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Mrs Blithe

Lesson Nine, Off to Hogwarts!

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Pre-Hogwarts Primary
Lesson Nine
Off To Hogwarts!

The last class had finally arrived and Delaney was thrilled. She was so excited that the three of them had had such a successful year of teaching at PHP and that all their students had managed to survive as well. And not only that, but the excitement she saw in each of them as the summer drew closer and closer to an end was contagious, and she found herself equally excited for them, as they prepared to head off to Hogwarts.

However, she was sad to see them go. She liked most of them, even a few of the more troublesome ones. And she was nervous that she hadn't taught them enough. That they wouldn't be prepared! Even as she went through all the things she knew needed teaching, still she wondered if she hadn't been thorough enough. But it was far too late for that, she knew. The three Instructors had agreed to keep today's topic light, and fun, because there was no way a group of kids this age would bother paying any attention to things they had to teach in their last lesson before they finally got sent off to Hogwarts.

"Hello, hello! I can see you're all very excited about the end of Pre-Hogwarts Primary. I am incredibly sad, and will most definitely miss all of you," or at least most of them, "but today we're talking about the one thing you lot can actually focus on! Getting Sorted!" Turning to Mrs Brom and Mr McRobbie, Delaney allowed them to take things from there. They'd both done the Hogwarts thing more recently than she had, and this was their first year experiencing their student's excitement about their Sorting.

It hadn’t seemed like that long ago that Max had welcomed this class into PHP, and now they were saying goodbye! He was much more used to having a class for a whole academic year before he got to the teary goodbye stage, and yet there he was, having spent barely any time with the class at all. It did mean that he got to spend more time with Livvy and the boys, but the attachment to his class of Pre-Hogwarts Primary students was real, and the last lesson was going to be a good one.

“So I was a Gryffindor when I was at Hogwarts,” he began, always interested to watch the more pureblood, Slytherin elitist amongst them recoil in horror when they learned they’d spent time in the company of a Gryffindor, “and I was a muggleborn, so I had no idea what sorting was going to be like, how many of you feel the same?” a few tentative hands creeped up, “you might’ve heard stories about dragons, dunkings and dark magic, but it’s not like that at all, I promise,” he gave them a quick smile, hoping to reassure them.

That seemed like a fair place to leave it, Martha had kids that had done the sorting thing much more recently than Max had, and it would be another few years until his eldest was sorted... and that didn’t bear thinking about. Cue Martha!

"Now some times you're sorted into the same house as your sibling. My two eldest ended up in Ravenclaw, and the twins were paired together in Hufflepuff. It's not always the case, I do have a daughter that's a lone Gryffindor. I was actually the first one of my blood line not to land in Slytherin." She paused, letting that sink in to the same pure-blood elitists that had shifted at Mr. McRobbies words.

"What really matters is that you always end up in the house that will be your best fit. The Sorting Hat is wise and is not prone to error. If I hadn't ended up in Ravenclaw then I may have married my husband or sought to travel the world! Your house will help shape who you are capable of becoming, which is pretty exciting if you ask me." Martha smiled, mentally trying to not sort out some of the kids. Some where obvious in their ways but that didn't mean there wouldn't be a few surprises.

"So, for the last lesson let's just do a quick servery. Which house do you think you'll be sorted into?"



Sorting is everyone's favorite time of year! On VH, the sorting only happens once every 5-6 months. At the top of your screen, there's a link that reads SORT ME! When it is time for you to be sorted, the Mods will make an announcement, and the link will take you to the Sorting Form, which you fill out and submit.

The sorting form is open for about a month, so there's no need to rush it. Take the time to think about your answers, because once you submit your form, you cannot go back and change anything. You should try to be done with it by a day or two before the deadline though. If you haven't finished it by the deadline, you'll have to wait till the following year to be sorted.

After you submit your form, you'll first receive a copy of it via PM, and then you'll either receive an Acceptance or Rejection Letter via PM from the Sorting Hat.

  • If your form has been Accepted, you may then go ahead and post in the Sorting Ceremony, and you're done until the night before Term begins when you learn your new house!
  • If your form has been rejected, the Sorting Hat will tell you in the PM you receive why it was rejected, and then you will have to go back and fix whatever the problem was, and resubmit it when you've finished correcting it.
  • If you don't understand why your form was rejected, your best bet is to PM a Mod, and they'll explain it to you in greater detail and tell you what you need to do to fix it and get yourself sorted in time.

Here on VH, the sorting is not done by an automated quiz. People who have been on VH for a while, such as Professors, Prefects, Alumni, or their alts, are asked to help sort. These people look over your form carefully, reading your answers and trying to determine which house will suit you best. It takes at least three people to sort each form, so there is a lot of time and effort spent trying to get everyone sorted, and placed into the right house.


As you probably know, there are Four Houses at Hogwarts. These are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, & Slytherin. Please don't make the mistake of thinking one house is better than another, for any reason. Whether you've got the books, the movies, or anything else on your mind to help mold your opinion of any of the houses, all four are amazing. While many people have a favorite house, they all have so much to offer!


Now, after you've finally been sorted, and have discovered which of these lovely houses you now call home, your new house Prefect's will have a thread for you in the Great Hall, Welcoming you to your new house, and taking you back to your Common Room, ICly.

Once you 'arrive' in your new Common Room, the Prefects typically have Sorting Night Activities planned, so be sure to check those out! It's a great way to meet and interact with your new house mates, of all years! Plus, some of the activities give out prizes, and who doesn't love free candy?

Also in your Common Room, your prefects will have posted a Sign Up Sheet for Mentors. It is strongly recommended that you sign up for a mentor. If you are new, it will give you someone to talk to, and ask questions who has been on the site for a few years. And whether you're new, or not, it'll give you someone to RP with, and maybe you'll even meet someone new! There's no downside! Each house has it's own Mentoring Program and style, but are all built around the same concept: Meeting new people in your house, and older students helping out the younger ones!


Since we've just talked about your awesome new House Prefects, it might be important for you to know exactly what they're there for, right?

House Prefects are selected every year, from the new 5th year students. There are two from each house selected, making it 6 prefects per house, and 24 total. The Heads of House make the prefect selections each year, after receiving opinions from the other Professors throughout the year. The people who are selected to become prefects are the people who are continuously active on VH, both IC & OOC. They attend lessons, participate in House, & School wide plots & events, help others, and are friendly, respectful and outgoing.

The Prefects on VH are here to help you. That's their job. They are similar to Ambiance characters, because they can pop in and out of any thread, whether or not it is closed. Don't hesitate or feel shy if you have a question! PM a Prefect or post in the Q&A, and one of them will answer you.


One last thing we'd like to direct your attention to is Virtual Hogwarts: A History. It is an IC accounting of what has happened at Hogwarts since the days of Harry, Ron & Hermione, and explains the current events of VH. It is broken down by VH year, and includes an overview of the school wide plots taking place that year, as well as a few fun or interesting RPs and plots that happened throughout the year.


Mrs Brom, Mr McRobbie & I, along with the rest of the VH Staff, want to Congratulate you on finishing Pre-Hogwarts Primary! Good Luck on your Sorting Form, and Have Fun at Hogwarts! :wub:

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Assignment: Tell us which house you think you'll get, and why (minimum 50 words). Also, once the Sorting Ceremony is posted, please post a link here to your Sorting Post! (NOTE: The Sorting post link is not required to get credit for this lesson.)
Extra Credit: RP your character explaining the houses, giving their own thoughts & opinions, to someone else in class.

- OR -

RP your character telling someone else in class how they believe everyone gets sorted.

- OR -

RP your student performing a random act of kindness for another student on Sorting night. This need not be a named student, but if you wish to mention someone else, be sure to get their permission, and add an OOC note that they've granted it.

50 word minimum for any EC option.

When you have finished your workbook, please make a final post stating that you are done so we can mark you off for the year! While this bit is also not required, please consider noting your total assignments/EC completed in this final post, such as "Assignments: 9/9, Extra Credit: 7/9." We do grade each workbook individually, but this note helps to ensure we haven't missed any of your edits if we graded you earlier. Also, some people prefer to receive a different certificate and intentionally skip an EC or two, so this helps keep us from being credit-happy and giving you a higher mark than you expect. ;)

Please make a note of your desired presents that reflect your ending grade. We will do our best to send you the items that you request; if we do not see the request or if the request does not fit the requirements then you'll receive a generic prize set.

Prize options can be found here. Any questions can be directed to any one of the PHP instructors or in the link below!

If anyone has any questions about THIS particular lesson,
feel free to post it here, and one of us will answer it as soon as possible! <333

Extra Reading: How to Get Sorted, Further Assistance
Edited by Mrs Brom

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