautious of other people. She is distrustful and nervous of the intensions of other people and prefers to keep both people and situations at a distance until she can figure them out.

'{ t h e . l o o k s
_______Hair Color: dark brown, almost black
_______Hair Style: curly/wavy
_______Eye color: green
_______Height: smaller side of average
_______Look-a-like: Astrid Berges-Frisbey


'{ t h e . h e a r t
_______Father: donny redgrave (aka ' dani diamonds')Ravenclaw, Deceased; Investment Banker turned Professional Drag Queen. Died on stage as 'St. Nick's Special Helper' during the 2026 Down Under Christmas Extravaganza at a local club due to an electrical malfunction of equipment and costume apparatuses. Further details have been covered up with lots of money.

victoria redgrave Slytherin, repressed, bossy, gets her kicks ordering everyone around and cracking the whip over her new spouse (Ruth). Does not get as many kicks out of keeping said new spouse's spending habits in check and on lock down. Wears all the pantsuits ever.

ruth chamberlain Slytherin, money-grubbing spendthrift. Dramatic, boisterous, frivolous, loud. Sweeps into a room with much pomp and sweeps out with everything of value and probably your soul should you leave it unattended. She enjoys ruffling the feathers of her new spouse and also enjoys Victoria's deep pocketbook which she attempts to take advantage of at every possible opportunity.

henry (hank) chamberlain Slytherin. Pretty much an emo sack of boring since his girlfriend was eaten by a werewolf or something. Hank and Irene are not terribly close because she is a relatively new addition to the monstrous Chamberlain clan and her foothold is tenuous given that Ruth (her metaphorical foot in the door) has the unfortunate habit of trying to steal or con money our of everyone she knows as often as it is available. So there's that.

sophocles a tiny owl (male) Irene received as a Christmas present from her mothers. Try as he might he cannot carry large letters as they are too heavy for his tiny stature and as such he was named after a greek playwright whose famous quote was that small amounts of words contained greater wisdom as a reminder to Irene that she should condense her correspondence if she wants it to get anywhere.

portia a puffskein (female). Portia has a very fussy little bed/nest next to Irene's bed where she is content to snuggle in except when she's sneaking up into Irene or her dormmates' bunks to do ...that disgusting thing that puffskein's do, which no one will ever discuss around Irene if they know what's good for them, ok? Ok. Otherwise likes to sit on Irene's shoulder and ride around the castle. Unlike Irene, Portia is not a fan of the outdoors (and all the potential predators who might pose a threat to her) so she stays in the castle when Irene takes her leisure time outside.

paddington a pigmypuff (male?). When Irene spends so much time outside she feels bad for leaving Portia all alone and decides to get her pet a pet of its own, because what is more pretentious than that? Nothing. Deal with it. Paddington is a typical pigmypuff and happy to tag along with Irene or Portia and get attention as he can. Also likes to snuggle.

'{ t h e . o m n i b u s
_______Wand: 9 and 3/4 inch ash wand with a dragon heartstring core
. . . . The ash wand cleaves to its one true master and ought not to be passed on or gifted from the original owner, because it will lose power and skill. This tendency is extreme if the core is of unicorn. Old superstitions regarding wands rarely bear close examination, but I find that the old rhyme regarding rowan, chestnut, ash and hazel wands (rowan gossips, chestnut drones, ash is stubborn, hazel moans) contains a small nugget of truth. Those witches and wizards best suited to ash wands are not, in my experience, lightly swayed from their beliefs or purposes. However, the brash or over-confident witch or wizard, who often insists on trying wands of this prestigious wood, will be disappointed by its effects. The ideal owner may be stubborn, and will certainly be courageous, but never crass or arrogant.

. . . . As a rule, dragon heartstrings produce wands with the most power, and which are capable of the most flamboyant spells. Dragon wands tend to learn more quickly than other types. While they can change allegiance if won from their original master, they always bond strongly with the current owner.

. . . . The dragon wand tends to be easiest to turn to the Dark Arts, though it will not incline that way of its own accord. It is also the most prone of the three cores to accidents, being somewhat temperamental.

_______Patronus: Irene is not able to conjure a patronus as her magic is not powerful enough to achieve the feat. However, she attempts to cover this up by making up that her patronus is a cricket and that anyone who cannot see it just isn't looking hard enough for her exquisitely delicate spell. // If she is ever able to conjure one - it would be a whale.

_______Amorentia: Fried Chicken & Tobias Winchester

_______Marking Charm: An Otter

_______Fears: Small spaces 

_______Allergies: Chocolate

_______Astrology: Capricorn || Keywords "I USE"
. . . . Positive traits include pragmatism, maturity, patience, determination, awareness, a strong work ethic, realism, discipline, money management, the willingness to overcome hard luck, leadership, initiative, opportunism, prudence, and cunning.
. . . . Negative traits include pessimism, melancholy, emotional coldness, manipulation, obsession with work and ambitions to the detriment of personal development, remoteness, and materialistic snobbery.
. . . . The traits emphasized here will be ambition, determination, discipline, and pragmatism. You can't make that castle in the sky if you don't build a solid foundation under it, and Capricorns excel at building foundations. (Actually, they excel at planning the foundations and directing others to do the grunt labour. It's not that they're afraid to get their hands dirty, but large work usually requires delegation and a staff, and Capricorns are managers more often than not.) While not flamboyant or showy about it, Capricorns still tend to be obsessive overachievers, a common trait in House Slytherin. Too, wizards born under the sign of Capricorn are good at being discreet, secretive, and diplomatic; whereas the Libra's diplomacy is based on charm and a desire for harmony, the Capricorn's diplomacy is based on the knowledge that being on good terms with people is extremely useful in getting one's way or finding out sensitive information. These also are traits commonly associated with House Slytherin. They might not be sexy traits, but they're very handy.


LAL icons by: Shiya@livejournal
Wand Lore from Pottermore

Edited by Irene Redgrave

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... ....... .......grades,                   



Excellence is an art won by training and habitation . . .
Excellence, therefore is not an act but a habit.
- Aristotle


a r i t h m a n c y

Third Year : Outstanding*; Professor Wollice


a s t r o n o m y

First Year : Outstanding*; Professor Fjord
Second Year : Outstanding; Professor Forchheimer
Third Year : Outstanding; Professor Fjord


c h a r m s

First Year : Outstanding; Professor Quayle
Second Year : Outstanding; Professor Quayle

Third Year : Outstanding*; Professor Quayle


c r e a t u r e s

Third Year : Outstanding*; Professor Qin


d e f e n s e

First Year : Outstanding; Professor Gainsborough
Second Year : Outstanding; Professor Gainsborough
Third Year : Outstanding; Professor Gainsborough


d i v i n a t i o n

Third Year : Outstanding; Professor Rhodes


f l y i n g

First Year : Outstanding; Mr Maesson


h e r b o l o g y

First Year : Outstanding; Professor Dotchev
Second Year : Outstanding; Professor Mendelssohn
Third Year : Outstanding*; Professor Dotchev


h i s t o r y

First Year : Outstanding*; Professor Grimsby
Second Year : Outstanding; Professor Bourdelle
Third Year : Outstanding; Professor Bourdelle


m u g g l e s

Third Year : Outstanding*; Professor Gawkrodger


p o t i o n s

First Year : Outstanding* Professor James
Second Year : Outstanding Professor Sprout
Third Year : Outstanding* Professor Sprout


r u n e s

Third Year : Outstanding*; Professor Borage


t r a n s f i g u r a t i o n

First Year : Outstanding Professor Ripley
Second Year : Outstanding Professor Knaggs
Third Year : Outstanding Professor Knaggs

Edited by Irene Redgrave

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...........dueling chamber,        



Power is my mistress.
I have worked too hard to allow anyone to take her from me.
- Napoleon

BADGER [C2AD51] SNAKE [56805B] EAGLE [6A7D9E] LIONESS [A85656] OTHER [736699]

'{ f i r s t . y e a r
START 50 》58 》59 》68 》83 》90 END

Spells : Lv1 Blocking Charm; Lv1 Knockback Jinx; Lv1 Twitchy Ears Curse; Lv1 Hex Shield, Lv1 Disarming Spell, Lv2 Pepper Breath Hex, Lv2 Shocking Hex

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . completed duels. . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . dueling club. . . . .
Mentor Duel :: Leonid Stanislaus & Gary Youdle

Dueling Club Meeting One . . Dueling Club Meeting Two . . Dueling Club Meeting Three
Dueling Club Tournament Signs Ups


Novice Tier :: Round ONE v. Gary Youdle
Novice Tier :: Round TWO v. James Rowan
Novice Tier :: Round THREE v. Kaelyn Paddock
Novice Tier :: Round FIVE v. Gary Youdle


'{ s e c o n d . y e a r
START 133 》137 》142 》148 》150 》 END
Spells : Lv1 Knockback Jinx; Lv1 Twitchy Ears Curse; Lv2 Pepper Breath Hex, Lv2 Hex Shield, Lv2 Blocking Charm, Lv3 Coward Charm, Lv2 Disarming Spell, Lv2 Strength-Stealer Spell, Lv3 Shocking Hex, Lv1 Stormy Weather Hex

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . completed duels. . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . dueling club. . . . .

Dueling Club Meeting One . . Dueling Club Meeting Two . . Dueling Club Meeting Three
Dueling Club Tournament Signs Ups


Intermediate Tier :: Round ONE v. Phillip Downes
Intermediate Tier :: Round TWO v. Kimber Yates
Intermediate Tier :: Round THREE v. Navi Wilkes
Intermediate Tier :: Round FOUR v. Viola Wayland
Intermediate Tier :: Round FIVE v. Prim Solstice



'{ t h i r d . y e a r
START 200 》199 END
Spells : Lv1 Twitchy Ears Curse; Lv2 Pepper Breath Hex, Lv2 Hex Shield, Lv2 Blocking Charm, Lv3 Coward Charm, Lv2 Disarming Spell, Lv2 Strength-Stealer Spell, Lv3 Shocking Hex, Lv2 Stormy Weather Hex, Lv3 Snowball Jinx, Lv3 Knockback Jinx, Lv1 Support Spell, Lv1 Take Cover Charm
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . completed duels. . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . dueling club. . . . .

Dueling Club Meeting One . . Dueling Club Meeting Two . . Dueling Club Meeting Three



'{ f o u r t h . y e a r
START 235》249 》 END
Spells : Lv3 Knockback Jinx, Lv1 Twitchy Ears Curse; Lv2 Pepper Breath Hex, Lv2 Hex Shield, Lv2 Blocking Charm, Lv3 Coward Charm, Lv2 Disarming Spell, Lv2 Strength-Stealer Spell, Lv3 Shocking Hex, Lv3 Snowball Jinx, Lv1 Support Spell, Lv1 Take Cover Charm, Lv3 Stormy Weather Hex, Lv3 Lightening Hex

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . completed duels. . . .
names |

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . dueling club. . . . .

Dueling Club Meeting One . . Dueling Club Meeting Two . . Dueling Club Meeting Three


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . in progress duels. . . .

Edited by Irene Redgrave

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......  ..first year, 2033-2034.


You have power over your mind - not outside events
realize this, and you will find strength.
- Marcus Aurelius

BADGER [C2AD51] SNAKE [56805B] EAGLE [6A7D9E] LIONESS [A85656] OTHER [736699]


'{ r o l e p l a y s

when it lifts me up I'm gonna find my feet} hogwarts express
. . . .addison toft
#friendship #runts #irad
At the train station several hours before the train departs, Irene is abandoned by her step-mother who would rather be shopping and meets Addison who is trying to ditch her own parents.

our first night under the stars} the magical boat ride
. . . .tobias winchester
#nope #whatwhatwhatareyoudoing #frenemies4LYFE
We're on a boat hey, no wait we're not hey, we're in the water hey. HEY :@ Wherein Tobias is an absolute arse and then he isn't. And it's all very confusing except for the part where Irene is absolutely correct and righteous.

so many miles of night and still no name for it} the lawn
. . . .joe beattie
#camptown #dormrejection #i'mnotapartofyoursystem
Joe and Irene have both separately sought outdoor refuge from their respective dorms and find each other instead.

how to train your dragon 2} the lawn
. . . .meitner eadie, aubrey shoreditch
Aubrey has decided to take on apprentices to pass on her dragon skillz. Mittie and Irene have been CHOSEN. Will they live up to the challenge... or even live?

there is love underneath all the blood and biting} the forbidden forest
. . . .slytherin quidditch team
#teambonding #campout
Camptown Voldie sing that song, doo-dah, doo-dah. Captain Hank will murder us all, oh the doo-dah day. Whose idea was this? Hopefully enough of the team survives to practice before the first game against Ravenclaw House.

where are you now that i need you} the library
. . . .leela toor, kelly ashcroft, giselle montgomery, perenelle penprase

. . . . #mentoring #bruise-paste?!
Having house mentors is fun! Except when no one wants you. Whelp this is going to be fun? But all kidding aside - WHY DID YOU GIVE US BRUISE PASTE...

got lightening in a bottle and hands on the throttle} the great hall
. . . .dorothy talbot, edison byrnes
#BOYS #seriously?! #puppylove
Dottie thinks she figures out a ~secret~ but instead of keeping it to herself she try to "help" Irene by blabbing her big mouth all over the Great Hall and embarrassing the Slytherin. TLDR; Hufflepuff's suck.

all you ever did was wre-e-eck me} the dueling club
. . . .addison toft, gary youdle, tobias winchester
#duelingtournament #awesome
Addison and Tobias try to profit off the dueling tournament by rigging the results in Irene's favor. Unfortunately for Gary this involves a concussion for his trouble. Unfortunately for everyone else; this seems to have no effect whatsoever on his wretched personality.

this plate is all i've got so keep it steady now} the kitchens
. . . .moira mackensie
#OMNOM #benched #quidis4loserz
Moira and Irene were both benched for the Hufflepuff v. Slytherin Quidditch game so they skip the game and stuff their faces instead. Because... you know... Priorities. And Waffles.


i was in your sights, you got me alone} the forbidden forest
. . . .tobias winchester
#howdoesthisalwayshappen #uandmeandfrenemies
Neither Tobias or Irene want to go to Columbia's birthday party and use baiting each other into doing something really stupid as an excuse not to go. This is totally going to end well /sarcasm.

she took my arm i dont know how it happened} the lawn
. . . .addison toft, tobias winchester
#ohnoudidnt #springflingball #danceparty
It's a party! Too bad Tobias has to ruin everything. Literally, by do nothing more than eating stupid blueberries that have been hexed. Now Addison, Tobias and Irene are all in a jam. Hurr hurr - see what I did there; blueberry jam.

where do the good girls go to hide away} slytherin common room
. . . . phaedra wayland heather holmes
#reversementoring #HUFFLEPUFFCULT
Phaedra sneaks Heather into the Slytherin Common Room before graduation but Irene takes this to mean the Hufflepuff invasion is imminent. ***ONE POST INVASION/FLY BY***

gather up your jackets move it to the exits i hope you have found a friend} train
. . . . lucius cronus
#magiccarpettrainride #BROS4LYFE
Luke and Irene chillin' on the train ride home for the summer. Piggy back rides are the bestest.


graphic by mattie mcnutt<3


'{ r e c r e a t i o n
QP START 200 》224 》234 END

VH31 Slytherin Quidditch Team . . Term I Eligibility HW Tracker . . Term II Eligibility HW Tracker


slytherin vs. ravenclaw
Final Score: 00 : 20
Position: Reserve || Theme: VH!apps
Favorite Moment(s): When I wrote Hank's keeper RP and it was all about ME.

. . . . Whoo! Good job! Good block! You can do this. Recover. Defense. Brava. Irene Redgrave clapped as best she could while clinging to her tenuous position sitting in the bottom of and clinging to the hoop Hank had just prevented from a goal scoring in. and possibly decapitating Irene.

. . . . IRENE REDGRAVE. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE PITCH. The vein in Henry Chamberlains forehead throbbed as his face turned red. How had his stupid cousin managed to even get on the pitch in the first place, let alone up into the hoops?!

. . . . Ugh. But Haaaaaaaaank. Im just being supportive. Since you know, you wont let me plaaay. I cant see anything from the bench. Irene whined in the most annoying way a girl could without actually being a younger sibling. How she had acquired this skill as an only child is suspect. She probably was not an only child and had eaten her sibling in the womb. Or worse.

. . . . His voice turned into a series of incomprehensible grunts and noises which Irene rolled her eyes at and signaled to Lucius Cronus to hitch a ride back to the bench where she belonged. When he was satisfied that this authority was at least mostly not being defied he turned with the quaffle and glowered at the nearest Chaser, Move, before chucking the quaffle at their face.

. . . . His face subsided to a color of purple which highlighted the streaks in his blond, wind-tousled hair. So pretty.


slytherin vs. gryffindor
Final Score: 10 : 20
Position: Seeker || Theme: potatoes
Favorite Moment(s): When I actually got to PLAY THIS YEAR!

slytherin vs. hufflepuff
Final Score: 20 : 10
Position: Reserve || Theme: Florida!Slytherin!man
Favorite Moment(s): Skipping the game to skiv off with Moira WHOMP WHOMP. #teamspirit

snow volleyball game} the lawn
Team FireHot v. Team IcyCool ; Team: IcyCool
Final Score: 2 : 4
Favorite Moment(s):

shuntbumps! gryffindor v. slytherin} the quidditch pitch

student quidditch game} the quidditch pitch
Team W.H.A.H.E.P.F.U.vs. Team Hexed by AJ
Team: WHAHEPFU || Position: Beater
Final Score: 10 : 20



'{ r e l a t i o n s h i p s

addison toft
tobias winchester
gary youdle
henry chamberlain
kirk lawson :: #slaphappy #noU
lucius cronus
dorothy talbot


Edited by Irene Redgrave

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..  .second year, 2034-2035 


To flatter and follow others, without being flattered and followed in turn,
is but a state of half enjoyment.
- Jane Austen

BADGER [C2AD51] SNAKE [56805B] EAGLE [6A7D9E] LIONESS [A85656] OTHER [736699]


'{ r o l e p l a y s

this is how to break a dragon's heart} lawn
. . . .aubrey shoreditch, viola wayland
#mentoring #slytherin #dragontraining
It's a new year and Aubrey and Irene have adopted a new baby dragon to train in the ways of the fleet.

the truth is that i cant open up} rose garden
. . . .silas harding-clarke
#notbitter #PLANNING
Silas and Irene converse over the change that is taking place amongst several of their peers and what it may mean for the over-arching society that is their year group. Also they're friends now.

the band wagon} astronomy tower
. . . .addison toft
#besties #first-kiss #everyoneisdoingit?
Irene is sad because everyone seems to be pairing off and she doesn't understand what the big deal is. So of course she's going to ask her bestest friend to see what it's all about.

its only you beautiful or i don't want anyone} hospital wing
. . . .tobias winchester, arviragus burke
#frenemy #hairbrush-injury #lolololol
[Zara hit Toby with a hairbrush on Irene's behalf and then their makeup party on the lawn turned into a free-for-all battle. Irene begrudgingly takes Tobias to the Hospital Wing afterward for treatment of his less than manly injuries.

its impossible to ignore you} quidditch pitch
. . . .silas harding-clarke
#aftermath #quidditchgame2
Silas took some very large bludgers to the face in the quidditch game and Irene investigates if her Ravenclaw friend lived through the trauma.

can the two sides of us agree} dueling chamber
. . . .tobias winchester addison toft
#idkwhatisgoingonintheworld #angry-makeout #wingrave
Addison and Toby are trying to patch things up but Irene wins her tournament duel and crashes their drama to instigate her own.

and i spent all night stuck on the puzzle} unused classroom
. . . .silas harding-clarke
#flirting #siren
Irene needs Silas to explain and comfort her after the trauma of her tournament duel and Tobias assaulting her face with his face.

we are walking on the moon} lakefront
. . . .silas harding-clarke
#flirting #siren
Irene dares Silas to go in the lake at night because lol freezing. Things take a turn for the worse.

the thunder rolls and the lightning strikes} quidditch pitch
. . . .addison toft
#irad #makeup-makeout
Tensions are on the rise during a quidditch game as Addison ignores Irene and vice versa until finally best friends confront each other and Addison reveals her relationship with Mercutio is over and the two makeup and make out a little because why not?

me and Cinderella we can put it all together} dueling chamber
. . . .tobias winchester
#awkward #wingrave
Toby defeats Prim in the dueling tournament, who had previously knocked Irene out of contention. She tries to thank him and get them back on a ~normal~ footing, at least for them. Alas, Toby is the WORST.

so we take each other's hand because we seem to understand the urgency} greenhouses
. . . .silas harding-clarke
#flirting #siren
Irene tries to give Silas a present. Awkward feelings are awkward.


graphic by gary youdle


'{ r e c r e a t i o n
QP START 234 》310 》 END

VH32 Slytherin Quidditch Team . . Term I Eligibility HW Tracker . . Term II Eligibility HW Tracker


slytherin vs. hufflepuff
Final Score: 10 : 0
Position: Reserve/Microphone Stand
Theme: 1000 Ways to Die in Westeros (Made out with Poison; Marcella Lannister)
Favorite Moment(s):


slytherin vs. ravenclaw
Final Score: 10 : 10
Position: Beater || Theme: Drac!Vamps (Drusilla; Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Favorite Moment(s):


slytherin vs. gryffindor
Final Score: 20 : 00
Position: || Theme: Shakespeare Insults
2 Interceptions
1 Goals Scored


Lucius Cronus and Irene with Baby Erquemboure glaring in the background. Typical day about town.
-Made by Baby Erquemboure <3

'{ r e l a t i o n s h i p s
silas harding-clarke
Silas and Irene become much closer friends and are always playing around with each other. This eventually leads Irene to develop "The feels" for Silas and they kiss in April in the greenhouses. However, neither of them really have the experience to know what to do about it and so they flounder about in murky ambiguity as Silas thinks Irene was just kissing him casually like her "other" kissing friend Addison and Irene thinks that Silas actually likes her.

tobias winchester
Tobias rage!kisses Irene during the dueling tournament second term and shifts their frenemy status to something more complicated.

viola wayland
A baby first year is entrusted into Irene and Aubrey's care so of course they try to send her through dragon training! Viola is apparently a less-social, cautious, cave-dwelling breed of dragon.

addison toft
Best friends decide they should practice kissing each other so they know how to do it when it really happens with boys but then ~Feelings~. #it'scomplicated Then Silas complicates things later in the year when he tells Addison he likes her and kisses her before kissing Irene also. SO MUCH KISSING, WHAT THE HECK SECOND YEAR ?! Hormones much? - Anyway, this all drives a big fat wedge between Addison and Irene although Irene has no idea of the source.

Edited by Irene Redgrave

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.................third year,               


BADGER [C2AD51] SNAKE [56805B] EAGLE [6A7D9E] LIONESS [A85656] OTHER [736699]


'{ r o l e p l a y s

hot fun in the summertime} rented house in the countryside (summer)
. . . .pretty much everyone in her year
#bestpartyEVER #iparty #worstpartyEVER
Irene throws a summer party just after the end of second year. It goes pretty well until Silas (Tobias' girlfriend and Luke's crush) makes out with Silas (Irene's crush) in front of everyone at the party. Irene maybe accidentally shoves Baby Erquemboure into a pool. Gary and Luke arrived on winged horses and thought that was important too.

don't you know i'm human too} house party over the summer
. . . .addison toft
#irad #iParty
Addison and Irene go about addressing the issues in their friendship, namely that they don't speak or acknowledge each other currently and whether or not they are still even friends let alone best friends.

beating 101} quidditch pitch
. . . .all of the slytherins
#bondinggame #concussion #mouthToMouthwithVoldric
Second year in a row of Kirk and Voldric beating antics. IT IS NOT FUNNY. The Kirk idk has a girl fit and runs away, hitting Irene in the head with a beater's bat giving her a concussion and the responsibility to protect everyone else from the 10+ bludgers flying around the pitch. She does her best and at the end Voldric gives her chocolate, his favorite treat, which she is too dazed to remember she is allergic to until she asphyxiates. Voldric attempts to give her mouth to mouth and Madam Carter carts her off to the hospital wing.
don't know what i'm doing in this hospital bed} hospital wing
. . . .madam braelin-von haus madam carter
#chocolatesucks #ihatehogwarts #qqqqqqqqq
After 'beating 101' Irene is carted off to the hospital wing for treatment but the mediwitch on duty would rather socialize with Madam Carter than save her. What is life D:

at the wheel, we've got a million miles ahead of us} great hall
. . . .silas harding-clarke
#siren #flirting
Back at school Irene attempts to fix her friendship with Silas and also flirt a little and also eat because she is a mad skilled multitasker. #Successful on all accounts.

lonely days of uncertainty, they disappear when you're near me} quidditch pitch
. . . .tobias winchester
#wingrave #boggarts
After the first Defense Against the Dark Arts class, Irene cannot defeat her boggart and is so traumatized and embarassed by her theatrical episode in class that she runs away and then is confronted by whole second trauma when Tobias Winchester finds her.

i don't know your name but i feel like that's gonna change} library
. . . .linus paddock
#cheatsheets #sleepytime
Writing too many essays for too many Slytherins and getting caught wasn't on the schedule for today but Gryffindors have a way of messing up schedules and everything else in the world. SIGH RIVAL QUIDDITCH CAPTAINS.

unlock the swag} corridors
. . . .anna novak
#lockeddoorsbearnosecrets #tags
Running into random Hufflepuffs doing completely inconspicuous things in hallways around locked doors is totes normal business.

pick my petals off and make my heart explode} unused classroom
. . . .silas harding-clarke
#aboutdamntime #siren
Time for Silas to man up. Or time for Irene to get over herself and her feels. One of the two.

what's the worst that could happen} hogsmeade
. . . .reid fauchelevent
#funinthesun #notmyboyfriend
Silas is sick but a sick boyfriend isn't going to keep Irene from enjoying a Hogsmeade weekend. Reid and Irene hit up the hotspots and lift some eyebrows at the time they spend in each other's company.

a perfect example of why everyone should listen to jenna james} potions classroom
. . . .Addison toft
#irad #highaskites
Overworked and distracted the two girls accidentally drug themselves and have more fun than they have had all year. Oops Not Sorry.

still got sand in my sweaters from nights we don't remember} lawn
. . . .tobias winchester
#comeback-kid #wingrave
Tobias is back at school after getting shipped off to control his infectious disease. Bicker Bicker, fight fight - gee I hope he's going to be alright.

climb out of the pack, paint a target on your back} great hall
. . . .jake morent
#a-world-of-chaos #theoppositeofwinning #alsostalking
Jake surprises Irene when he achieves high marks in several classes. She resolves to stalk him until she can figure out how he managed to cheat the system because she believes him to be worthless.



'{ r e c r e a t i o n
QP START 320 》338 》344 》356 END

VH33 Slytherin Quidditch Team . . Term I Eligibility HW Tracker . . Term II Eligibility HW Tracker


slytherin vs. gryffindor
Final Score: 20 : 10
Position: Chaser || Theme: Potterpuff!Irene Avatar by Kirk
Special Moment(s):


slytherin vs. ravenclaw
Final Score: 10 : 00
Position: Chaser && Substitute Captain
Theme: StarWars; Main-Line Characters ONLY #snobs :: Max Rebo
Favorite Moment(s):


slytherin vs. hufflepuff
Final Score: 20 : 30
Position: Chaser || Theme: JarJar w/Girl Power Lyrics (Taylor Swift)
Favorite Moment(s):



graphic by sullivan kelly


'{ r e l a t i o n s h i p s
silas harding-clarke
Silas and Irene try dating and become a couple of adorable proportions. Their time together isn't as plentiful as they'd like since they both play Quidditch for opposing teams and Irene decides to take every single elective ever in her ambitious push to be a prefect and head girl. SIREN FOREVER. *draws little hearts everywhere*

tobias winchester
Toby spends most of the year out with dragon pox. Irene is reluctant to admit she misses the stupid boy and is glad when he comes back to school and appears reasonably healthy. Still at Frenemy status but perhaps a little closer to the friend side - though neither will ever admit it outloud.

baby erquemboure
is the devil. Period. Okay but after the last Quidditch Game of the year where Baby Erquemboure purposely drops the quaffle so Irene can "save" her interception and look impressive in front of the Quidditch Team, Irene decides perhaps their hateship can be improved somewhat. Time and bribery heals all wounds.

addison toft
This is the best thing you have ever given me ever. Including your heart.
Addison and Irene mend their friendship from the stiff stand-still of the previous summer. They become closer with relationship struggles.

lucius cronus
co-mentor, bro.

idina iordanau
mentee tbe.

tiberius fudge
mentee tbe.

Edited by Irene Redgrave

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........   ......fourth year,             


BADGER [C2AD51] SNAKE [56805B] EAGLE [6A7D9E] LIONESS [A85656] OTHER [736699]


'{ r o l e p l a y s

the most dramatic bachwiz listening party ever} paddock house
. . . .kaelyn paddock
#bachWiz #fangirling
A summer of new BachWiz episodes! Staring the dream Davy Papadopoulos. SO DREAMY. PICK ME.

don't be so quick to walk away} diagon alley
. . . .columbia greybridge
#force-friending #trying2hard
Columbia without Grace? Maybe it's time she can make a friend of one of Silas' childhood besties?

i think i found my way home} hogwarts express
. . . .silas harding-clarke mercutio bates
#siren #GET-OUT-MERC
It's been almost a month since Irene saw Silas and she tries to find them a nice private place to... catch up.

i can't really see another squad tryna cross us} girl's dormitory - slytherin
. . . .eden beattie, baby erquemboure
#vh31squadgoals #sleephereifyoudare
Fourth year dormitories. Starting the year off horribly wrong per usual.

two derps derping} castle corridors
. . . .tobias winchester
#wingrave #becauseOFCOURSE
There's no one in the castle - that is super weird. Except Toby. Of course, Toby. *growls*

i'm slowly bringing you down from the heavenly gate} castle corridors
. . . .tobias winchester, silas harding-clarke, kaelyn paddock
#wingrave #siren
Continued from 'two-derps-derping', Irene and Toby figure out there is a death eater attack going on. WHELP DONT THEY FEEL SILLY. No they don't. Because they're scared. They also learn of Silas and Kaelyn's fate during the attacks.

been trying to fix my pride but that [thing's] broken} st. mungo's hospital
. . . .just me, myself & i
#flyingsolo #irad
The attacks are over and some of Irene's friends, most notably Addison Toft are at St. Mungo's. Irene goes to visit but ends up in a different place.

it could have been easy all you had to do was stay} greenhouses
. . . .silas harding-clarke
#breakup-breakdown #siren
After a week of avoiding each other, it's time for the final countdown on Siren. brb buying more tissues.


no one told you life was going to be this way } quidditch pitch/common room
. . .  lucius cronus
 #breakup-breakdown #siren
Irene spills what happened with Silas to Luke who doesn't take it so well - #loveisdead.


all that she wants is another Baby }   slytherin dorms
. . .  baby erquemboure
The one where Irene buys back Baby's friendship because she realized she needed some allies.


there's nothing for me here so I will disappear}   lucius cronus's estate ~ homes & holidays
. . .  abgiail goodfellow
#slythsquad  #lukesparty
At Luke's party, Irene doesn't want to go in and potentially face Silas for the first time since their break-up. Abby convinces her it might be okay.


this is an all-time low} lucius cronus' estate ~homes & holidays
. . . .tobias winchester
#lukes-party #wingrave
Gary handed out potions at the New Year's party, Irene got a bad one. She vomits everywhere of course Toby is there.


you had me several years ago when I was still naive} great hall/entrance hall
. . . .addison toft
 #never-ever-getting-back-2gether #figthclub
Irene and Addison have a confrontation wherein Irene gets the ever-loving stuffing beat out of her and misplaces some of her anger and resentment on her best friend who has been decidedly absent dealing with her own life.


with every broken bone I swear I've lived} quidditch locker rooms
. . .  voldric tagnikzur
#begging4it #physical-therapy
Irene begs voldric to let her play beater in the upcoming quidditch match to work out some of her issues.


you're gonna see it's our destiny you've got a friend in me} hospital wing
. . . .silas harding-clarke,
lucius cronus #interference #siren
Irene ends up in the hospital wing after Addison wrecks her to a state of unconsciousness, Luke thought it would be a great idea to tell Silas part of what happened...


it feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters} great hall/entrance hall
. . . .darcy redmount
 #twi-hards #teamjacob
Darcy and Irene find a documentary series about vampire and werewolf battles in the muggle studies classroom called Twilight. They watch them. It is awful. TEAM JACOB 4 LYFE THO. AWOOOOO.


secret life of plants} greenhouses
. . . .tobias winchester
#latenight #wingrave
Toby has dark and twisty thoughts that match Irene's dark and twisty thoughts. They have a quiet moment of shared empathy.


went the distance now I'm back on my feet} quidditch pitch
. . .edison byrnes
 #edrenaline #training-montage
Irene runs into Edison for the first time in awhile and catches up, and then trades tutoring for physical training. Our girl's gonna be a contender... or not.


when nothing was right and nothing's wrong} youdle farms
. . . .gary youdle
#gangrene #almost-friending #flirtship
Irene's step-mother decides to buy a winged horse, Irene and Gary decided to try and be friends. Kind of. Mostly?


graphic by Rowan Allard

'{ r e c r e a t i o n
QP START 356 》374 》396 420 END

VH33 Slytherin Quidditch Team . . Term I Eligibility HW Tracker . . Term II Eligibility HW Tracker

slytherin vs. ravenclaw
Final Score: 50 : 00
Position: Chaser || Theme: Skam translations
Special Moment(s):


slytherin vs. hufflepuff
Final Score: 20 : 10
Position: Chaser || Theme: Wand Cores (Dragon; Trumpdor)
Favorite Moment(s):


slytherin vs. gryffindor
Final Score: 00 : 00
Position: || Theme:
Favorite Moment(s):


graphic by Rowan Allard


'{ r e l a t i o n s h i p s
silas harding-clarke
Silas and Irene celebrate their one year anniversary and then promptly break up.  Silas doesn't understand what he could have possibly done wrong and Irene doesn't understand how he doesn't understand that choosing another female over her is not cool.  Oh children. ;_; why are you such children?!


gary youdle

Irene misinterprets Gary's attention as an advance and gets smacked down for flirting with him. They work it out and decide to be cautiously at bro-status over the summer.


addison toft 

After the attacks Addison deals with her own problems by internalizing everything and backing away from her friends, including Irene who really needed her because of her own problems and her breakup with Silas. Addison didn't notice until several months later and by then Irene was so mad that the pair exploded in a fight that turned physical landing Irene in the hospital wing and their relationship in the bin.

Edited by Irene Redgrave

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........   ...    ...fifth year,             


BADGER [C2AD51] SNAKE [56805B] EAGLE [6A7D9E] LIONESS [A85656] OTHER [736699]


'{ r o l e p l a y s



here comes the sun}  diagon alley

silas harding-clarke #siren

Silas and Irene have a congratulatory ice cream in celebration of both earning prefect badges.


boy trouble we've got double}  hogwarts express

tobias winchester, silas harding-clarke #AU-trio #trainride

Three new prefects meet up on the train and discuss budding political matters.


we'd run this ship together just you wait and see}  library

tobias winchester  #wingrave  #friending  #frenemies

Toby admits he put Irene's name in for the tournament of champions - but she didn't get picked. Way to go, Toblerone. They decide they might be able to be friends after all instead of the weird frenemy status they've maintained for the past four years.


a neighborly day for a beauty would you be mine}  slytherin common room

juan garcia, carey wright #slytherinmentoring 

Irene and Juan are a terrible pairing given their recent history but they have adopted a baby Slytherin, RIP carey <3.


but what do I do with theeeeeese?}   slytherin common room

abigail goodfellow   #what-are-boobs

Irene has developed some over the summer and is worried about how to handle athletics.


mama told me when I was young we were all born superstars}  outdoors

solo thread  #training montage 

After being rejected by the tournament of champions, Irene determines to find some self-worth by exerting herself physically in exhaustive workouts and learning new sporty skills.


put a flame to every single word you ever said}  various places around the castle

tobias winchester, kaelyn paddock #wingrave #failgrave

Unbeknownst to Irene, John Lupin has been impersonating her with his metamorphamagus powers and wrecked her budding friendship with Tobias Winchester. He gives her the cold shoulder several times before Kaelyn Paddock joins in.


your heart is unreliable }  great hall // breakfast

gary youdle  #gangrene #broship++

Irene is stealing her favorite scones, notices Gary is hella off and investigates. What she finds brings them closer together.


I'm a shadowboxer, baby } tournament of champion stands // task 1

columbia greybridge (ft) silas harding-clarke,  #hella-awkward #siren+hardbridge

During the first take of the tournament of champions both Columbia and Irene avoid watching their friends and potential love interests in danger and ... bond? Maybe? Of course then one of them shows up so that is side-lined. Oops.


play it sweet and low, we've got nowhere to go }  lakefront

gary youdle  #gangrene #broship++

After a fight with Columbia, Gary seeks out Irene for some peace and quiet out of the eye of the storm. He gets some advice and friendly support instead.


tell me it's just for the fun of it }  Pallet Oaks

gary youdle  #gangrene #broship++

Irene sneaks out of the castle during winter break to floo over to Gary's place to hang out and see her baby horse. That's totally the only reason. /cough


find out games you don't wanna play}  great hall

kaelyn paddock #kaerosene #ex-kaebae

Irene finds Kaelyn Paddock, Toby's girlfriend in the Great Hall and corners her about the real reason Tobias is being such a fart face. She is not entirely enthused with her answers.


'{ p re f e c t   p a t r o l s

kimber yates} indoor patrol  ||  byony king} indoor patrol


give me your hand we can climb further up}  indoor patrol // ravenclaw tower

tobias winchester #flowers #wingrave

Toby gets bored with their patrol and invites Irene to break into the roof-top garden in Ravenclaw Tower.


every fall's a lesson}  indoor patrol // trophy room

addison toft #irad #awkward

Addison and Irene have to work out a patrol together despite their fractured relationship. It's as awkward as it could possibly have been.


a thousand ships}  outdoor patrol // greenhouses

silas harding-clarke,  #siren

Silas and Irene patrol outdoors and of course end up in their greenhouse because of course they do. They make a pinky promise that is heavily negotiated because they are tiny lawyers in the making and because of course they are.



'{ r e c r e a t i o n



'{ r e l a t i o n s h i p s

gary youdle

Irene and Gary next-level their broship after he and Columbia break up. It's all kind of confusing and up in the air but they're friends and Irene wants to be supportive in his time of need... maybe that support happens to be their faces attached every now and again.

Edited by Irene Redgrave

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